Rovin Persaud (left) and Denzel Haywood leaving the field after defeating Vipers

NYSCL Youths Keep Pressure On And Win Big Over Vipers

By James Persaud

September 16, 2013


NYSCL Youths right arm pacer Joel Boodhoo grabbed four for 17 and leg spinner Sanjay Panday picked up two for 20 as the Youths restricted Vipers to a modest score of 102 all out in 19 overs. After coming off of a first week loss to Buccaneers, the youths knew that they had to uplift their game to stay competitive in the NYSCL 2013 Twenty20 competition. The NYSCL Youths team is made of players from the NYSCL Youths Development Program; the players are all under seventeen years old and are competing for the first time in the NYSCL regular Sunday competitions.


Earlier in the day the Youths skipper Alix Hussain called the coin toss correct and asked Vipers to take the crease first. The Youths team made some changes from the first week and including three all-rounders for the game. The two Budhoo brothers Dave and Ravin took the crease for Vipers and Naresh Rambrose got the ball for the Youths. Rambrose was quite quick in his first over and could have had some success with a better line as he beat the bat of both batsmen a few times. Denzel Haywood shared the new ball, he was very quick and bowled just outside off the wide line and the umpire called it twice as five runs came of the over.


It was early in the afternoon and the Vipers batsmen had some concerns, the game was not going as planned, both opening bowlers was causing them problems and the runs were not coming as easy. The bowlers got very good support from the fielders, as the bright red shirts seemed to be all over the park and the batsmen would have to settle for singles. The Youths had a good start and only made the mistake of giving up the wide ball. After four overs a bowling change was made with the right hand leg spinner Sanjay Panday.


Panday, a tall slim young man, who gets a lot of turn with the ball, Dave Budhoo faced Panday and made some big swipes and missed. The Vipers camp called on Budhoo to put this kid away, but Panday fourth deliver removed Budhoo stump and he was gone for 6. Dupinder Singh was the new batsman, Singh a hard ball player who bat with a high back lift seems as if he would send every ball over the boundary. Another bowling change with Alix Hussain, and Singh had some difficulty adjusting to softball cricket and the bowlers took the advantage.


Hussain in his first over beat the bat of Ravin Budhoo and he was back to the pavilion for 7, Jeetendra Mahabali came to the crease and looked very confident as he struck Hussain for a boundary. Panday in his third over convincingly beat Singh and bowled him behind his back for 9 with the score on 46. Roddy Rameshwar join Mahabali and this pair would take Vipers to the 10 over break with a score of 54. When play resumed a new bowler gets the ball, Joel Boodhoo another quick bowler. Both Mahabali and Rameshwar were batting well and added another 10 runs before Mahabali was caught of Boodhoo for 17.


Akeem Mckenzie got the ball in the twelfth over and had problem with his line and length and after two overs he was replaced with Haywood. Boodhoo was bowling well and he struck twice in his second over, he had Rameshwar caught for 15 and bowled Yadram Khuldiph for 2. Maksood Dhanraj tried to stretch a single into a double and he was run out for 10, Rambrose returned into the attack and bowled Anand Nandalal for 1. Boodhoo continued to bowl well and bowled his fourth over and his last ball had Gavin Hulasie driving to deep covers and Rovin Persaud took the catch. A running mixed up between Kris Roopnarine and Haresh Hulasie, and Roopnarine was run out for 3, Hulasie did not get off the mark in a total of 102 all out.


A destructive opening spell of pace bowling by Dave Budhoo and Kris Roopnarine had the Youths reeling after four overs with four batsmen gone and only 17 runs on the board. Shane Lall took first ball and batted very cautiously against a very hostile Dave Budhoo, Budhoo very quick, good swing and Lall could only defend. Roopnarine another pacer was the first to strike; in his first over he bowled Akeem Mckenzie without scoring. In Budhoo next over, the first ball removed Lall stump for 2, Joel Boodhoo was gone next ball without scoring; the Vipers camp was on their feet as Budhoo had a chance for a hat-trick. The new batsman was Alix Hussain, the first ball was quick and rising and Hussain got behind pushed it to gully and the crowd took their seats.


Roopnarine strikes again in his second over, he had Naresh Rambrose bowled for 8, Kiefer Phill came to the crease to partner with his skipper. The Youths were in plenty of trouble and this pair had to stay at the crease for a long time if they were going to stand any chance. And after many mid wicket conference between the batsmen they gained confidence and batted very well. The pair would add a very valuable 35 runs partnership in five overs before Phill got a short ball and went for the pull shot only to get a bottom edgy unto the stump.


Phill, a very discipline young man, good batsman who is not afraid to play his stroke, in his innings of 15 which including two boundaries, he showed his ability of punching the ball through the off side. After Phill was out the new batsman was Denzel Haywood, a very fidgety player and his style had the fielders many times out of position. Haywood and Hussain would see their team to the break with a score of 59 for 5; the Youths had maintained the runs rate while losing wickets. The Vipers Captain stayed with an old cricket myth, save your bowler for later and this gave the Youths a chance to capitalize and build their innings.


During the break the Youths camp had a team discussion and the Manager told them that only the two opening bowlers can beat them, and they both had two overs remaining and when they bowl to just defend and see them off. In the second half both Hussain and Haywood continued to bat well and added a partnership of 27 runs before Hussain got a full toss and edge it onto his stump and he was gone for a well played 25 runs including one six and two fours.


Anil Singh was the new batsman and in the next over by Hulasie, he was bowled without scoring. Sanjay Panday was next and he got off the mark with a double, Roopnarine returned into the attack and Haywood struck a huge six over deep mid-off. In the next over Panday was run out, well short of his crease trying for a double. At this point the game was in the balance, can go either way, the Youths loss their last three wickets for only 14 added and still needing 10 runs.


The Youths hopes were high, Haywood was still at the crease and he was having a great game with the bat, Sudesh Boodram joins him at the fall of the eight wicket. The Youths camp was calling on Haywood to keep the strike, in the next over Haywood took a single off Khuldiph third deliver giving Boodram the strike. Boodram went for a big hit only to strike it high over mid-off and the fielder moved over and took the catch. Youths still need 9 runs for victory and Rovin Persaud stepped to the crease, Haywood reached Persaud and had a long talk. Nandalall ran in to bowl to Persaud and he pulled it down to backward square leg and the fielder fumbled and the batsmen crossed for three runs to end the over.


In the next over by Hulasie, Haywood struck a double and single to keep the strike. In the nineteenth over bowled by Khuldiph, the batsmen crossed for three singles to end the game. A jubilant Haywood finish with 32 not out and Rovin Persaud 5 not out. Dave Budhoo took 3 for 26, Haresh Hulasie 2 for 16, Kris Roopnarine 2 for 25 and Yadram Khuldiph 1 for 9.


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