Congratulation Divya and Avinash

Congratulations and best wishes to Avinash Persaud, manager of the Phantom Cricket Club, who got married last Saturday in a beautiful Hindu ceremony. I have always said that sports unite and create friendships.

Last Sunday evening was a true testament of this when Avinash said in his speech that he met Divya about five summers ago at a cricket game.

Over the years their friendship grew and blossomed into true love and last Sunday evening, both Avinash and Divya’s families, friends and well wishers celebrated with them as they took their next big step in life.

Congratulations again Avi and Divya and may you both live long lives with happiness and be blessed with many young cricketers.  

From left Deodat Boodhan 57 not out, Harold 3 for 7 and Amit Doma in big win over New York All Stars

Harold And Shane Dominate With The Ball, Boodhan And Doma Steal Victory With 21 Runs Partnership

By James Persaud

September 12, 2012


In the 30 Over Cup competitions, New York All Stars defeated Phantom in the last qualifying game to knock them out of the playoffs. Sunday’s game, the first of the 2012 Twenty20 competition, started in yet another New York All Stars dominating the first half.


Mohabir and Deodat put on an opening partnership of 58 runs in six overs. After the first wicket fell, Nayeem Mohamed came to the crease and put on a stroke filled innings of 60 runs including two dropped catches.


New York All Stars raced to 80 runs in ten overs; in the second half Phantom captain went with a double spin attack of Shane Manbodh and Ryan Ramjas. This pair was able to restrict the batsmen from scoring freely while Manbodh was the most successful claiming the wickets of Arjun (4), Sooman (1) and Dharampaul (4) and Ramjas had Mohabir caught for 22.


With four overs remaining the pacers were reintroduced into the attack, Vasquez was a little more expensive as Nayeem Mohamed chucked him over the boundary a few times. Harold was in dominating form claiming three wickets, Deodat (36), Singh (3) and Ally (1).


Ivor Chan (3) who was not out stayed with Nayeem Mohamed (60) not out to bring New York All Stars to a commanding total of 156 for 7 in their allotted 20 overs. Harold took 3 for 7 and Shane Manbodh had 3 for 23. They led the attack for Phantom, and Ryan Ramjas claimed 1 for 24.


When Phantom took their turn at the crease they found runs very difficult to score off Oliver Sooman and Mahendra Jagroop’s bowling. Ryan Ramjas and Javid Salim could only muster 11 runs in an opening partnership before losing Ramjas (3) in the third over.


Leonardo Vasquez joined his skipper Salim at the crease and he tried to knock his way out of trouble before backing up too far and he was run out for 16. The second wicket added 41 valuable runs in 6 overs and at half time the score was 62 for 1 wicket.


In the second half of Phantom’s innings, New York All Stars struck early claiming three wickets and only 6 runs were added to the total. This was a big blow to Phantom, still needing 95 runs of their last ten overs; Harold was joined at the crease by Phantom vice captain Deodat Boodhan.


Boodhan was due for a big innings and nothing could be more important for it to happen in the 2012 Twenty20 opening round. Boodhan and the very fidgety Harold made New York All Stars worked for their next wicket; this pair added 68 runs before losing Harold for 17.


With the fall of Harold wicket, Phantom had another mini collapse losing their next two wickets with no runs add to the total, Ivor Chan claiming both wickets. With five overs remaining, two wickets in hand and still needing 21 runs for victory, the game had swung in the favor of the fielding team.


Amit Doma stepped to the crease and joined Deodat Boodhan who was batting well, he chose and placed the ball into the gaps and put away the loose ball to the boundary. Boodhan took command of the crease; he kept Doma away from the strike and refused to run singles while keeping the strike.


Shiv Dharampaul always seemed to bowl well against Phantom in the past, but this day was different Boodhan had an appetite for his bowling. Boodhan struck the ball well and took 51 runs of Dharampaul’s three and a half overs. Doma did exactly what he was instructed to do by Boodhan, which looked like do not get run out.


Boodhan kept track of the over making sure he kept the strike, while Doma requested a fresh supply of drinks after every over. Doma stayed with Boodhan for the next three and a half overs; Doma scored 1 run not out before Boodhan (57) not out knocked the third ball of the nineteenth over to claim the victory for Phantom.


It was a very exciting game between two very good teams, the game swung in favor of each team many times. It was a true Twenty20 atmosphere and Phantom stayed ahead by hitting the boundaries, it was a very dependable innings from Boodhan and Doma. Ivor Chan claimed 3 for 16, Ramzon Ally had 2 for 33 Sooman and Dharampaul took one wicket each.

Ryan Ramjas blast 105 not out to defeat Nationals

Nationals Strikes Phantom Hard, But Fails To Conquer

By James Persaud

July 26, 2012


As Phantom continued to blather in the field, Nationals struck early and hard, in a game where fielding looked to be off the least of interest to the Phantom fielders. It was an exact continuation of one Sunday ago when the Phantom fielders floored three very valuable catches late in the game and somber to be defeated.


The Nationals members arrived very early at the park and got in some very valuable practice, while the Phantom players sat around and played with their fancy electronic gadgets. Nationals took the crease first with Anand Singh and Salim Ulla. The Phantom bowlers, Amit Doma and Harold gave their team a perfect start as they held both batsmen in check. Anand Singh was batting defensively, while Ulla looked a little uncomfortable at the crease as the bowlers were on top.


After eight overs the scoring rate was about four runs an over, and Anand Singh was already dropped twice, he ended the day scoring 103 runs after being dropped five times. Anand Singh made use of his chances and took the challenge to the bowlers; he lost his partner Ulla in the tenth over with a total of 53.


