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Man of the Match winner Brian Manniram (left) and Assassins Captain Raja Parsram

Assassins and Eon Ellis Ruined SVC Triple Crown Parade

By James Persaud

October 24, 2018


Eon Ellis redeems himself to hit the winning maximum to seal the victory for Assassins with two balls to spare. In the sixteenth, over with the score on 89 for 9 Eon Ellis dropped an easy catch to keep SVC innings alive. It was not the usual Ellis spilling an easy chance, but this time he moved late and slow. He looked to the sky as if God would help, as has teammates swing their arms showing their displeasure. This dropped catch not only kept the inning alive but added another 28 valuable runs to SVC total.


Earlier SVC won the toss and opted to bat first. SVC came into the game looking for a win and complete the 2018 Triple Crown, while Assassins was looking for their first championship of the season. Both teams looked balanced, but the advantage had to be in favor of SVC since Assassins batting looked very depleted. If this was the case Assassins made up the difference with their bowling and shocked the powerful SVC batting lineup. Claiming the first five wickets, and back to their tent with only 58 runs in the book.


With a few of Assassins players away, Asif Alli and Frankie Baichu were entrusted with the new ball. This worked exactly as planned, Asif Alli strikes first in the third over, he had Kenny Narinedatt caught for 4. The new batsman was Andrew Gonsalves and Assassins made a double bowling change with Brian Manniram and Dharampaul Singh. Manniram had Badesh Thakur out caught for 6, and Azad Azeez joined Gonsalves at the crease. Gonsalves did not last long, after scoring 11, Singh removed his off stump. Azeez was looking good stroking the ball around, but once again Manniram strikes, Azeez lost his stump for a well-played 16 runs.


Siddiq Kayoon came to the crease and never was able to settle in and he lost his stump to Singh without scoring. The hard-hitting Rohit Dutchin came to the crease and got off the mark with a single, he did not last long after hitting one boundary he became Manniram third victim. Avinash Sukhra was introduced to the bowling and he bowled well in the middle overs. He was able to get the ball to rise of a very good length and this kept the batsman from getting the big swing.


Travis Drakes and Ramesh Barron tried to steady the innings but found it very difficult, the bowling was on top. Drakes became Manniram fourth wicket, caught for 2 and Barron soon follow caught at backward square of Sukhra without scoring. SVC was in deep trouble with seven wickets gone and only 68 runs in the book. It was not the best weather for cricket, only 52 degrees with a high wind gust. But this is New York weather and it was the finals, last playing day of the 2018 season. In the fourteenth over as if the weather and the score were getting some SVC supporters agitated, one person ran onto the field trying to stop the game. The police arrived soon after and put the “invader” out the park.


Raghunath Pahalad added one to the score before he was caught off Asif Alli. The last pair of Balieram Beharry and Suraj Budhoo stayed around to the last over and added a valuable partnership of 38 runs.  Beharry was unbeaten on 24 and Budhoo scored 11 for a total of 117. Manniram took 4 for 14, Dharampaul Singh and Asif Alli took two wickets apiece and Avinash Sukhra took 1 for 13.


These two teams played each other many times, Assassins knew this was a very good score and they needed a very good start.  Skipper Raja Parsram and Zamal Khan made their way to the crease to open their innings. Both batsmen look as if they had a plan and it was to not look for the big shot. Just pushing the ball around and picking up singles and double. They turned over the strike well and this causes some confusion and frustration as the fielders make mistakes. In the first ten overs of Assassins innings, they struck no boundary and the score was 57 for one wicket. Raja Parsram was out caught of Ramesh Barron for 11. At the ten over break, the batsmen went back to their tent while the fielders stayed on the field and had a long discussion with their Manager and Coach.


When play resume SVC knew they needed wickets, time was running out and the sight of a Triple Crown was getting dimmer. Zamal and Brian Manniram went about business as usual not looking for the long ball as if Manniram was getting tired he pushed forward to a full toss from Siddiq and lost his off stump, he was gone for 2. With the fall of Brian wicket, this brought Eon Ellis to the crease. The pressure was on and SVC had gained some advantage. The fielders tried to keep Ellis away from the strike. With quick running between the wickets, a mistake can happen, and it did Zamal Khan was run out for a well-played top score of 37 runs.


