From left: NYSCL President Eric Ferrier, Kumar Gopaul, Nankishore Motilall, Gavin Shivprashad and NYSCL Treasurer Clement Sookram

Shattaz All-Rounder Kumar Gopaul get NYSCL 2018 Cricketer of the Year, Brian Manniram, Shivnarine Jagbeer, and Nankishore Motilall win MVP

By James Persaud

December 20, 2018


New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL), end yet another very successful season and at their Annual Awards Presentation, two Saturdays ago. The players were rewarded for their outstanding performances. The evening started with Mr. Neil Collins, one of the league committee members welcoming everyone and outlining a program for the evening. The program started about half an hour late, but by the time the four top awards were announced the hall was full.


Midway in the presentation ceremony NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier gave his remarks, he thanked all the guests that were present and a special thanks to the sponsors. He also thanked the umpires for their support and for doing very good work during the season. The President presented two umpires Mr. Dennis Morgan and Mr. Ivor Dowridge with plaques for their long and outstanding services to the league.


Plaques were also given out to the sponsors for their continuing support and sponsorship, the President said that without the sponsorship it would have been almost impossible to play the game at a minimum cost. Mr. Hafeez Ali from Rockaway Group of Companies was present, and he collected a plaque. Mr. Mike Bansi, one of the longest sponsors of NYSCL also received a plaque. Mr. Parmanand Vishnudat of Jap Restoration Inc, Mr. Kemraj Shivprashad of Shiv Contracting Inc, Mr. Chubb Bedessee of Bedessee Imports and Sporting Good and Mr. John Lall of Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar also was presented with plaques.


Shattaz Captain and all-rounder Kumar Gopaul took the top prize for the 2018 season, the NYSCL Cricketer of the year. Gopaul had an outstanding season and won the judges votes by a huge margin. He scored the most runs by any players in the season, 766 runs, at an average of 63.83, a strike rate of 138.50 and he scored the highest individual score of 144. He took 13 wickets at an average of 16.30.

He captains his team to all three competitions playoffs, although they did not win any championship, they reached the semi-final once and losses out twice in the quarter-finals.


The only other player to be in close contention for the top prize was Assassins all-rounder Brian Manniram who came in second and for the second time missed out of the top prize. Manniram scored a total of 602 runs and claimed 16 wickets. His highest score was 100 and with these figures, it was enough for him to claim the Division I Season MVP prize.


The other two divisions Season MVP went to Shivnarine Jagbeer and Nankishore Motilall. Falcon's all-rounder Shivnarine Jagbeer who scored 329 runs at an average of 25.30 and took the second most wickets in the division with 26 at an average of 12.15. He was outstanding in taking his team to the final in the first competition and lost to Amazon. He was rewarded with the Division IIA Season MVP prize.


In the 2017 season, this player scored the highest individual score of 168 runs. He continued his excellent form into the 2018 season and bowled his team for the division championship in the Twenty20 competition. The Division IIB Season MVP went to Port Mourtant All-Stars all-rounder Nankishore Motilall who scored 224 runs at an average of 22.40 and claimed the most wickets in the division with 27 with an average of 8.40.


A total of one hundred and twenty-four trophies along with other special prizes were given out for the three major competitions in the four divisions that were played during the 2018 season. The raffle was drawn at the end of the presentation and all the winners were present and they collected their prizes. The music was supply by Asheem-DJ Wildfiyah and he kept the dance floor busy right into the early morning.

NYSCL 2016 Cricketer of the Year Kaleem Bux pose with his girl friend

Kaleem Bux get NYSCL 2016 Cricketer of the Year and Dave Balli takes the Division II MVP


By James Persaud

December 15, 2016


Excitement fills the air last Friday night at Liberty Palace where NYSCL brought it's 2016 season to an end with its Annual Awards Presentation. The awards program got started at about 9 pm, and Master of Ceremony for the evening, James Persaud made quick progress. The crowd was a little late on a very cold Friday night. This event was originally planned for Saturday night, but because of changes at the hall, it was moved to Friday.


The program got started with 2016 25 Over Championship and the sponsor Mr. John from Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar was present and he presented the trophies to the winners. The NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier then gave his remarks and he spoke about the accomplishment in 2016 season. The league’s annual International softball tournaments, Independence and Legends Cups were another big success for the twelfth year.


The President said that a lot of progress was made during the season, but there is still room for improvements. He thanked the league’s umpires for a job well done and he rewarded two umpires for their dedication and long service to the league. These umpire’s awards went to Mr. Calvin Dalton and Mr. Bamo Ally, he also gave plaques to four sponsors.