The new batsman coming in at number three was the Nationals captain Faizul Ulla, after another ten runs was added Faizul was caught of Leonardo Vasquez. Shazam Husain joined Singh at the crease and they created huge trouble for the Phantoms. It was not as if the bowling was bad, it was just that the fielders could not hold onto to the ball.


This pair would bring much life to the huge Nationals supporters’ base that was present; Phantom would use a total of seven bowlers in trying to break the partnership. After Anand Singh reached his century he retired hurt on a score of 103. The next wicket fell in the twenty fifth over with a total of 216 runs.


Steve Ally came to the crease and tried to keep the run rate up but was unable to put Vasquez or Doma and Harold away, he scored seven runs including a boundary before losing his stump to Vasquez. Ramkarran added ten runs with Husain before Vasquez bowled him for one. The bowling was good to this point and Husain looked determine to get his score to a triple figure. R. Ulla partner with Husain and gave him most of the strike, this Husain made use of as the overs were coming to an end.


Husain treated the slower blowers with no respect, especially Javid Salim and Ryan Ramjas he struck 24 and 25 runs off one over each. Husain was very powerful with his straight drives over long on and long off; he was dropped by Terry Sital at long off when his score was on 68. It was a good display of powerful stroke playing by Husain as he reached his century with two balls remaining in the innings.


Husain finished with 100 not out and R. Ulla on 7 not out in a total of 252 for 4, the only wicket taker for Phantom was Vasquez with 4 for 15 of his six overs.


Phantom sent Ryan Ramjas and Rudy Narine to reply to Nationals huge total, Nationals had the feeling after scoring well over two hundred runs that this game was already in their pocket. But Phantom had other plans and they were not prepared to go down easy. As the sun made its way across the field and a most welcoming wind gushing off of the bay at Bay Park, it was a do or die for Phantom or rest in peace and waits for the Twenty20.


National handed the new ball to Shazam Husain and Ramjas greeted him with two boundaries of the over. Faizul Ulla continue the attack and Narine knocked him over the ropes to get off the mark and Ramjas would take two more boundaries of the same over to finish with 17 runs of the second over.


The fireworks continued well past Independence Day as Phantom score raced to 56 after four overs, a double bowling change was made in the sixth and seventh over with Ramkarran and Anthony Howard. Ramkarran was on target and bowled well and put a check on the free flow of runs, while Howard took some heat and Phantom reached 100 in the twelfth over. The Nationals captain changed his wicketkeeper as fast as he could change his bowlers, they used about 6 keepers.


The thirteenth over from Howard started with a boundary and the fifth delivery had Narine hooking, the ball took the edge and went high into the sky, the keeper moving to his left took the catch. Phantom losing their first wicket, Narine was gone for 25 in a total of 105. With the fall of the wicket, this brought the tall and lanky hard hitting Leonardo Vasquez to the crease, Vasquez moved up the order to try and continue the fireworks and that was exactly what he did. He opened his account with three consecutive boundaries bringing the total to 125 after fifteen overs.


Phantom took a water break and knew that they were in a very comfortable position only losing one wicket, while Nationals had a team meeting of their own, knowing that to stay in the game, they would have to get wickets.


When play resumed Faizul Ulla continued the attack against Vasquez, his first delivery knocked back the middle stump and Vasquez walked back to the pavilion looking very disappointed. Nateram Seepersaud came to the crease and after hitting a boundary; he played a very poor shot to Ramkarran and lost his stump in the process. Andrew Haniff and terry Sital was moved up the order to put some speed in the running between the wickets.


Both Haniff and Sital played very poor shots, Haniff (3) giving Faizul Ulla his second wicket and Sital (7) gave Ramkarran his second. The game had made a sudden shift Phantom losing 3 wickets for only 18 runs added; Deodat Boodhan strides to the crease to do some damage repair with Ramjas. Ramjas was looking solid as his selection of strokes was very good; he played every ball by its merit.


Ramkarran was bowling well and Ramjas tried to face his bowling whenever he was on since he is a much better defensive batsman, it worked for a while until a running mix up between Boodhan and Ramjas, Boodhan was run out for 5 and the total 189 and twenty three over gone.


With 64 runs of seven overs still needed by Phantom, it was as if the sun just went away-the chill was on, on the other side Nationals knew that they were back in the game. Harold joined Ramjas at the crease and they had a long mid wicket conference, Nationals had many meetings themselves.


For the next three overs Nationals did exactly what was needed, they bowled very tight and only 10 runs were added. As the inning prolonged Ramjas was looking stronger as he played some superb cricket strokes, he was dropped at deep backward square when he was on 78. Harold looked very desperate especially when he played defensive, he was great when he played attacking strokes and made contact. With the run rate climbing the batsmen knew they would have to take the attack to the bowlers. This they did in the twenty-seventh over 13 runs come off, in the twenty-eighth over gave up 11 runs.


With Phantom still needing 24 runs from two overs, Nationals still had a chance. But this was not to be Husain bowled the twenty ninth over, Ramjas struck 3 consecutive fours and a single to bring up his century, Harold took the strike and hit a huge six and a four to finish the over. After twenty nine overs the game was tie, Nationals captain set a very close field to start the thirtieth over and Ramjas hit the first ball from Faizul Ulla to the long on boundary for the victory. Faizul Ulla finish with 2 for 69, Ramkarran took 2 for 32 and Howard claimed 1 for 22 off 3 overs.


Ramjas top score for Phantom with 105 not out and Harold was left unbeaten on 33.This was a very exciting game, in a game where over five hundred runs was scored both teams display great sportsmanship and friendship, the umpiring was excellent, umpires Sumra and Massiah did great work. Ramadan greetings to all my Muslim brothers and friends and I will be seeing you at the parks.