With Zamal gone the new batsman was Navindra Singh, he did not look comfortable, but he made huge swings, he blasted Travis Drakes over the deep square leg boundary for a maximum. But he did not stay too long before he was bowled by Drakes for 9. The new batsman was Dharampaul Singh and he got off the mark with a double. But the pressure was building in favor of SVC, Assassins needed to score boundaries. Singh went for a huge swing through the off side and missed, next ball he ran down the wicket and Barron removed his middle stump.


Next man in was Asif Alli and Assassins needed 5 runs from 4 balls, Ellis was calling on Asif to make contact and not to miss the ball. Next ball Asif swing and the ball came off his foot, they crossed for a single. Ellis gets the strike with 4 runs needed from three balls. Barron made some field adjustments and run into bowl to Ellis. He sends a yorker down the middle and Ellis connect for a maximum over the mid-wicket boundary to seal the victory. Ramesh Barron took 2 wickets, Travis Drakes and Siddiq Kayoon each took one wicket, Ellis was left not out on 20.



Assassins Brian Manniram scored 180 not out versus Titans

Brian Manniram Smack Record Breaking 180 not out, in destroying Titans

By James Persaud

May 4, 2017


The last time any batsmen in softball cricket have come close to scoring a double century was in 2006, but time has changed. That was 11 years ago, a long recces, the same was the case with Brian Lara after 36 years breaking Sir Garfield Sober 365 highest test score in cricket. In 1994 Lara broke a long-standing record and 6 months later Mathew Hayden broke Lara record. But Lara was not done, 10 years later he set a new record with a score of 400 not out. It is said that records are made to be broken, and softball cricket has its share of records. Regardless if you believe in statistics in whatever form of accomplishment, it was achieved. It takes someone with dedication, commitment and challenging yourself at doing your best to be the best at what you like.


Brian Manniram a tall lanky left-handed all-rounder who plays for Assassins has done well over the years and has played softball cricket at the highest level representing NYSCL. He is a very prolific scorer in softball cricket and has his share of runs including centuries. Last Sunday against Titans, Manniram was in immaculate form and stroked the second highest score in softball cricket, scoring 180 not out in a 20 over game.


Manniram and Anand Singh opened the Assassins innings and batted together for 15 overs putting on a partnership of 186 runs. This could well be the highest opening stand in softball cricket? After Singh was out caught of Imtiazs Alli for 65, and Manniram was on 115. Singh 65 runs including 6 fours and 1 six. Singh was replaced by the Assassins Captain Eon Ellis. Ellis sensing the form that Manniram was in decided to give most off the strike to him as he watched from the non-striker end as the ball crossed the boundary ropes at all parts of the park.


Manniram faced 71 balls for his 180 not out and structured it with 10 fours and 14 sixes. The Titans used seven bowlers in the game and only leg spinner Imtiazs Alli was past the worst by Manniram. Alli completed his spell of four overs for 30 runs and took the only wicket to fall in the innings. This was a twenty overs game and the over ended before Manniram had any chance to get to a double century. The Assassins Captain Eon Ellis bat very smart and played a real leader’s role, he only faced 5 balls of the last 27 as he wanted Manniram to get as many runs as possible. 


Manniram has represented NYSCL at the highest level, in the Independence Cup. While he has not had many big scores in the Indy Cup. He could not have found a better time to find form since the 2017 Independence Cup is only 8 weeks away. Assassins are leading the Division I chart in points after four weeks in the current President Cup competition. The Assassins team and softball cricket followers will be looking forward to Manniram staying in form and picking up the big scores.


The highest individual score in softball cricket is 222 runs and this was scored by Parsaram Ramkissoon in 2003 he who was playing for Ecstatic at the time. Ramkissoon was playing in a 30 over game and hit 8 fours and 23 sixes. Two years later, 2005 Erapalli Sahadeo playing for CI Volcano scored 177 in a 25 over game against Country Boys. The following year 2006 Bisal Hiralall playing for Ecstatic broke Sahadeo record for the second highest score when he struck 179 in a 30 over game against Long Beach.


