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Falcons hard hitting batsman Azam Khan (Amla)

Kevin Baijnauth and Azam Khan bat ignite, and Haresh Hiralall bowled Falcons into the final over Zara Lions

By Richard Singh

August 21, 2018


On a very gloomy wet day just after mid-day last Sunday, with dark clouds and drizzle coming down at intervals threatened to abort play in the semi-final game between Falcons and Zara Lions. But enough sun prevails to get the game started regardless. Falcons had beaten Zara Lions in the very first game in the current competition with a record high score of 304 runs.


Zara Lions is no mediocre team since they defeated many teams to make the playoff and advanced to the semi-finals. They are known for their batting power and they formulated a game plan to defeat Falcons to reach the finals, but the Falcons had a better plan to obliterate them for the final.


Falcons won the toss and decided to bat. Falcons are noted for their superb batting power and reached a defendable total of 239 runs losing 7 wickets. It was Kevin Baijnauth (Superman) and Azam Khan (Amla) that muscled the ball with sheer power to the boundaries. It was Kevin 50 not and Azam 34 not out with big sixes and fours that pushed Falcons score passed the two hundred. Other good contributors were Steve Ramlakan 25, Fidel Jagbeer 33, Haresh Hiralall 17 and Bryan Baker 32.


Zara Lions came in with a mindset to power the ball to the boundaries to keep above the run rate, which they did. At the half, they were up in the run rate and this gave the Falcons bowlers some headache as they find it difficult at times to get a wicket.


The partnership between Devindranauth Thakoordeen 66 and Sultan Haniff 40 was creating difficulties for Falcons bowlers to penetrate and stay on course. At halftime, Zara Lions were 113, runs 5 runs than Falcons at the same point of the game while losing only 3 wickets.


After the break Falcons captain, Gavin Shivprashad removed two quick wickets including the dangerous Thakoordeen and broke the partnership. Things were looking good for Falcons but the stubbornness and determination of the Zara Lions to attack the Falcons bowlers continued.


It was when Haresh Hiralall was introduced into the bowling Falcons begin to see victory coming their way. In Hiralall first over he got a wicket and thereafter he grabbed three more wickets eradicating the Zara Lions for 208 runs all out.

Haresh Hiralall Falcons man of the match versus Amazon

Amazing Falcons will advance to playoffs with four straight victories

By Richard Singh

July 19, 2018


The unstoppable Falcons continued to dominate, winning their fourth straight game against Amazon. Sunday, July 15, 2018, at 150 North Rockaway Blvd in the match against the amazing Amazon, Falcons proved to be dominant.

It was an exciting match indeed, Falcons won the toss and batted first. They were struggling badly losing quick wickets one after the other and not building a partnership. They have lost 7 quick wickets in the first half for 75 runs.

Byran (Skinner) an inform batsman with a wonderful knock of 32 runs pushed the Falcons to score a little further. Other contributors were Haresh Hiralall 20, Shameer Isshack 17 and Mark Sattur 13 were able to build a score of 121 runs all out in 23.2 overs. This was not what the Falcons wanted but they will defend it at all cost.

Opening bowlers for Amazon Sanjay Sukhram and Terry Seenarine were the destroyers for Amazon. Sanjay took 3 wickets for 13 runs and Terry Seenarine 3 for 34 runs. Those were the main wickets takers. Parmanand Narine took 2 and V. Narine had 1 and they were the bowlers that assisted to finish off Falcons.

Falcons realized that they must play extremely well to illuminate Amazon before they get to their target and beating them. Falcons captain Gavin Shivprashad was amazing in his bowling spell despite being injured on the field. His determination to continue to put his team back on track. It was when he introduced Haresh Hiralall at a critical moment in the game to bowl that the tide turns in Falcons favor.

Haresh performance was excellent both in batting and bowling when he made 20 runs not out and took 3 wickets for a very economical figure of 7 runs in 4 overs. Haresh was the man of the match for his outstanding performance. Shivnarine Jadbeer (Fidel) got 2 wickets for 17 runs in his 5 overs spell, while Shameer Isshack finished off the Amazon team with 1 wicket for 4 runs in 0.3 overs. 