The second competition, the Roy Etwaroo Memorial Cup awards were then presented and this was done by members of the cricket league due to the absent of the sponsor’s representatives. Mr. Mike Bansi was present and he presented the awards to the winners in 2016 Twenty20, this competition is sponsored by him. After the three regular season competitions, awards was done, it was now time for the moment that the patrons were all waiting for and were most querulous about. The divisions MVPs and the cricketer of the year awards.


It is no easy task winning the NYSCL Cricketer of the Year award, it is one of the most coveted prizes in softball cricket. Softball ball cricket started in Guyana, at least for the format and style played by NYSCL. Since NYSCL started giving out this prize fifteen years ago, only four Demerarians and six Berbicans could coopt this prize. Yes, there are repeated winners and an Essequibo player still has not won so far.


Bux’s established himself as an annual competitor in the New York softball arena. He plays for Assassins, one of the most successful club in New York softball cricket, although his bowling has not been at its best lately. He is still one the leading batsman in the game. This season he scored a total of 493 runs in the NYSCL regular competitions and another 95 in the Independence Cup tournament. He also took a total of 20 wickets during the season. He scored one century and four half-centuries.


With these statistics, he was by far the best candidate for the cricketer of the year award. Dave Balli of One Love won the prize for the Division II Season Most Valuable player award. Balli scored a total of 410 runs at an average of 41.00 and took 18 wickets. His consistency with the bat and led his team to the playoffs two times in the three major competitions this season. Mr. J.P. Singh gave the closing remarks and the raffle was drawn before the party was over. 

NYSCL 2015 Cricketer of the year Bobby Pahalad (left) and NYSCL President Eric Ferrier (center) look on as 2015 Division II MVP Roberto Figueira speaks

Roberto Figueria and Bobby Pahalad take top honors at NYSCL Annual Awards ceremony

By James Persaud

February 25, 2016


Even though it was a little late due to a substantial snowstorm. The Liberty Palace, a new venue used by the league for the first time was filled to capacity. The New York Softball Cricket League (NYSCL) players, family members, and supporters waited patiently as a total of 148 trophies were presented.


The evening program was slightly behind schedule and the party crowd was anxious to hit the dance floor. Still no one left the hall before the divisions most valuable players and cricketer of the year awards were announced. This was done close to midnight; this is usually when the top awards are given out every year.


The individual competitions awards went to batsmen and bowlers who dominated in the three batting and bowling categories in all four divisions. While the most valuable players and cricketer of the year awards goes to players who has made very good contribution to their team’s batting or bowling and or played very well as an all-rounder.


And who demonstrate their ability to play the game at the highest level. It also has to do with a player personality and character, what he does to stimulate the game on and off the field. The Division II season most valuable player award went to Roberto Figueria of Port Mourtant Youths and Bobby Pahalad of United Stars won the NYSCL 2015 Cricketer of the year award.


After Mr. Murph Seeram introduced myself, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. I went right into the 25 Over Championship, the first competition of the season. This competition was sponsored by Mr. John from Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier then gave his remarks and presented three of the league’s umpires, Mr. Michael Dorn, Mr. Vernon Mangra and Mr. Derek Sugrim, each with a plaque for their long and dedicated service to the league.


The President said that the league will continue to seek sponsorship from local businesses. He said that the league has made great stride and done very well in promoting the game. He mentions that the league (NYSCL) was able to compete in all the other softball cricket associations or leagues tournaments. While NYSCL will continue to host its annual Interstate and Inter-Country, Independence Cup and Legends Cup tournaments.


The league three main sponsors Mr. John, from Johnny’s Restaurant & Bar, Mr. PK Singh from PK Singh Realty & Mortgage Services and Mr. Mike Bansi from Mike’s Truck Service were all present. Along with many representatives from the parks departments.


The cultural performance by the dance troupe was cancelled due to the late start. Next was the President Cup competition which was sponsored by Mr. PK Singh. Mr. Singh presented these awards to the winners and Mr. Bansi did the same for the Twenty20 competition There was a total of 24 centuries scored and 18 hat-tricks taken in all three competitions during the season. These trophies were presented by wives of various committee members.


Throughout the 2015 season Roberto Figueria kept the Port Mourtant Youths cricket team in line for a Division II championship. It is no easy task playing in a division with teams all looking to reach the next higher division. Roberto a solid number three batsman, carried his team to the playoffs two times and even though they did not win a championship. He had the statistics to prove his value with a total of 749 runs and four wickets in the 2015 season. These statistics were good enough to outdo all of the other players in division II for the NYSCL 2015 season most valuable player award.