It is ironic that the record holder Parsaram Ramkissoon was playing for Titans last Sunday and watched as Manniram was closing in on his record. I spoke to him after the game and asked how it felt to see a batsman is such a destructive form. His reply was that he was not concern about the record, he was more concern about getting the 20 over to end. The statistics are based on North America softball cricket and is based on statistics that are kept as far back from 1989.

NYSCL Premier division winners Assassins, man of the match Popie Singh (left) and Assassins Captain Brian Manniram

Assassins down Untouchables to a fired-up Popie Singh

By James Persaud

June 15, 2015


The Assassins players began to arrive at the park early and the Untouchables soon after follow. Prior to the start of the game, no one would have any chance or an idea of picking a winner of the much anticipated game. Both teams was evenly matched with bowling and batting. The players all looked ready and well suited to be champions, the Assassins in green and the Untouchables sporting blue.


The toss was spun and Untouchables won and asked Assassins to bat. The crowd began to fill up the park and the deejay played sweet music while the ball by ball announcers got ready and in position. It was a very good day for cricket and the softball cricket fans were loving it, plenty of food baskets and coolers with cool beverages.


Ravi Persaud and Anand Singh made their way to the middle, as Moe Khan marked his run up strides at the bowling end. Khan was having trouble as he bowled a few wides and gave up 11 runs in the first over, three runs came off the bat. Gomel Matai shared the new ball and his third delivery had Persaud driving and Asif Adam taking an easy catch. Zamal Khan coming in at number three, and he played very cautiously to finish the over for a maiden.


In Moe’s second over he had Anand Singh playing the first ball of his pad to Amar Singh at a short midwicket and Amar took an easy catch. Kaleem Bux was next to the crease and he got off the mark with a single. Khan and Bux batted with plenty of tolerance as the bowling was on top, get singles and the occasional double. A bowling change in the fifth over, Andrew Gonsalves, replaced Gomel and gave up three runs in the over.


By this time Moe was bowling well and he bowled four straight overs in his first spell, and gave up only 15 runs. In the ninth and tenth over a double bowling change with Asif Adam and Asif Ally. Adam was the first to strike when he had Khan playing four dot balls then losing his temperament and try a reserve sweep and was bowl for 14 and the score on 39 for 3.


The Assassins captain Brian Manniram came to the crease and together with Bux they would pushed the score to 52 after thirteen overs. During the thirteen over break both teams had long team’s meeting. The Untouchables had to be pleased with their bowling performances thus far, while the Assassins had to figure out a way to get the pressure off.


When play resumed Gonsalves took the ball and Bux had a new plan, go after the bowling and he struck 12 runs of the over. Moe Khan came back for his last over and gave up two runs. Asif Ally bowled the seventeenth over and Bux struck a six and a four before he was caught at deep long off by Erapalli with the score on 73 for 4. Bux scored 35 valuable runs and he batted well under pressure, he was replaced with Eon Ellis.


Ellis and his skipper had a long discussion in the middle, it looked as if the plan was to run, and this they did well picking up singles and doubles. Gonsalves returned into the attack and Ellis took charge, he hit two towering sixes over the road. Asif Adam was bowling well, but the batsmen was going after the spin of Asif Ally and Gonsalves and the score raced to 102 at the end of the nineteenth over.


The tempo of the game had changed, and the huge crowd on hand was just loving it as they swayed to the music between overs. Assassins was not going to let the bowlers settle, Eon took charge, went on his knees twice and took Gonsalves over the fence. Gonsalves last two overs cost 24 runs, and Asif Ally two cost 20 runs.


While Manniram and Ellis was carrying the challenge to the bowlers, it seemed as if the Untouchables’ fielders relaxed a little and the Assassins batsmen took advantage of this and the scoreboard kept increasing faster. In the twentieth over bowled by Asif Adam, he got Manniram on his last ball, he went for a big drive over long off and Erapalli moving back and to his left took the catch. Manniram was gone for 18, but the damage was done, he stayed with Ellis and gave him most of the strike.


Amit Moonsammy made his way to the middle and knocked the first ball he faced to the boundary. Ellis and Moonsammy sped up the tempo of the game with some very good running between the wickets. But with a mix up between the batsmen and a good direct throw from Asif Adam hitting the stump, and Moonsammy was gone for 18 and he was mad as he pelt his bat in air and stared at Ellis.