The NYSCL 25 Over Division IIA Champions Phantom enjoy a moment with their prizes

Nateram Seepersaud Dominate and Phantom Sparkle in Champagne 

By James Persaud

June 12, 2012


The stage was set and everything was in place for a grand match in the NYSCL 25 Over Championship Division IIA finals. The Phantom’s sponsors were on hand, Ramesh (Rudy) of United Party Rental, Sherry of Cake Design by Sherry and Telnet Business Solutions.


Eddie a native of St. Lucia, one of Phantom strongest supporter wore his lucky shirt (very colorful) and he kept a close watch on the ice, making sure the champagne stayed chilled. He was well assisted by Harold who loss his angel wings and landed in Phantom camp and will be wearing a Phantom uniform in the next competition.


Phantom in their bright blue uniform and Soldier in a bright green, a color that is perfect and matches their name, the only thing missing was the camouflage. As the game progressed into the early afternoon and the Soldiers ran out of ammunition, they would surrender to Phantom for a second place finish. 


Nateram Seepersaud (Chen) was the last Phantom player to arrive at the park, by 4:30pm he was the one having the most fun. Seepersaud a good all rounder, during the qualifying rounds he never produced the runs he was capable of, but it was as if he saved the best for last. He bowled three overs and took two valuable wickets for nine runs and when Phantom found themselves in trouble he batted to the end and scored a superb innings of 54 not out. This was good enough to make him the most valuable player of the game.


Soldier took the crease first with Samaroo and Shiwnath against Javid Salim and Amit Doma. The pitch was placid dry and hard offering an uneven bounce. Salim and Doma started off well as both batsmen find runs very difficult to get. The batsmen settled for the singles and an infrequently double, the fielding was very good and in Doma second over he found the edge of Shiwnath bat and the wicket keeper Deodat Boodhan diving to his right took a good catch. 


The new batsman was Singh, after four overs Salim was replaced with Leonardo Vasquez. Singh looked very attacking, as he looked for the big shot, Vasquez and Doma kept him in check. In the eighth over another bowling change was made with Ryan Ramjas, Ramjas struck early with his second ball he had Singh driving and losing his middle stump. The Soldier skipper Karran was the new batsman and in the ninth over Vasquez had Samaroo bowled for his first wicket.


Coming in at number five was Roopchand Persaud, a tall lanky batsman and a good striker of the ball. The bowling was on top and the batsmen struggled to get their big shots off, everything was going well for Phantom, their fielding which were their weak spot-on this day it clicked at its peak. Karran and Persaud were determine to fix the earlier damage and would stay together for the next six overs, building a partnership of 31 valuable runs.


Even thought Phantom was not giving up the runs they struggled to get the break through and used their fifth and sixth bowlers, Nateram Seepersaud and Sase Narine. The toughness of the batsmen ran out and Phantom got the breakthrough needed with their defense when Karran took his chances against the fielder and a good throw to the keeper found him short of his crease.


With the fall of Karran wicket the Phantom camp gained some energy and became a little louder, and they had plenty to be cheerful of as the next three Soldier’s wickets fell for just two runs added to the total. Seepersaud had Persaud caught for 12 and Ramjas bowled Madramotto for 3 and Billy Ramdin caught without scoring. With a total of 66 for 8, it looked as if the Soldiers were running low on ammunition.


Tirolkhi and R. Ramdin added nine runs for the ninth wicket, before Tirolkhi was caught of Salim for 5. R. Ramdin looked in good touch and was batting well he took boundaries of Ramjas and Seepersaud before losing his partner Khedu who was caught of Salim for the last out and Ramdin was unbeaten on 14 in a total of 93. Ryan Ramjas took 3 for 20, Nateram Seepersaud 2 for 9, Salim Javid 2 for 10, Doma and Sase Narine took one wicket apiece.


Phantom, a team playing together for their third season has gone to the playoffs four times and was never able to get past the first round. A target was set with 93 runs and playing in their first finals-could this be Phantom time? As the large stereo system blared the sound of reggae and chutney music across the lush green grass under blue sky you could hear the tingling of the bubbly glass bottles in the coolers.

The Phantom camp was ready to celebrate, but first they had to get the required runs-this they were determine to do as they were in a New York frame of mind.


While Phantom was putting strategy in place, Soldier had plans of their own. Soldier has very good bowling, and their bowling has took them this far and they were hoping it would just click for one last time. Phantom sticking with their regular openers Nateram Seepersaud and Rudy Narine and Soldier gave the ball to Roopchand Persaud. Persaud was fast and on target, good line and length all Seepersaud could have done was show him the full face of the bat for six dot balls.


The next bowler was Etwaroo, he also had a good start and Narine took a single of the fourth ball and Seepersaud hit the last ball of the over for Phantom first boundary. Both team’s camp was quiet, the tension was high as the female spectators sat and tapped their feet to the sound of the music to relieve pressure. 


Etwaroo struck in his second over when he had Narine driving to cover and was caught for 5; this brought Ryan Ramjas to the crease. The Phantom camp was loud as their supporters put their hands together for Ramjas, but before the fans could take their seats, Ramjas shuffling across to a leg cutter loss his stump for a first ball duck. The fall of the wicket bring the experience and dependable Sase Narine to the crease, once again Sase took the crease in a tough position for Phantom.


In the fifth over from Persaud, Seepersaud who looked solid and very attacking took his chances and hit three boundaries for 12 runs of the over. A bowling change was made with Khedu and Seepersaud took 7 runs of his first over. Sase Narine was batting with plenty of patience and rotating the strike with Seepersaud who by this time was playing some super cricket strokes. 


