Buccaneers Team Members
Buccaneers Cricket Club members at their 2015 party
Steven Girdhari, Vishnu Sahadeo (center), Sundar Dilchand-Buccaneers 2014 Bowling, MVP and Batting winners (from left to right)

Buccaneers Celebrates 18 Years And Vishnu Sahadeo Takes The Top Prize

By James Persaud

January 22, 2015


I was away for the last few years for Buccaneer’s end of the season party. This time I was around and had to put it in my plans to attend, and it was another very grand Buccaneers celebration. This event usually takes place before the Christmas holiday. But this time it was done after and it was only a fitting way to celebrate the old and look forward to the new season.


I have gone to many of Buccaneers party and it only occurred to me during the awards presentation that this was the eighteenth year. I was informed by one of the founding members, Mr. Dave Bissessar that the Buccaneers started the team in 1997. The awards presentation ceremony was short, there was only three categories. The best batsman prize went to Sundar Dilchand and the young Steven Girdhari took home the bowling prize for his 29 wickets.


Master of ceremony for the night was the young Mahendra Seopaul, he shared his duties with the team 2014 captain, Omesh Muneshwar. Mr. Seopaul spoke about the success of the team in the 2014 season. He praised the Buccaneers team management for the shift they have made as they look for the transition of getting the youths more involved in the team on and off the field. This he said has worked as the team played very competitive cricket and made the playoffs in all three of the NYSCL major competitions and finish third in the T20.


The Captain Omesh Muneshwar thanked the members for giving him the chance to lead the team, and for the great support he received from all the members. He said that he always leads and tries his best to win, but in a league with very strong challengers from the other teams, sometimes they fall short. He praised Vishnu Sahadeo for his all-round performance, he scored over three hundred runs and took 26 wickets in the season. He said with these figures, it was enough to earn him the Buccaneers 2014 Most Valuable Player award.


Mahendra Seopaul, gave a short history of the Buccaneers team and its members he also thanked NYSCL for organizing and giving them a chance to play cricket. The young and a new member Mr. Chand Prashad, gave a strong, clear and inspiring message about the team. He said the team has been a very big inspirations to him and his advice to his fellow teammates is to continue the good work.


He joined the team for what he saw, great leadership, family focused, and members who look forward to coming to the park every Sunday and play hard while having fun regardless of the result of the game. He continued to say that the club is for more than cricket, but for bringing people together and assisting anywhere and anytime possible.


Avichal Singh gave the closing remarks, and he thanked everyone for all the hard work they put into making the party a success. He thanked the ladies for catering all the food and the guys for keeping the drinks at the right chill. Mr. Singh said he enjoyed being a member and he is looking forward to the team continuing to stay focus as the older guys take a step back and the youths is given more playing time.


The presentation ceremony soon ended and it was time for the music and the dancing. The dancing got off to a somewhat slow start as everyone enjoyed their dinner. But this soon changed as the Tassa troupe made their way onto the stage. The Tassa troupe was fabulous as they played sweet music, and the young boys and girls in the crowd did not miss a beat. One member of the Tassa troupe was amazing, he was the smallest, but he was as good as the older guys. He stayed and played the whole segment, and when he was done, he sat down and fell asleep.


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