While Bobby Pahalad has won the cricketer of the year award before. In the 2015 season he had another very successful year with both the bat and ball. Bobby is one of the top all-rounder in the New York softball cricket fraternity. He scored a total of 567 runs, at an average of 189 per a competition and took a total of 44 wickets at an average of 4.88 runs. Bobby received a huge trophy along with other prizes for the cricketer of the year and Ricardo Figueria take home a huge trophy and a bat for his winning.


Roberto Figueria in his acceptance speak, said he played with NYSCL for many years and that he is always impressed by the organizers way of running things. He continues and said that he is very happy for the opportunity the league has given him to play. And he always encourages his teammates to always give their best effort, he thanked NYSCL for the recognition.


Next Bobby Pahalad was given the microphone, Bobby just respond by saying that he was happy to win and at present he was very overwhelming and was not sure what to say. NYSCL President then congratulated both Bobby and Roberto on their winning and said that this is what you get when you play hard. He reminds the crowd that if you play by the rules and have the statistics to show, the league will recognize you.


Mr. J.P. Singh gave the presentation closing remarks, he thanked all the patrons for their support in the past and said he is counting on them again in the new season. He said that he is very proud to be part of the league and will always be here to serve when needed. Soon after the raffle was drawn. The raffle had a total of 8 prizes and all the prizes were claimed by the winners at the hall.


After the awards presentation ceremony was over, the crowd was entertained by music of the Untouchables Sounds. The NYSCL organizing committee would like to thank the management and staff of Liberty Palace for a job well done. The staff had the hall well decorated and the chef prepared a bountiful and succulent dinner.

NYSCL President Eric Ferrier present the 2014 cricketer of the year winner Amar Singh with a trophy

Amar Singh Capture the NYSCL 2014 Cricketer of the Year

By James Persaud

December 11, 2014


On a rainy night the NYSCL Annual Awards Presentation Dinner and Dance got off to a Chevy start and by just minutes past midnight it end in a Ferrari style as the name of Amar Singh was announced. It was another outstanding year of cricket for New York Softball Cricket League. It was only fitting that it end in a special way, the organizers has had their challenges only days before the awards night.


Like always they had go that extra mile to get the event of as planned. Because of the size of the hall, changes had to be made to the night’s program, and a few attractions had to be cancelled.


A good size crowd had their dinner and waited patiently as the awards presentation started almost forty five minutes late. But everyone waited and enthusiastically wanted to know who will get the divisions most valuable player awards and most of all who will win the Cricketer of the year. The program started with the 25 Over Championship sponsored by Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar. Then NYSCL President Mr. Ferrier, gave his remarks about the league 2014 season and the NYSCL youths development program.


The President presented plaques to the sponsors and representatives from the Parks department, Andrew Gonsalves received the 2014 President’s Award for his leadership. Andrew Gonsalves has been the most successful captain in recent years, winning four straight championships for his team Untouchables and two Interstate championships for NYSCL. Coaches from the NYSCL Youth Program, Mr. Joseph Mahabir and Kirk Williams received a plaque for their coaching, perseverance and continued support.


Every year NYSCL would reward umpires for their service, dedication and who have shown great knowledge of the game. This year winners are Mr. Cedric Williams and Mr. Naro Narotam, these two gentlemen are long standing umpires with the league.


Next was the 2014 President Cup competition sponsored by PK Singh Realty & Mortgage Services, Mr. Singh was absent and the master of ceremony choose people to make presentation on his behalf. Throughout the night the master of ceremony reminded the audience about the great accomplishment of the Untouchables team. They won the last T20 in the 2013 season and continued to dominate winning all three of the Premier division championships in 2014 to complete the Triple Crown.


Mr. Mike Bansi presented the trophies for the Twenty20, Mr. Bansi sponsored this competition for many years, and he also is the main sponsor for the NYSCL Youths Development Program. Next was time for the players who have scored centuries and took hat-trick during the season. This season for whatever the reason is, there was a drop-off in the amount of awards in this department, there was only 16 centuries and 15 hat-trick.


The President presented the awards for the 2014 season division’s most valuable players, Suraj Singh of One Love won the Division IIB MVP, and Faizul Ulla of Nationals won the Division IIA MVP. Both of these captains and all-rounder had an excellent season for their respective team. Singh’s team went to the playoffs two times and won one championship. While Ulla’s Nationals went to the playoffs three times and played in the final one time and finish in second place.


In division one, Amrish Gobind of Airwaves won the Division IB MVP for his outstanding batting and bowling he also took the only Helmet-Trick in 2014 season. Omesh Ganesh of West Dem took the award for the Premier Division MVP, he was the leading wicket taker in the season with 56 wickets, and scored 254 runs. A new award was added for the 2014 season, the Most Improved Player award, and the first winner was Pikaram Ajay of Shattaz.


