Gunners middle order batsman Arvin Singh will be looking to get runs in Sunday final

West Dem Move To Stop Untouchable, Liberty Knight Try For Top Prize, Gunners Recharge, Invaders And Saturn Get To Move Up


The West Dem softball cricket team supporters are maybe asking what have you done for me lately? Well this time around West Dem will have no excuse, and is poised to give Untouchable a run or at least try to stop them from getting closer to the 2014 Triple Crown.

Ever since Cavaliers merged with Bravehearts and became West Dem, they have played decent cricket to at least get to the playoffs. After reaching the playoffs on a few tries Read More

Saturn stays unbeaten after defeating Port Mourtant All Stars

After convincing trashing Ravens two weeks ago, Saturn took their show to the Bronx  Read More

Flasherz Shatters Shattaz Dreams

A beautiful day for cricket, Father’s Day and 25 over finals. Shattaz coming in the game as 

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Nicholas and Alix of Sunrise was magnificent in Friendship Cup with Airwaves

The game of Cricket creates excitement and a fun sport that we embellish. However, one important

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Albert Baldeo and Jerry Joseph star as Wildfire beat Unity

Experience and strategy are vital in the complex game of cricket, as veterans Albert Baldeo and

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Assassins, United Stars, Shattaz, Rocket, Gunners and Magnum Still Unbeaten In 2014

Last Sunday I had a chance to have a peek at least a dozen games, and I saw some very exciting 

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