Seepersaud and Sase Narine stayed together for the next twelve overs and added a partnership of 82 runs. With Phantom still needing two runs for victory there was a mix-up between the batsmen and Sase Narine was run out for 21. The new batsman was Andrew Haniff, in the seventeenth over Seepersaud scored three runs of the second ball to seal the championship for Phantom. Seepersaud was unbeaten on 54 and Haniff did not get off the mark, Etwaroo took 2 wickets for 19 runs. 


It was time to bring out the champagne and that they did the entire Phantom camp of supporters, family members, girlfriends and sponsors took part in the celebrating of Phantom first championship. The Phantom players then took some time off to speak of the efforts it took to get the job done; they shed plenty of praises on their Manager Avie Persaud for his support and believing in them. 


Mr. Avie Persaud thanked them for their patience and support in him and taking his word that there will be success if you keep on trying. The team’s Manager and players said a special thank you and kudos to their sponsors for getting on board and assisting the team’s efforts. They knew that without their help it would not have being this easy.


Special thanks to Rudy of United Party Rental for all the tables, chairs and food. Special thanks to Sherry and Telnet Business Solutions for their assistant in making this day special. Special thanks to all the player’s family members who came out to support the team week after week. 


For All Your Party Rental contact: Rudy @ 917 670 0569, For All Your Weeding and Birthday Cakes contact: Sherry @ 917 482 4576, For Business Solutions contact: 516 747 6767

A happy group of Phantoms celebrate after advancing to championship game

Phantom Advance and Will Take On Soldier For Championship

By James Persaud

June 4, 2012


Phantom will make their first trip to the finals next Sunday when they take on Soldier for the NYSCL division IIA championship. It is said that the Phantom team is made up of some discarded players from another team; well Phantom has done some discarding themselves like in the semi finals when they put an end to Knight Riders.


Phantom played in a higher division last season and made the playoffs a few times and was never able to dominate to the end. Phantom will be in a very good position coming into the finals Sunday, but then again it is said that a Soldier will fight to the end.


In the semi finals versus Knight Riders, a day with plenty of dark clouds hanging over head. The first three overs of the game it looked as if the sky just opened and the Phantom camp was soaked. It turned out not to be rain, but the sweat as the players began to panic. Knight Riders had struck early and the damage was major, the second ball of the game Nateram Seepersaud pulled to deep square leg and Alvin ran hard to his right and took a superb catch.


Ryan Ramjas stepped to the crease and he hooked the fifth ball well over the ropes and well out of the reach of Alvin. In the second over bowled by Hassan, Ramjas hit a towering six over long on, Ramjas first three scoring shots was six, six and four. In Ramdhani second over he removed the other opener Rudy Narine, Narine shuffled across and loss his leg stump without scoring.


After four overs the score was 18 for 2, Ramjas on 16 and two extras. Deodat Boodhan coming at number four stayed around for the next four over’s and added a 30 runs partnership with Ramjas. The outfield was heavy and hitting the ball on the ground was not too useful and productive. Boodhan tried to take Danny Ramdhani over mid wicket and the fielder was waiting and took the catch.


Sase Narine coming at number five once again showed his experience as he and Ramjas took the steam out of the Knight Rider’s fielders. So far Knight Riders had a good game going, but as Narine and Ramjas consolidated and built a partnership; it was clear a few of the fielders became disgruntled. During this time the batsmen took advantage of this and added another valuable 49 runs partnership before Ramjas drove to mid on and was caught for a well played 44.


Phantom reached one hundred in the eighteenth over, Hassan and Alvin were bowling well, and both were able to contain the batsmen and should have had more success with some better catching. Terry Sital joined Narine at the crease and added another 15 runs before Sital was run out.


It was about 3pm and a five minute thunderstorm had just hit the park, but not enough to stop the games. With the fall of Sital wicket Leonardo Vasquez strides to the crease and it was as if an even bigger storm just hit the park again. Vasquez stroked a quick 28 runs, it was from six balls and all boundaries. It was a superlative piece of hitting by Vasquez. He stole the Riders and all was left was the Knight and darkness for the fielders as they looked on.


After Vasquez was out, caught, Javid Salim came to the crease, he and Narine batted to the end of the twenty five overs without any further damage and a total of 161 for 6 wickets. Sase Narine was unbeaten on 43 and Salim on 6. Sase Narine has had a few very good scores, batting in the middle order so far into the competition and the Phantoms are in the right frame of mind going into the finals.


Knight Riders began their quest with Harry Jaggernath and Singh; Phantom trusts the new ball with Javid Salim and Leonardo Vasquez. Salim was the first to strike in the third over when he had Singh playing forward and giving an easy catch to the fielder at mid wicket. The new batsman was the ever aggressive Danny Dhaniram and in Vasquez second over the second ball removed Dhaniram off stump and he was on his way with a duck.


Haridal joined Jaggernath who was looking good and prepared to bat long, after six overs a bowling a double change was made with Amit Doma and Nateram Seepersaud. The bowling was on top as the score board was advancing very slowly at about three and half runs an over. In Seepersaud first over he knocked K. Haridal stump with the score on 21. The pitch was breaking up and became more suited for the slower bowlers; Ramjas was introduced into the attack. The new batsman T. Haridal hit Ramjas first ball for a six, and the first boundary of the Knight’s innings. Ramjas third ball of the same over removed T. Haridal middle stump.


After thirteen overs Knight Riders was in deep trouble half their batsmen back in the pavilion and only fifty two runs on the board. During the break Phantom discussion was about getting the last five wickets quickly. But it looked as if Phantom was not too serious about this since many catching mistakes was made and Knight Riders tried desperately to stay in the competition. As the game progresses it became clear the total was well out of their reach, they needed to get some boundaries.