The Most Improved Player award, is given to a player who has shown his ability to play the game and has made improvements during the season. Ajay as he is known by, is a very good young batsman, he open the batting for Shattaz. His team Shattaz started the 2014 season in Division IB, they went to the finals in the first competition. And advance to the Premier Division for the next two competitions. He scored runs in Division IB and continue to do so in the Premier Division, he scored almost 600 runs and took 20 wickets


The Untouchables team was presented with a trophy for the Triple Crown championship. Also each player on the Untouchables (18) roster received a souvenir bat with all the 2014 player’s names engraved on it.


Then it was time for the moment that everyone was waiting for, who will be the 2014 Cricketer of the Year? In 2004 a young Andrew Gonsalves almost took the heart out of some bowlers as he made scoring runs look easy and scored almost twelve hundred runs, it was hands down, he was the winner. Since then the only one other batsman Kaleem Bux (800) got close to a thousand runs. Other winners like Kris Shobai, Bobby Pahalad and Pooran Beria all won for their all-rounder performance.


In the 2014 season a young man who loves to bat and never gave away his wicket easily. He played many valuable innings for his team and took them to two finals. He is used as a part time bowler and when given a chance he would sometime pick up crucial wicket. He represented NYSCL in the Inter States tournament and played one of the best inning, of 102 not out to secure the championship. In 2014 Amar Singh scored 959 runs and took 11 wickets, he is the only other batsman to get closest to a thousand runs (since recorded from 1999).


When Amar Singh’s name was announced as the 2014 Cricket of the year, and the deejay played “we are the champions,” the crowd all rose to their feet and it was only fitting for the young man who deserved it. NYSCL President Mr. Ferrier presented Mr. Singh with a huge trophy and a few other prizes.


When Mr. Amar Singh was asked to say a few words, he thanked the league for giving him the opportunity to playing the game he loves. He continued by saying he always tries his best and plays hard to always win and is always looking forward to representing the league when given a chance.


Mr. JP Singh, the Recording Secretary of the league’s Disciplinary / Protest Committee gave the closing remarks and he thanked everyone for coming out and supporting the league. The deejay then took over and the crowd who had waited did not miss a minute to bust a move. There was a break soon after to draw the raffle, there were 5 winners in the raffle and they were all present and collected their prizes. The master of ceremony thanked everyone for supporting the raffle and wished them well for the upcoming holiday season.

NYSCL 2013 Cricketer of the year winner Ravin Ivan (third from left) along with the other four divisions MVP winners

Ravin Ivan gets NYSCL cricketer of the Year Honors, Kaleem Bux, Nayeem Mohamed, Asgar Khan and Winston Valladares cart off the four divisions MVP

By James Persaud

December 19, 2013


United Stars captain Ravin Ivan won the most coveted prize in softball cricket when he was rewarded with the 2013 NYSCL cricketer of the year. Assassins middle order batsman Kaleem Bux took the Premier division season MVP, and Nayeem Mohamed of New York All Stars won the division IB season MVP.


In division II, Survival all rounder Asgar Khan took top honor with winning the division IIA season MVP and Winston Valladares of Invaders bagged the division IIB season MVP.


With a sizable crowd of softball cricketers, friends, family members and cricket supporter on hand, the night’s program got started a little behind schedule. But with over one hundred and fifty trophies, plaques and other special awards to be given out the crowd was prepared to stay after mid night. The crowd was treated to a well plan half time cultural display of Indian dance, provide by the three dancers.


Ravin Ivan a talented all rounder and captain of United Stars, had a phenomenal season with the bat and ball. He took his team to two of the three major competitions finals this season; he scored three centuries and took 26 wickets.


Kaleem Bux the Assassins middle order batsman won the cricketer of the year prize before and this season he done superbly with the bat and ball. Throughout the season he played great cricket and had a few big scores for Assassins and when representing the league.


New York All Stars middle order batsman Nayeem Mohamed made some adjustments and moved down from the Premier division and has made very big contributions to his team batting. He scored almost six hundred runs and took his team to the playoffs two times.


Asgar Khan plays for Survival, he is a very good striker of the ball and he plays shots to all parts of the field. He scored over seven hundred runs and grabbed 19 wickets. He played a major role with the bat and ball in helping Survival winning a championship this season.


Invaders finally won a championship and their Captain Winston Valladares had an all star season, playing an all rounder role in bringing them to the playoffs two times during this season. He scored well including a highest score of 101 not out and took 27 wickets.


