NYSCL 2018 Twenty20


Nathan Ramnath blasted a century versus Canje

Nitin Ramnath century not enough to get pass Canje

By Jimmy Bacchus

September 29, 2018


It was a cloudy and dismal day for cricket last Sunday. With the threat of rain looming, Masters won the toss and sent their batsmen to the crease to face the formidable Canje team. Canje bowling was on target and Masters loose wickets very cheaply. Despite the weather and the excellent bowling from Canje, Nitin Ramnath batted very smartly. He pushed the ball around and played himself in.


It did not take him long to find his groove. The balls were flying out of the park at 115 Avenue and Van Wyck. To see this young man, swing his bat and connect with such power and confidence was a thrill.


He played a splendid inning and delighted the crowd with some superb cricket strokes. It was a one-man show he took the challenge to the Canje bowlers and got no real support from the other batsmen. Only Vic Phagooram was the other batsman to reach the double figure in the Master’s lineup. Masters reached 147 all out in the 19th over.


Totaram Seenanan took four for 6, S. Motie and Poorandeo took three wickets each.

Playing his first year in the USA and playing in the New York Softball Cricket League has been a thrill for him. He finished his batting spell with a brilliant 107 which including twelve towering sixes and two fours. He was very excited to have scored his first century here at NYSCL.


Jimmy Bacchus the team Manager and Captain Rishi Baldeo and the rest of the team are proud of you congratulations to Nitin. You were a masterful batsman last Sunday, and your teammates are all happy for you. Canje reached the winning score in the 19th over with 153 for 7.


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