Harry Jaggernath bat stubbornly and well he hold an end, had a few drop chances-but that is the game. He was the seventh wicket to fall in the nineteenth over and a top score of 49 runs. Ramjas had J. Singh bowled for 8 and M. Singh caught for 3. In Doma last over he had Ramdhani caught for 7, he had a chance to end the Knight’s innings, two catches was dropped.


Vasquez had Ali caught in his fourth over, Alvin and Hassan was left not out on 11 and 7 respectively. Knight Riders was able to bat out their twenty five overs for a total of 107 for 9. Ramjas took 3 for 25, Vasquez 2 for 11, Doma had 2 for 20, Seepersaud and Salim took one wicket each.

Nateram Seepersaud score 25 and grabbed 1 for 35 in win over Flasherz B

Phantom Too Good For Flasherz B

By James Persaud

May 17, 2012


Falsherz B traveled to take on Phantom at home; Flasherz B was undefeated after the fifth round of the NYSCL 25 Over Championship competitions. The Flasherz B team had many things to say about Phantom, like shutting up, or closing them out, this hype was good for the game.


But by 3:35pm on Mother’s Day the only thing that was shutting was Flasherz B scoring book with the umpires signing Flasherz B defeated by Phantom.


When the toss was spun, Phantom skipper called correct and from this point it was clear that Flasherz B was disappointed about losing the toss. Phantom took the field first and Flasherz B sent Mario and Andy to face Javid Salim and Nateram Seepersaud.


Both opening batsman looked prepared to bat long, especially Andy who seems to have no clue what he was facing as both bowlers beat him and he kept on trying to defend his stumps. The first boundary came in the fifth over when Mario pulled a full toss from Seepersaud over the ropes. Two deliveries later Seepersaud struck when he bowled Mario behind his back.


The new batsman was Vickram and Amit Doma was introduced into the attack, Doma immediately struck twice, he removed Vickram and Bai without scoring. The new batsman was Raj Beharilal coming in at number five, Doma was on a hat trick and the fielders were set for the out, and Doma bowled a wide.


Both Andy and Raj two of the more mature players on the team, tried desperately to keep the score board moving, but for some reason Andy refused to run many times. Raj would play the ball called on Andy, in the tenth over Raj played the ball to deep square leg called for a run, he charged down give Andy a five and Andy didn’t move from his crease, Raj was run out.


The new batsman was Rabin Sookraj and together with Andy they saw their team to the break without any further damage and the score was 48 for 4. After the water break Andy and Sookraj tried to be more aggressive and they added another ten runs before Sookraj loses his stump to Vasquez.


From this point it was an easy sailing for Phantom, as the batsmen would come to the crease and leave soon after. As if Andy, by this point had heard the fat lady singing, he became aggressive and struck Seepersaud for a six and a couple of doubles before Vasquez had him caught for 22.


Shameer struck Doma for a double and a six, and then lost his leg stump to the same bowler. Salim returned to the attack and he had Kevin caught for 1 and Andrew went via the same route without scoring. The last pair of Ranjiv Beharilal and Swami put on a little cameo for their supporters as they added 24 valuable runs in the next 3 overs. Ranjiv was the aggressor in this partnership as he struck two boundaries in his knock of 15.


After 20 overs the score was 96, and with the last pair at the crease Phantom had seen enough and a new bowler was brought on, the ball was given to Rudy Narine. Narine had Ranjiv making big swipes and missing at the first 3 deliveries, the fourth ball knocked his stump for the out. The Flasherz B innings came to an end with a score of 96 all out. Bowling for Phantom Amit Doma bagged 3 for 25, Javid Salim 2 for 6, Lenardo Vasquez 2 for 8, Seepersaud and Narine took 1 wicket each.


Phantom sent Rudy Narine and Nateram Seepersaud to the crease, and the plan was to get it over as quick as possible. Seepersaud took charge and was very aggressive as he smacked Vickram around for two boundaries; ten runs came off of the first over.


The next bowler was Bai, Narine pulled a short ball to deep mid wicket and Shameer ran hard to his right and took a magnificent catch for the out. Ryan Ramjas stride to the crease after a two week absent, and he looked good as he reverse swept twice and the runs was coming easy as the Phantom camp went wild.


Seepersaud continues to be aggressive and he looked in fine touch as he kept piling on the runs. Ravin Sookraj was the next bowler, he was able to easy the flow of runs. The other bowlers were not able to stop the batsman, Sookraj struck twice in his second over. He had Seepersaud caught of a miss timed hook and two balls later Vasquez was caught by the keeper for a duck.


Ramjas knew that he had to stay; he batted very well and played some superb straight drives that raced to the boundary. Mario was given the ball next, and Ramjas immediately liked his bowling and took 22 runs of his first over. At the non striker end was Deodat Boodhan, he looked on and when he was given his chance he played two superb extra cover drives that raced to the boundary.


Vickram returned into the attack and after Ramjas knocked him for a boundary and a few doubles, the last ball of the over he had Ramjas caught for a top score of 43. With Phantom still needing another 4 runs for victory, Terry Sital stepped to the crease, Sital looked very uncomfortable and after a few swings with the bat he lost his stump to Vickram without scoring.


And for the second week straight it took the skipper himself to finish the job, Javid Salim joined Boodhan at the crease and they tied the score at the end of the twelfth over. Sookraj bowling the thirteenth over tried to hide the ball and his third delivery was called a wide and Phantom sealed the win. Boodhan finished with 15 not out and Salim had one, Vickram took 2 for 33, Sookraj 2 for 20 and Bai claimed 1 for 11.