It was a another great season ending for NYSCL , as everyone present stayed for about the two hours and twenty minutes as all the champions were rewarded with their individual awards in batting and bowling. Earlier in the evening Master of Ceremony, Mr. Vick Siwlal mention the two umpires who died during the 2013 season, umpires Moolchand Sookdeo and Hardat Williams. These two umpires have being associated with NYSCL for many years. Mr. Siwlal asked the gathering to take a moment of silence in respect of these gentlemen.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier presented umpires Mr. Errol Frederick and Mr. Michael Dorn, with a plaque for their service and contribution to the league. The Cricketer of the Year winner Ravin Ivan was interviewed after receiving his prizes, he was asked how he feel about winning the top prize and what he think is in the future for softball cricket.


He said about winning, he was happy and he always tries to do his best in every game and he knew if he gives his best all the times someday he will be rewarded. He said he believe that softball cricket will grow and get bigger and that NYSCL is leading the way, and he is glad to be involved.

Daniel Peters division II MVP (from left), Pooran Beria 2011 Cricketer Of The Year, Brian Maniram division I MVP and NYSCL President Eric Ferrier

Peters And Maniram Gets The MVP And Pooran Beria Takes The Cricketer Of The Year

By James Persaud

December 13, 2011


If it was going to be a long night, at the least no one leaves before the winner of the New York Softball Cricket League 2011 cricketer of the year was announced. It was a night when the program got started a half hour late, but this gave the guests extra time to enjoy their dinner.


It was the usual large crowd of cricketers along with their family and friends coming out to support and cheer them along as they were rewarded for their outstanding performances during the 2011 season. Some use this time to make new friends or just to do some early recruiting for the next season.


The program got started with Mr. Vick Siwlal making the welcoming remarks, he then asked the guests to take a moment of silence in respect of all the NYSCL members and family who passed during the season.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier then gave his state of the league remarks and he said the league has made great improvements but there are always avenues where more can be done.


He reminds the members of the slow economy and where the sponsors themselves are cutting back. He said that the league will continues to follow the path of development and making softball cricket more fun.


The President gave a special thank you to the league’s umpires, many who were on hand and he commends them for their services to the league. Special awards were given out to umpires Mr. Desmond Gomes and Mr. Sahadeo Persaud. Ravi Etwaroo of Cricket Zone and Trophy World received an award for his contributions and for supporting the league.


The NYSCL took two teams to Guyana about six weeks ago and the main sponsor for this tour was Hafeez Ally of Rockaway Car Service and Roti Shop, a plaque was presented to him for his sponsorship.


Special thanks were given to all of the New York Parks departments’ personnel who were present, for their continued support and dedication for making softball cricket possible in the local community.


Eric Ferrier and James Persaud shared the Master of Ceremony duty; as the names of the sponsors and the awardees were called out the hall erupt in loud cheers from different parts depending where your support bases were. Half way through a ten minutes intermission was taken so that the crowd could get a refill on their refreshments.


A special trophy was awarded to Jerrol Sukhu of Royal Challengers for his outstanding batting in the 2011 season. This is an award that the league gives out each season to a player who has shown great improvements or has demonstrated that he has plenty to offer to the game.


At about 11:40pm it was down to the last big three awards, the divisions I and II most valuable players and the 2011 cricketer of the year.


The big three started with the division II most valuable player and after the ballots were casted; one young man from a first year team Golden Stars was standing tall. And by all means he is tall and he had the numbers to represent himself. He is one of the leading batsmen in division II with 485 runs and a total of 35 wickets, the winner are Daniel Peters.


In the division I a few players were juggling for the position but in the end the votes were casted for Brian Maniram of Goodfellas. Maniram one of the leading batsman in division I cricket, he has played for the new Goodfellas team where he is getting a lot of bowling. He has developed into an all rounder and has taken 21 wickets and scored 680 runs.


Pooran Beria, a young flamboyant and an energizer to any cricket team has had a good year; he began by scoring two centuries in the 2011 Florida Cup. He is one of the leading batsmen in Inter States cricket and for his Hustlers team. He scored 717 runs and taken 18 wickets in the three major NYSCL 2011 competitions.


The writer is the Secretary of NYSCL and I have being going to these awards nights for many years and I used to sit in those same seats like you in the beginning. I have work my way up and now find myself many times on stage. Every year I look at people getting these special awards and saw many different reactions.


But something special happen this last Saturday night as I called out the runs and wickets and finale called the name of the winner of division II most valuable player name Mr. Daniel Peters. I saw a young man that really appreciate what he was about to get, he walked briskly to the stage and you can see excitement in his face.


He took his prize from the President and said thank you sir and then he put both hands on his prize and said those golden words “Thank God”. Here we had a young man who was really appreciating what was happening and was glad to be a part of it. It makes me feel as thought I was at the Oscars Awards where the stars would thank their parents and god.