Falcons hard-hitting batsman Bryan Baker score 97 versus Harlem Players

Falcons beat Harlem Players by 87 runs for their third win

By Richard Singh

July 11, 2018

Last Sunday in the third round of the NYSCL 2018 25 over competition game played at 131st Street/North Conduit playground. The Falcons softball cricket team rallied to beat the Harlem Players cricket team in an exciting match. A bright and sunny day with a pleasant atmosphere; a cool wind blowing across the park to weaken the humidity. A very nice crowd gathered to watch, supporters from both sides and everyone was excited.

Falcons won the toss and decided to bat first. Opening batsman Steve Ramlakan, as usual, allowed his hands to work the boundaries. His fine knock of 18 runs came to a halt when he was run out. Very disappointed because he is the kind of batsman who loves striking the ball as he is in good form. The captain Gavin Shivprashad was bowled soon after for 2 runs by Kumar Seedyal. Shivnarine (Fidel) Jagbeer came to the crease and he had a wonderful knock making an exciting 54 runs before he was bowled by D. Persaud.

Falcons were 98 runs at the halftime losing 4 wickets. In the next half, they decided to accelerate their score looking for the 200’s like they did in the 2 previous matches, 304 runs against Zara Lions and 229 runs against PM All-Stars. It was the partnership of Azam Khan and Bryan Baker in less than 2 overs accumulated 39 runs that Falcons were going to accomplish their goal but Azam was caught of a ball that popped up on his wrist and he was dismissed for18 runs.

The most exciting batsman was Bryan Baker (Skinner). He played like Chris Gale in his first appearance in the IPL 2018. He was such an exciting batsman that the crowd roared every time he sends the ball to the boundary and all were cheering him hoping he will make his century. Every time the bowler delivers the ball Byran keep sending the ball to the boundaries with sixes and fours. He was assisted by Mark Sattaur who continued the assault of Harlem Players bowlers for a good knock of 30 runs.

Bryan fell short of what was going to make his debut century by 3 runs, Skinner was bowled for 97 runs by D. Persaud. Falcons went on to make 261 runs all out. Other batsmen that contributed were Carlie Baker 10 runs not out and Mark Sattaur bowled by Shawn for 30 runs. Shawn and D. Persaud took 3 wickets each for Harlem Players, while Kumar Seedyal took 2 wickets and D. Morrison 1.

In reply, Harlem Players had a great start a better one than Falcons. At halftime, they were 124 runs losing only 3 wickets. They were in the required run rate. Opening batsmen S. Persaud and L. Bissoon look very promising for their team. It was when Kevin Baijanuth (Superman) was given the ball and removed both openers. S. Persaud was caught for 21 runs and L. Bissoon caught for 34 runs.

At the halftime, the Falcons huddled and came up with a game plan to stop their opponents from the assault they were creating. Shameer Isshack came into the attack and remove the stubborn batsman D. Ramnarine for 25 runs. Falcons executed their game plan well with good captaincy from Gavin Shivprashad and dismissed their opponents for 174 runs.

Top scorer for Harlem Players was D. Persaud with 45 runs. Wicket-taker for Falcons was Kevin Baijnauth 3 for 40 runs. Bryan Baker and Shameer Isshack both got 2 wickets each. Gavin Shivprashad and Shivnarine Jagbeer (Fidel) took 1 wicket each. Falcons are unstoppable, they are on a winning streak 3-0. Keep up the good work guys I am very proud of you, Falcons “one family stick together”

Falcons team members and supporters after beating Ranchers

Falcons defeated Ranchers to play Masters in the semi-final

By Richard Singh

June 2, 2018

It was a bright and beautiful sunny day at Springfield Park despite the constant rainfall over the past weeks. Falcons won the toss and took the field. Ranchers in their allotted 20 overs reached 96 runs while losing 9 wickets. Robin Punsammy top score with 17 and Sunil Ractoo supported with 15 runs.

Falcon's spinner Raymond Mohamad grabbed 3 wickets for 15 runs in 2 overs. Meanwhile, Gavin Shivprashad and Bryan Baker shared 2 wickets each in their allotted 4 overs and Kevin Baijnauth took 1 wicket for 16 runs. Falcons in reply reached their target of 99 runs losing 6 wickets in 16 overs. Bryan Baker smashes a quick 23 not out and Arif Harun scored 10 not out see their team to victory. Mark Kippins was the most successful bowler for Ranchers taking 2 for 15 in 3 overs.


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