Phantom opener Rudy Narine score 60 in defeating Golden Stars B

Rudy And Sase Put Phantom Into Playoffs

By James Persaud

May 10, 2012


One week earlier Phantom loss to Young Warriors because off a very poor bowling performances by their bowlers. Phantom was looking for a rebound as they took on Golden Stars B in the fifth week.


Golden Stars winning the toss and bat, setting Phantom a target of 173 runs. Phantom reaching their target with one over to spare, it was a big win and by no means a very dominating one. Had it not being for some very buttery fingers by the Golden Stars B fielders, Phantom could have find themselves in even deeper trouble.


Rudy Narine and Sase Narine stuck to the task after Phantom loss a few early wickets. Sase Narine used his experience placing the ball into the gaps, while Rudy was looking to be more on the attack.


When Golden Stars B open their innings with Dugalall and Balkissoon, Phantom skipper Javid Salim shared the new ball with Nateram Seepersaud. Salim was the first to strike, he removed Balkissoon leg stump with the score on 16. The new batsman was the young Revin Sookram, Sookram is left handed and he played some superb cricket stroke and batted stubbornly while adding runs to the total.


Seepersaud was bowling well, but with the left and right combination he fined it very difficult to penetrate the batsman. A bowling change was made in the seventh over; Leonardo Vasquez was into the attack. The Phantom bowlers were held off as the next wicket fell in the twelfth over, when Amit Doma removed Dugalall middle stump. The new batsman M. Karran and together with Sookram they took the break with the score on 87 for 2.


When play resumed Doma was given the ball and after 2 runs was added he got Karran to sky one to Boodhan at extra cover and the catch was taken. Seepersaud continue to bowl and completed his spell of 5 overs for 17 runs. Sase Narine was into the attack and immediately was on target, he got Sookram to drive one to Doma at mid on, and the ball went through his hands.


Sase strike in his next over Ramphal was caught for 11, the new man to the crease was Rev Sookram and he give Sase no respect, he took the attack to the bowler and blasted a quick 26 runs including 3 sixes and a four. After Rev Sookram was gone the scoring went into a slow mode, but the running between the wickets was very good as the singles and double was coming steadily.


With the quick running between the wickets taking a toll on the fielders, changes had to be made and this resulted in 2 run outs. Balram was run out for 6 with a direct hit from Terry Sital and Dhanraj (5) went via the same route when Vasquez knocked the stump. After 25 over’s Golden Stars B had taken their total to 172 for 7 wickets.


Phantom opened their innings with Nateram Seepersaud and Rudy Narine, Phantom was looking for quick runs. Both batsman took the challenge to the bowlers as the runs was coming quickly, in the fifth over D. Singh struck for Golden Stars B, he had Seepersaud caught with the total on 47.


To keep the pressure on, Vasquez was moved up the order to number 3, Vasquez knocked the first ball he faced over the ropes and the temperature just went up a few degrees as the Phantom camp became loud. Vasquez innings was short lived, he added 6 more to his total before Ramphal made him sky one to deep long off for the out.


Deodat Boodhan strides to the crease, Boodhan has being in a slump lately and the slump continues as the wicketkeeper took a nice catch and he was on his way with a first ball curry ingredient (duck). This brought the experienced Sase Narine to the crease, Sase looked good early in his innings and as the the innings progressed; it was clearly a Narine’s (Rudy and Sase) show. Both batsmen showed their assurance to seeing Phantom to victory lane. At the end of the thirteenth over the score were 104 for 3.


It looked as if Golden Stars B had a very serious team meeting during the break, when play resumed the bowlers was doing a much better job at restricting the batsman. For the next four overs the batsmen were unable to put the ball away as the run rate kept on climbing.


The two Narine boys stuck to their task while Golden Stars B fielders made a few mistakes and did not get another wicket until the twenty third over. Rudy Narine was caught of Dugalall for a top score of 60 runs. Javid Salim came to the crease and opens his account with a boundary, Sase was looking good and it was time for him to get his half century. The game enter the twenty fourth over with Phantom needing four runs for victory and Sase two runs for fifty.


The Phantom camp became loud again as they were all rooting for Sase, Salim took a single giving the strike to Sase, who was looking a bit tired now. Sase struck the next ball to deep mid wicket and tried to stretch a single into a double and was run out with at least two bat lengths short of his crease. It was a great innings of 49 runs by Sase, a guy who has being around the game for a long time, he used his experience along with Rudy their put Phantom into the playoffs.


With Phantom still needing two runs for victory Andrew Haniff stepped to the crease, the next three balls he was only able to hit wind. The Phantom camp was on edge and shouted at Haniff, Haniff heard them and knocked the last ball of the over to deep square leg and the batsmen cross for 2 runs.

Phantom's Leonardo Vasquez took 4 for 10 to beat Knight Riders

Vasquez The Destroyer, Knight Riders His Victims

By James Persaud

April 18, 2012


In the opening round of the NYSCL 2012 25 Over Championship competition, Phantom and Knight Riders won their games convincingly. Coming into the second round these two teams reach and both were hyping this game to be a very challenging encounter.


It is very early into the season and already teams trying to place themselves for the playoffs, Phantom asked Knight Riders to bat first. Amit Doma opening the bowling was right on target bowling good line and length and one run came of the over.


Leonardo Vasquez an all rounder who was bowling late, either number four or five in the last season has moved up the order and shared the new ball. Vasquez was quick and found the surface to be very friendly offering him quite some swing. His fourth ball had K. Hardial driving straight into the hands of Boodhan at extra cover; the score was 5 for 1.