Reactions like these gave me encouragement to wanting to help and the feeling that there are people that appreciating what you are doing. Kudos to you young man, Mr. Peters you are a gentleman and you make a good cricketer.


The party was a great success as the members, supporters and sponsors all had a good time and dance to the music of deejay Brian until 2:30am. The dinner was catered by Express Roti of Jamaica Avenue, and special thanks to all the other people who have made donations.


On behalf of the league I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the people who have done their part even if it was big or small in making this event a success. The league will continue to depend on your support in the future.


The NYSCL Executives and Committee members, we all wish you, your family and friends all the best for the holiday season and a Happy New Year.

NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier (from left) Councilman Leroy Comrie, Councilman Ruben Wills, Indo American Rep. Frank Singh and Harry Ghaness of H & N Insurance

NYSCL Grand Closure To 2010 Season

By James Persaud

Dec. 7, 2010


Saturday night the New York Softball Cricket League brought a closure to its 2010 season in grand style at the beautiful Mangoville Banquet Hall. The hall was packed to capacity with players, sponsors and supporters of the league. The occasion was graced by special guest, councilmen Mr. Leroy Comrie and Mr. Ruben Wills.


Prior to the evening’s program getting underway Mrs. Ghaness in her welcome address, asked the gathering to stand and take a moment of silence in honor of two league’s members who passed away during the 2010 season. The two are NYSCL committee member and manager of Sunrise cricket club Mr. Hargobin Singh and Unity cricket club member Mr. Trevor Beaton.


Both Councilmen spoke to the gathering; they were introduced by Mr. Narharry Ghaness of H & N Insurance Agency. Also present was the Indo American Representative of Queens Mr. Frank Singh.

Mr. Leroy Comrie spoke first and he said that he was delighted to be present and he is amazed by the large diverse crowd of youths and adults. He said it is very important to stay connected with your councilman and that he knew that there is a lot needed to be done for the improvements to facilities for cricket. He pledged to work in this direction, but reminded everyone that we would all have to work together to get things done.


The newly elected councilman Mr. Ruben Wills then took the stage and said that he is newly elected but he is already getting to know the people in his district. And that he would be working expediently towards getting things done as needed. He then wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and best of luck to the next cricket season.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier thanked the councilmen for taking the time from their busy schedule and to be present for the Awards Presentation. He then presented Councilman Mr. Leroy Comrie with a plaque for his support of cricket.


Soon after the Awards Presentation ceremony got started and as expected it would take quite some time with a total of one hundred and eighty trophies, plaques and special awards to be given out. The awards presentation started with the 30 Over Cup division IIB sponsored by Rockaway Car Service and Roti Shop, the awards was presented by Mr. Hazrat Ali. The division IIA was sponsored by Ozone Auto Collision and these trophies was handed out by Mr. and Mrs. Asgar Ali.


The 30 Over Cup division I was sponsored H & N Insurance Agency Inc. and was presented by Mrs. Nadi Ghaness. The 25 Over Championship divisions II was sponsored by PK Realty and Mortgage Company and these trophies was handed out by the owner Mr. PK Singh. The 25 Over divisions I was sponsored by Drexel Mortgage Corp and these were presented by Mr. Radhay.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier gave his annual address to the league and then introduced Mr. Gordon Puran of Triumph Village Family Center who sponsored the NYSCL Youth Development Program. All the youths present was presented with a metal for participating in the 2010 program.


The President presented plaques to the umpires, sponsors, parks department and the President Person of the year award went to Kenneth Mangra of Better Hope. The 2010 umpire’s awards went to Mr. Gillian Gomes and Mr. Seeram Dindayal who is retiring after 17 years with the league. Mr. Mangra who is 70 years old accepted the plaque and said he was thrilled to be honored by the league.


He said that he played the game at a very high level in Guyana and when he moved to New York continued to play and he felt that it is time to move on. But he reiterates that this can be change in the New Year.


The evening program was planned to finish before midnight, but with a sumptuous American and Indian dinner supply by the caterer of Mangoville the guests had to be given extra time to finish their dinner which pushed back the program for about half an hour. There was also a live clown to entertain the youths and the crowd was presented with two Indian classic dances by dancers from Mystique Academy of Dancing.


The crowd was very eager to know who would be the divisions Most Valuable Players and the Cricketer of the year as they waited tolerantly.  The Twenty20 division II was sponsored by new sponsors Ameri Jet International, Mr. Demba Ba presented these awards to the winners. And the division I was sponsored by Mike Bansi Truck Service and these awards was presented by Mike Bansi daughters Alisa and Adena.


The Century awards were sponsored by Shazam Husain, he was present and he presented the awards to the winners. The Hat Trick awards were sponsored by Co-op City Mobil; which were handed out by Mrs. Ferrier.


