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Braveheart players after another huge victory

Braveheart Crushed Dynasty and Advance to Semi-Final

By Omesh Ganesh

May 24, 2016


As the world await softball cricket biggest tournament, the NYSCL Independence Cup and Legends Cup. The first major competition of NYSCL 2016 season, the Johnny’s Bar sponsored 25 Overs Championship enter the quarter-finals rounds. Dynasty doing battles with Braveheart and both captains took to the center of the pitch for the coin toss, Braveheart won and elected to field first.


Dynasty went with the regular openers Majid Khan and Kenny Balkaran hence on the other side Bisham Baldawan and Ray Boodhai take the new ball. It did not take long for both batsmen to get going. They were piercing the gaps getting at least two boundaries per over. It was textbook batting from the two openers with hard running between the wicket and rotating the strike consistently using the left and right combo to their advantage. This cause the bowlers some problems and to bowl offline.


Dynasty was in full control going at a hefty rate of 10.40 per over. After 5 overs the score was 52 without the loss of any wicket. Ramesh Ganesh was the first bowling change and got the breakthrough immediately, as Kenny Balkaran mistimed a lofted straight drive down to long off. Replacing Kenny was Aubye Jumadeen. Jumadeen and Majid Khan batted superbly going at over 9 runs an over. It was like watching Younis Khan and Inzamam-Ul-Haq.


It was looking like a one sided affair as both batsmen took control of the game. Both batsmen were approaching their half century until an unfortunate mix up between the batsmen and Jumadeen was caught ball watching. Majid Khan was stranded halfway down the pitch and was run out by Dhanraj Persaud for 45.


The fall of the second wicket brought in Vicky Subkaran, Dynasty best player and arguably New York's best softball all round. Subkaran showed his experience and vast knowledge of the game, working the ball around turning the strike over to Jumadeen who been there set and being the aggressor. After 13 overs were completed Dynasty was in a commanding position at 112 for 2 projecting them to finish with a total of around 220 runs.


Braveheart needed something to happen and quick as the players were losing their composure and confidence fading. The captain decided to bring Steve Deodat, Braveheart leading wicket taker into the attack and right away he got the wicket of Jumadeen caught behind for 48, flashing at a wide delivery.

Braveheart skipper Omesh Ganesh came into the attack with Subkaran on strike; it was captain versus captain. First half of the over Ganesh kept it full and on the stumps and on the fourth delivery Subkaran tried to work it off the pads missed it completely which causes him to lose his leg stumps.


The momentum started to shift slowly towards Braveheart. With 7 overs remaining the score was 141 for 4. Steve and Omesh continued their pace attack. Bowling on target everything right on the stumps. It was starting to get difficult for the batsmen. It had been over 29 deliveries since the last boundary was struck. As the wickets kept tumbling the runs dried up and Dynasty lost their last 8 wickets for a merely 49 runs. A disappointed second half for Dynasty but some good bowling by Steve Deodat who finished with 4 for 24 and captain Omesh Ganesh, 3 for 6. A total of 162 was set for Braveheart to get to make it to the second round.


Braveheart innings started with the opening pair of Ray and Steve Boodhai as Dynasty captain Subkaran opted to start with Trevor Ramoutar and himself to open the bowling. Both Trevor and Subkaran kept it tight and was on target. Extracting extra bounce off the pitch. Trevor struck twice in his second over. Getting Steve Boodhai and Ramesh Ganesh caught behind the ball right after. It was what Dynasty was hoping for early wickets and at 15 for 2 everything was going as planned.


With Braveheart missing Devindra Boodhram for the game, Aleem Khan was promoted up the order and had a little cameo innings of 18 before been bowled by the purple cap holder of the regular season Aubye Jumadeen. Next in was Richard Deodat who did not play much games just his third game at bat he had to step up and play well for his team. Both Ray and Richard displayed great batting strategy. Richard being the aggressor and Ray steering the innings.


Ray known for his aggressive style of batting was playing out of his context. He was the anchor being the wall of the innings. After a 100 runs partnership, Richard was caught behind off the bowling of Ricky Narine for a well-played 51 runs. With just 23 more runs required Ray Boodhai went into overdrive and brought the game home within the next over and a half. Braveheart finished at 164 for 5 wickets in 22 overs, Ray top scored with 55 not out.