Doma next over was a maiden and Vasquez struck again in the third over removing Harry Jaggernauth off stump with the first ball, he strikes again in the over. The last ball had Ali driving hard to Sase Narine at mid off, he jumped high and the ball deflected of his hand and a very vigilant Javid Salem at mid on diving to his left took a superb catch.


Doma was bowling well and without any success to this point, in the fourth over, his second ball found the edge and the wicketkeeper did the rest, Singh was gone for 1. The Phantom skipper Javid Salem kept the pressure on and let his opening bowlers bowled their full quota of overs. After ten over the score were 30 runs for the loss of eight wickets.


Vasquez struck again in his third over had T. Hardial caught without scoring and Doma had Danny Dhaniram caught in the deep for a well played top score of 13. Danny was the only batsman who batted with confidence and strikes the ball well. The first boundary of the game came in the ninth over, a cover drive of the bat of Joseph Jerrick. Jerrick occupy the crease for a while, this did not hinder the Phantom fielders since he was more determined in stopping the ball defending his wicket than scoring runs.


J. Singh was run out when both batsmen end up at the same end trying for a double. A bowling change was made in the eleventh over and for the next three overs 11 runs was added without any further damage. Javid Salem was bowling very quick and too much down the leg side and was called for wide a few times. Ryan Ramjas bowled one over for one run.


At the water break Phantom had a plan in place, to stop Knight Rider from reaching the half century mark. When play resumed the Skipper Salem took the ball himself, Knight Riders, M. Singh had a plan also he lifted Salem first ball over deep mid wicket for a boundary. As if Salem had seen enough his next ball removed Singh middle stump, the new batsman was M. Hassan and he flashed at the next three balls and the fourth and last ball of the over removed his off stump.


The Knight Riders inning came to an end in the fourteenth over and a total score of 46. Vasquez was the destroyer with figures of 4 for 10, Amit Doma took 2 for 14 and Javid Salem claimed 3 for 12.


Knight Riders took the field and Phantom had a plan to end to game in ten overs or less. They send Rudy Narine and Ryan Ramjas to face M. Singh and M. Hassan. Narine was placing the ball and picking up the single and doubles, while Ramjas was looking to taking the ball over the top.


Ramjas was successful a few times before a big running mix up between the batsmen and Ramjas was run out for 8. The new batsman was Natram Seepersaud and together with Narine they moved the scoring along with singles and double and an occasional boundary.


Knight Riders tried desperately to stay in the game, but the required score was too small to defend. They used five bowlers in trying to stop the Phantom’s; their only successful bowler was Seehadray who took the wicket of Seepersaud.


After Seepersaud was out he was replaced with Deodat Boodhan, Boodhan batted well and sometimes it seem as though he is trying to hitting the ball too hard instead of placing the ball. He is a class batsman, especially his cover and extra cover drives. Boodhan end the game with a beautiful cover drive that raced into the boundary and Phantom reached the required runs in nine overs. Narine was left on 21 not out and Boodhan had 8 not out.

Leonard Vasquez (left) score 31 not out and Harold blast 56 not out and took 3 for 18

Harold Upset Sunrise With 56 not out

By James Persaud

May 4, 2011


A few drop catches and a sixth wicket partnership of 91 runs between Harold and Leonard Vasquez was all that was needed for Phantom to defeat Sunrise. Phantom a breakaway team from Sunrise and when these two teams play each other, there is always excitement in the air as the players adrenaline would be at its highest level.


The last encounter between these two teams, Sunrise made it looked easy as they crushed Phantom to eliminate them from the playoffs. As the two umpires made their way to the middle the large crowd on hand took their seats and when Phantom opening batsmen Massod Salim and Terry Sital stepped onto the field the crowd roars with excitements.


Kalif Salim took the ball for Sunrise and Sital got a single off the fourth ball, the only run of the over.  K. Samaroo was superb and on target, bowling a maiden in his first over, Masood knock the first ball from his brother Kalif second over, over the fence.  Kalif and Samaroo bowled well but without any luck and after the sixth over a bowling change was made with the score on 25.


Ricky Dennu was introduced into the attack; in the last encounter he did the damage, this time the Phantom batsmen were more prepared for him. Ricky a bowler, who swings the ball both ways, had little luck as the batsmen were prepared to play out his overs and this frustrated him. The fourth bowler Shane Manbodh, a slower bowler who depend more on his spin, struck in his first over, Sital went for a big heave and the ball took the top edge and he was caught by the wicketkeeper for 13.


The new batsman Deodat Boodhan, never looked comfortable at the crease, tries to drive Ricky over the top and was only able to reach Kalif running to his right at deep long off and Boodhan departs for 1 run. Masood was trying to keep the pressure on and took the attack to the bowlers with his aggressive style, he was able to put away Shane a few times but in the end Shane had him trapped and he was out caught for 33 with the score on 54.

The fall of two quick wickets bring some excitement to the Sunrise fielders. This excitement was short lived, while the four bowlers used so far was able to restrict the batsmen, bad rotating of the bowlers by the Sunrise captain helped the batting side. The fifth bowler was brought on in the eighteenth over, Derek Basdeo took the ball and his slow spin was not enough to get the job done.


Sasenarine was caught of Shane for 5 and this brings the pair of Harold and Vasquez together. Vasquez a good striker of the ball, on this day he was out done by Harold. Harold a small person in size, all he needed was a little bit of luck (like the lottery man) he took the challenge to the bowlers mainly Kalif and Basdeo. Kalif bowled a very bad second spell and finish his spell for 43 runs and no wicket and Basdeo gave away 35 runs.

Shane was the pick of the bowlers for Sunrise, he finish his spell with 4 wickets for 30 runs, his figures could have been better if not for some fielders with very buttery fingers. Both Harold and Vasquez took advantage of their chances and made good, scoring 56 and 31 runs not out each respectively. 