Frankie Baichoo was the new batsman to the crease and he did not last long, he was bowled by Amar Singh for 2. Since the batsmen was doing well against the spin, both Gonsalves and Asif Ally was replaced with Amar Singh and Wasim Haslim. Amar Singh removed the dangerous Eon Ellis in his second over, Ellis was driving outside the off stump and Prashad Mahadeo took a very good catch and Ellis was gone for a well-played top score of 46 runs.


Amar Singh struck one more time in the same over, he had Popie Singh caught by Mahadeo for a duck. Haslim bowled one over for 11 runs and after the 25 allotted overs Assassins had reached 165 for 9 wickets. This was a very good score, Assassins had scored 113 in the last twelve overs.


After the lunch break, Untouchables began their reply and sent Asif Ally and Ravi Sahadeo to the crease and Popie Singh got the ball for Assassins. Popie’s second delivery had Asif driving to cover, and Kaleem Bux taking the catch. The new batsman was Amar Singh, he pushed the first ball for a double to get off the mark.


Shawn Persaud shared the new ball and Amar Singh looked uncomfortable as he went for the on drive a few times and missed, he kept banging his bat in the pitch and 5 runs came off the over. The first ball of Popie second over had Amar driving and was caught by the wicketkeeper Zamal Khan for 7.


The green corner of the park was going wild and getting very loud, Assassins had made a quick breakthrough in the Untouchables’ batting order. Wasim Haslim came to the crease and he did not last long, in Shawn’s second over he removed Haslim middle stump for a duck and the score on 11 for 3. Ravi Sahadeo stayed around and watched as three wickets fell, he was batting well not taking any chances.


Prashad Mahadeo joined Sahadeo at the crease and the two would not add to the score before Sahadeo was out caught by Bux and the total on 11 for 4. Andrew Gonsalves came to the middle and had a chat with Mahadeo, together these two have batted in many games and have built many match saving partnerships. One was needed today if Untouchables was to stand any chance of reaching victory lane.


But this was not to happen after adding an 18 runs partnership, Gonsalves was run out for 3. Erapalli Sahadeo was next and after facing two balls he was caught of Frankie Baichoo without scoring, Untouchables was in deep trouble with a score of 30 for 7, Ramdial made his way to the middle and added 15 runs with Mahadeo before Ramdial was bowled behind his back by Moonsammy for 2.


With a score of 45 for 8, it looked as if Untouchables was heading for defeat, Moe Khan stayed with Mahadeo and add 24 runs before Khan was bowled by Murph Seeram for 16. The new batsman was Asif Adam and this pair would add 8 runs before losing the ninth wicket. In Seeram’s second over he had Mahadeo swing away to a full toss and was only able to hit it high to deep mid wicket and Moonsammy taking the catch, and Mahadeo was gone for a top score of 23.


Gomel and Asif Adam stayed for the next over and half before Manniram took the catch to remove Adam of the bowling of Shawn Persaud. The Untouchables innings came to an end in the seventieth over with a score of 77 all out. Popie Singh won the man of the match prize for his exceptional spell of bowling, five overs, and three maiden and claiming 3 wickets for 7 runs.

Assassins Captain Eon Ellis savor the moment with his teamates

Assassins Upset Untouchable To Claim NYSCL Premier Division Championship

By Jay Ram

June 26, 2013


It was a clash of the Titans Sunday at the beautiful 150 Rockaway Park in the Finals of the 25 Overs Cup between the Untouchables Cricket Club led by national player Andrew Gonsalves and the Assassins Cricket Club led by skipper Eon “Viv Richards” Ellis. After a brief wait for the Commentary booth to be set up the teams gathered in the middle for NYSCL President Eric Ferrier to give his briefing. The two Captains met on the pitch and the toss was won by Gonsalves and the game was set to begin.


Assassins were asked to take first strike on a nice batting track and a quick outfield. Opening the batting for Assassins were two experienced softball players in Pooran Beria and Raja Parasram. The two batted very cautiously to start the game because when the two teams met in the qualifying games Assassins crumbled to 107 and loss to Untouchables. Jai Sanichar and Mo Khan opened the bowling for Untouchables and kept the scoring rate low.