It was then time for the final three awards; the President Mr. Ferrier took the stage and continued the program as he announced the division II Season Most Valuable player winner, Danny Ramdhani of Lions. The division I Season Most Valuable player award went to Asif Ally of Hustlers.  And the 2010 Cricketer of the Year award went to Assassins all rounder Kaleem Bux.


The thank you and closing remarks was done by Mr. Vick Siwlal, he thanked everyone for coming out and for having another successful NYSCL awards night. When he was finished he hand it over to the deejay of Back to Basics sounds who rocked the crowd into the wee hours of the morning.

Assassins Captain Amit receive the 2010 Cricketer of The Year prize for kaleem Bux. From NYSCL President Eric Ferrier

Kaleem Bux NYSCL 2010 Cricketer Of The Year

By James Persaud

Dec. 8, 2010


He was not present when it was announced, but I am quite sure that he would have agreed that he deserved it the most. Kaleem Bux won the same award in 2003, back then it was called the Season’s Most Valuable Player.


As the game made strides and gained recognition it was time to make changes and in 2004 the name was changed to Cricketer of the Year.


Last Saturday at New York Softball Cricket League’s Annual Awards Presentation Dinner and Dance, Assassins all rounder, Kaleem Bux, was rewarded with the prestigious 2010 Cricket of the Year.  He joined an elite group of softball cricketers to win the award for the second time.


The other two time winners are United Stars all rounder Bobby Pahalad (2007, 2008) and Hustlers Captain Kris Sobhai (2006, 2009). In the last three seasons, the voting to determine the cricketer of the year has become very close; the stats are used from all the players throughout the season from all four divisions.


Kaleem Bux’s stats were like a sleeping giant, it seems as if no one was taking notice of his batting and bowling, he was consistent throughout the season. His team Assassins went to the playoffs in all three of the competitions loss in one semi finals and played two finals, winning one.


He played for the New York Dream Team in the NYSCL Inter State Independence Cup and scored the second most runs and the second highest individual score in the tournament and was among the top five with wickets.


He was the most valuable player in the2010 Independence Cup and the man of the match of the finals which his NY Dream team won.

Asif Ally NYSCL Division I Season MVP receive his prize from President Eric Ferrier

Asif Ally NYSCL Division I MVP

By James Persaud

Dec. 8, 2010


He is tall and thin, soft spoken and a fine gentleman who plays cricket for the love of the game. He brought his style and ambitions of wanting to win to the league, playing for the Hustlers cricket club.


He played some big innings for his Hustlers team and at times almost carried the batting by himself.


He would bowl in games and was always able to pick up crucial wickets or break a long standing partnership.


In the NYSCL 30 Over Cup finals between Assassins and Hustlers, he was given the ball late in the innings by his skipper and he bowled a splendid spell of two overs, claiming four wickets for two runs.


He scored a total of three hundred and forty runs and picked up eleven wickets, he won two final man of the match awards when his team won the first and second competitions of the season. He fell short of winning the top prize, but has a bright future playing with the “NYSC” league.

Danny Ramdhani of Lions receive the NYSCL Division II Season MVP prize from President Eric Ferrier

Danny Ramdhani Captures NYSCL 2010 Division II MVP

By James Persaud

Dec. 8,2010


He is young and a fine all rounder in cricket, he brings solid batting and bowling and he is a good fielder. He is also the vice-captain of the Lions team and brings fine leadership quality to his Lions teammates.


His team made all three competitions playoffs in the 2010 season and finished with a second place in the 25 Over Championship. In the 30 Over Cup competitions the Lions were knocked out in the quarter finals. They regrouped and came back to play Apollo XI in the Twenty20 finals winning the championship in division II.


He won many batting and bowling awards; he scored a century for Lions versus Unity in the 30 Over Cup. He won the man of the match in the Twenty20 finals versus Apollo XI, with a top score of 42 runs not out and 2 wickets for 15 runs.

Kris Sobhai (right) Collect The Cricketer of the Year Award from Suresh Ramsaran

Kris Sobhai NYSCL 2009 Cricketer Of The Year

By James Persaud

Dec. 13, 2009


In any sport being judged as the player of the year is always big nobility for anyone. In softball cricket winning the New York Softball Cricket League, cricketer of the year award is the biggest achievement in the game.

He almost wins them all, after five straight championships under his leadership he didn’t make the finals in the last competition to end the 2009 season.

But when the finals judgment was done for the New York Softball Cricket League 2009 cricketer of the year Kris Sobhai stand tall once again as a great leader.