As the tournament progresses Braveheart is creating history as the only team that came out of Division 2A and have made it this far in the NYSCL Premier Division. Braveheart is hoping their momentum stays intact and make some noise in the semifinal rounds.

The Boodhai brothers Ray (left) and Steve after another good day for Bravehearts

Steve Boodhai Half Century Guarantee Playoff Berth for Braveheart

By Omesh Ganesh

May 16, 2016


It was an over-casted windy day but still good enough for a day of cricket as Braveheart took on Renegade. This encounter was very important to both teams as Braveheart is looking to climb up in the qualifying rounds and Renegade battling to secure a spot in the final sixteen. At the coin toss Braveheart called correctly and elected to take the field first.


As Renegade openers take their guard, Braveheart captain Omesh Ganesh elected to give the new ball to Ramesh Ganesh and Dhanraj Persaud not his two regular pacers, but hoping his players will make use of their opportunity he gave to them. Both bowlers started with a short delivery angling down the leg side which was deservingly put away for a boundary. But it didn't take long as Ramesh and Dhanraj soon found their bowling rhythm and bowled straight and full.


Renegade openers did not show any intent in there batting; wasn't rotating the strike regularly neither no sort of aggression. It was like there were playing a test match and just contented with nudging the ball around. This wasn't a good site for the Renegade Camp as the dugout was shouting at the batsmen to raise the tempo. You can see the desperation on the faces of the players hence it's not only a must win game for Renegade but they need to post a huge total in excess of 200 plus to boost their net run rate.


After five overs were completed the score was a mere 20 runs but the upside of it was no wicket fell. Davendra Boodram(Dave) and Martin Tamaldeo was brought into the attack. Dave not a regular bowler just known for his batting was given an opportunity with the ball and he didn't disappoint. Right away he was on target finding the right line and length. At the other end Martin, a young upcoming left hand leg break bowler kept it tight not making it easy for the batsmen.


As overs went the pressure started to build and the batsmen are becoming more hesitant trying to make something happen it did happen. A mix up between the batsmen caused a run out which was the first wicket to fell. Kudos to Steve Boodhai on an exceptional piece of fielding. Then in Martin second over saw the demise of Paul Pharsi who got bowled playing across the line of a delivery going away. At the start of the ninth over the score was 52 for 2 and Ray Boodhai and Anil Jagdeo was introduced to the attack two of Braveheart promising round hand bowler.


Ray bowled a two over spell of fast and flat deliveries. As the two was bowling at an expedient rate the batsmen had little time to settle and re-established their composure between deliveries. Renegade batsmen started to find their groove and the momentum shift their way scoring at 11.20 runs an over.


After 18 overs completed the score reached 130 for 5. With seven overs remaining the skipper brought on himself along with fellow pacer Steve Deodat to bowl the depth overs. Renegade could only muster up 30 runs for their last five wickets which ended their innings at 160 for 10 in 24 overs with Dan Morgan contributing 60 vital runs for his team. He was the only batsman that showed some resilience and orchestrated his innings well. It was like a Shiv Chanderpaul type of innings full of resistance, concentration and effort.


Braveheart opened the batting with vice-captain Steve Boodhai alongside Ray Boodhai. Ray soon fell, he was caught at backward point. It was what Renagade was hoping for, a quick wicket to shift the momentum there way early. Next in was Davendra Boodram, a carbon copy of Virender Sehwag, he and Steve had the bowlers going at 10.56 runs per over. After a 70 runs partnership Dave lost his leg stump going across too much.


Steve Deodat who was promoted up the order made a quick 15 as he also lost his wicket couple of deliveries later.  At the score was 102 for 3, Aleem Khan Braveheart's most experienced player was next at bat. Khan playing the anchor role turning the strike over as Steve Boodhai went Virat Kohli style on his opposition. After scoring a half century in the previous game, his confidence was boosted and his form was still intact.


His timing was impeccable placement exceptional scoring 360 degrees around the park. The true highlight of his innings was the off side six to get to his half century just opening the face of the bat guiding the ball over the ropes. Steve and Aleem made quick work of their target and finished on 161 for 3 in 15.1 overs.


Entering the playoffs Braveheart is considered the underdogs and will hoping to play spoilers and make some noise. As the team is compiled up of young and inexperienced players skipper Omesh Ganesh will be leaving on his veteran players like Aleem, Steve, Dave, and Richard to step up and lead the way.


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