Andrew decided to take the ball and in his second over after giving up a 6 to Beria he had him caught for a well played 26 with the score on 37. In came in Nigel Bridgelall at number three but he didn’t last long as he was sent back without scoring with a nice caught and bowl by Moe Khan. In came in the inform Brian Manniram to the crease.


Raja and Brian batted cautiously to take Assassins to a partnership of 52 for 2 in the 13 overs. The game was poised for an exciting second half with the bowlers on top and with 8 wickets in hand. Raja and Brian started pushing the run rate up as much as possible knowing they needed a big total to defend against the long batting order of the Untouchables team. With the score on 78 in the 18th over Raja was bowled by Javid Ali for a well played 30.


Next came in Kaleem Bux to join Brian at the crease. The commentators Murph and Lenny were projecting a total to be around 115 – 120 at the current run rate. But these 2 batsmen put on a show for the large crowd on hand. Both men batted sensibly and took the single and double but made sure to put away the bad balls for boundaries. In the 22nd over, Jai bowling to Brian was just dismantled for 22 runs which included 3, 6’s and a 4. Michael Remgasammy and Javid also bowled in the end and were also hammered by both Kaleem and Brian.


Bux was the first to go in the 25th over caught for a very well played 43. In the next ball Brian was also caught for a classic innings for 56. The two men put on a nice and very useful 82 run partnership. Eon and Amit batted out the final over to take the score to a very nice and defendable one of 169 for 6. The final 7 overs went for 91 runs.


Untouchables knowing the task at hand went in there with a plan and got off to a fast start with some nice strokes from Ravi Sahadeo and Asif Ally. These two took the score to 28 after 4 overs. Skipper Ellis decided to make a quick bowling change and brought in Popie Singh. In his second over had Sahadeo choked and popped him up for the first wicket.


In came in the dangerous Prashad Mahadeo at number three, he destroyed East Coast in the semi final. The first ball to Prashad from Shawn “Gaza” Persaud had him caught without scoring to put serious pressure on the Untouchables team after getting off to a flying start. But the game was just beginning with the dangerous Andrew Gonsalves coming to the crease. In the next over Popie struck again getting Asif to pop one out to midwicket, Andrew called in Michael Rangasammy to the crease. The two men batted well and took the score to 64 in the 13 overs.


With the second half about to begin, the spectators knew they were in for a treat with Gonsalves still batting and the game in the balance. The crowd got even bigger with the other finals finishing and more spectators arriving. Eon knew he had to get wickets to put more pressure and with the asking run rate climbing to about 9+ plus an over, Gonsalves had to go after the ball. In his second over after the break Shawn was struck for a towering six by Andrew but the experienced Shawn came back in the next delivery and gave him a slower one and had him caught in deep mid wicket to give Assassins the wicket they wanted and needed.


Michael was batting well for but he was not getting a partner to stay with him because of some good bowling from Amit Moonsammy, Popie Singh and Nigel Bridgelall. With Ravi Murray having a bad over to start the game, Eon decided to ask Ronald Evelyn to give him an over and hopefully get a break through but it was not to be as Rangasammy slammed a huge 6 and 2 more 4’s to bring the game back.


With 60 runs needed in 5 overs, Ellis asked Pooran Beria to take the ball and what a magical spell he had to put an end to the game. Pooran picked up 4 wickets for 9 runs in his 2 overs to put an end to an exciting game and bowling out Untouchables for 142 in 24 overs. Brian Manniram was awarded man of the match for a well played 56 and taking 3 catches. Special thank to the two commentators Murph and Lenny for a job well done.  Also a thank you to the league for well organized finals.


Assassins were back on top of softball cricket and celebrated the win with all their long time supporters. All the talk coming into cricket this year was about the big four teams: Assassins, Untouchables, East Coast and United Stars and the fans of softball enjoyed two wonderful weeks of cricket from these four teams.


Assassins look forward to continuing its success in the President Cup which is replacing the 30 overs Cup. The Assassins team would like to send out a special thank you to John from Johnny’s Restaurant and Sports Bar located on 107th Street and Rockaway Blvd for its long time support and sponsorship.


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