Sobhai was a founding member of the Hustlers cricket team in 2008 and his team took the last Twenty20 competition of that season. He then captain the NYSCL all-star team in the Florida Cup and brought home the championship, next was the 25 Over Championship, then the NYSCL Independence Cup and the 30 Over Cup.

During this time Sobhai had played many different positions on the teams he represented. It was as though he wanted to win so bad that he was willing to use himself in whatever position he sees fit to make his team win.

He started playing softball cricket in New York and soon became the most successful opening batsman and a very useful off spinner. He won the 2006 cricketer of the year, in that year he dominate the softball cricket arena with his batting and bowling and was a winner by a landslide.

This year it was different as the teams has become more competitive thereby no one player is dominating in any form of the game. The batting and bowling titles are shared among a few elite players in all the divisions. Kris Sobhai won by his consistency to his team batting and bowling and his great leadership.

NYSCL 2009 Division I MVP Bobby Pahalad receive his Award from Mrs. Ferrier

Bobby Pahalad Took Season Premier Division MVP

By James Persaud

Dec. 13, 2009


Last year was the first time in any softball cricket league there was a person winning cricketer of the year for two consecutive years. Bobby Pahalad made a name for himself by defeating the odds by conquering this feat in 2007 and 2008.

Bobby Pahalad took the NYSCL 2009 Premier Division –Season Most Valuable Player award.  This year was a somewhat an off year for Bobby. Never the less he won many batting and bowling titles during the season.

 He played at a level that kept his team in their games and his United Stars team making the playoffs in all three major competitions. His leadership has been at a very high level and he took his team to the Independence Cup final and lost.

In the competition where he didn’t win an award he was always in the top ten either in batting or bowling.

NYSCL Division II MVP Vanesh Gunga collect his Award from Mrs. Ferrier

Vanesh Gunga Took It All

By James Persaud

Dec. 13, 2009


He young tall and very good at his game, he is a hard hitting batsman who likes to drive the ball. When he is on the field, fielding him is always alert and quick to reacts to his opponents at the crease.

He bat’s at number three for his Young Brothers team. In the 2009 season he scored almost seven hundred runs including one century and five half centuries.

Gunga also took 28 wickets, he has led his team to two finals and both times his team came second.  

This season he won many batting and bowling awards and he took home the Division II Season Most Valuable Player award.

United Stars Bobby Pahalad and Assassins Eon Ellis share some good times

Swashbuckling Eon, Flame Throwing Navin

By James Persaud

Dec. 13, 2009


It is said that if you put a good product on the market the people will come.  You could say this much about the Assassins cricket team, over a decade ago about 10 good friends came together and began to plan a softball cricket team.  By the end of 1997 the Assassins team was founded.

After all these years and many championships the fans and supporters still keep on coming. You could ask yourself whose team is number one in softball cricket; you would be sure to hear the name Assassins mention.  

On this topic you will get an argument but it would worth the time, because you will hear some of the more interesting talks about the game.

In these days of very competitive sports marketing it is very difficult to keep a team together for too long. So like any other business there always have to be a head of the class and Eon Ellis and Navin Narine have stood tall and did exactly this for Assassins to stay together.

Eon Ellis is a tall lanky hard hitting batsman who strokes the ball with power and has led the sport as one of the most demoralizing hitter. In the days when Assassins was destroying their opponents Eon was always one of the lead scorers for his team. He started playing the game at a very young age.

At this young age he was regarded as the best fielder in the United States. He played in the Mini World Cup in Florida and the fans were mesmerized by his swiftness and dexterity.  As the team captain Eon will emphasize the importance of playing together as a team; he has been a leader while setting an example. Even to this day Eon is able to dominate and draw the crowd to a cricket game.

In 2007 Eon, Captain the Demerara team, in the NYSCL Guyana Inter County competition finals versus Berbice. When he received his winning trophy, he said that he is very happy the league was able to get this competition done.

It has always been his dream to captain Demerara in any form of cricket and be the winning Captain.

Navin Narine a stalwart in softball cricket bowling, a big strong muscular pace bowler who would obliterate his opponent’s batsman. He is quick and is one of the smartest bowlers in the sport; it is as if he is studying his opponents as he would make fielding adjustments quite often.

Sometime by doing this he would not let the batsman settle at the crease; breaking his concentration thereby he would make mistakes. Over the years Navin has won many bowling awards and the later part of the ninety’s he was probably the best bowlers in the game.

He captains the Assassins team for many years and is still one of the most successful (winning percentage) captains in the game. As he progresses in the game, his batting in the later part of his career has developed tremendously.

He has many valuable innings to be reckoned one of the best later ordered batsman. One of the team’s main successes over the years is that they are able to always keep a nucleus of players and build around them.


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