When Sunrise took the crease they knew that a target of 167 was within their reach, they have a solid batting line up. Dyal and Seeram, the Sunrise opening batsmen never gave the scorer a chance to take their seats, Javid Salim fourth ball had Seeram caught for a duck. The new batsman Kalif Salim, a good jovial sportsman who plays his game hard, tried desperately to deny the bowlers any further success.

Dyal and Kalif looked good and settled for the next six overs, Harold was brought into the attack and he struck in his first over, he removed Dyal off stump and he was gone for 15 with the score on 32. Vasquez was the fourth bowler used and with his first ball, Harris was caught for 6. This brought the Sunrise captain Derek Basdeo to the crease, four runs later Boodhan removed Basdeo middle stump and he was gone for 3. Shane came to the crease and played some big heaves and missed and when he made contact the ball went straight into the fielder hands and he was on his way with a duck.


At the water break Phantom was in full control with seven wickets gone for 52 runs. When play resumed whatever was in the water definitely had an effect on the fielders as they looked very sloppy in the field as a few catches was floored, it was as though they shook the hands of the Sunrise players a little too early.

An eight wicket partnership between Samaroo and Ricky added 36 valuable runs, until Ricky was caught of Sase for 7. Ramesh came to the crease and three balls later Sase remove his stumps for another duck. By this time it was clear and if you try hard, you could have heard the fat lady fine tuning her song.


But Sunrise was not going to go out easy as they fought for the next fours overs and added 19 runs for the last wicket, with Samaroo getting 20 and young Alex unbeaten on 4 and of 107 all out. Harold took 3 for 18, Sase 2- 14, J. Salim, D. Boodhan, L. Vasquez, L. Khemraj and A. Doma took a wicket each.


It was a wonderful game between two good teams and a bunch of great guys. These two teams will reach again in a game being play over the Memorial weekend, in honor of the late Sunrise Manager Mr. Hargobin Singh.

Phantom all rounder Deodat Boodhan score 75 runs and grabbed 4 for 28 to defeat Country Boys

A Revamped Phantom Cruise To Victory

By James Persaud

April 14, 2011


As dazzling as the spring sunshine on a glorious Sunday afternoon, the players took the field to begin the start of a new softball cricket season. The player’s morals are high, old teams returning and even the new teams all have one desire in mind to start the season with a victory. It was also good for the players as they gather together after the game and sip cold beverages and talk cricket.


Well opening day once again lived up to expectation as they were many exciting games played at the many softball venues. In Queens the new looked Phantom took on a Country Boys team that looked as if all their players from last season return.


When the toss was spun, the Phantom Captain Sasenarine called correct and asked Country Boys to bat first. The Country Boys batsman made the Phantom fielders toil in the field as the bowlers, bowled well but got little help from the fielders who looked as if they were still getting over the winter chill. G. Leacock and I. Scipio were striking the ball and ran between the wickets very well, turning single s into doubles.


The Phantom skipper Sasenarine used six bowlers before he was able to get the breakthrough in the thirteenth over. Javid Salim and Leonard Vasquez open the bowling and bowled very well restricting the batsman from finding the boundary. After the fourth over a double bowling change was made with Masood Salim and Sasenarine. Sasenarine prove to be too costly and he was replaced with Amit Doma who didn’t fair too well himself.


With one over remaining before the water, Deodat Boodhan was introduced into the attack and his second delivery removed Leacock middle stump.  Leacock was gone for a well played 32 runs in an opening partnership of 74 runs. The new batsman was G. Dowd who swung at the first ball and connects for a triple and the players took a break with the score on 79 for 1.


When play resume Doma continue to bowl and he was knocked around for eleven runs, mainly by Dowd. In the next over Boodhan struck again, as both batsmen Scipio and Dowd went after the bowling, Dowd was caught at cover for a quick 11 runs.


At this point of the game it looked as if Country Boys was looking at a total well into or close to two hundred. Sasenarine return into the attack and he along with Boodhan bowled well in putting a check on the easy scoring. Boodhan had Tony Fernadez caught for 11 and Andrew Jerrick was bowled for a season opening duck. When Boodhan spell was over Javid Salim and Vasquez return and bowled splendid while holding the batsmen in check. Javid Salim picked up the wickets of Ivor Chan for 9 and Aubrey Towler for 4, both was bowled.


At the end of the allotted overs Country Boys reached 171 for 6, I Scipio who batted well was left not out on 75, including 4 fours and he bat through all 25 overs. Boodhan finish with 4 for 28 and Javid Salim 2 for 17.

Phantom open their inning with Terry Sital and Masood Salim, Sital was batting solid while Salim took the attack to the bowlers. He was somewhat successful as he struck the ball around for a fiery 15 including 2 fours and a six before losing his off stump to Giddings off a long hop.


Boodhan joined Sital, Boodhan was having a fine opening day as he continue to display his cricketing skill with the bat, and he played some fine cricket stroke. He loses his partner Sital in the eight over, when Sital played over a delivery from Chan and the stump was knocked back. Sasenarine came to the crease and looked in fine form played a few fine strokes. He drove Giddings to cover point for a boundary, and the fielder moved over a little to his right, the next ball Sase played the same shot, just to find the save hand of the fielder and he was gone for 12.


Andrew Haniff joins Boodhan at the crease and the two put on a partnership of 25 valuable runs at a time when Country Boys looked as if they were getting it right. Boodhan tries to pick up the run rate and loss his stump to Moore for a well played 75 runs, including five fours and two sixes. It was a fine innings by Boodhan who ran well between the wickets with Terry, together they ran seven triples.


The new batsman to the crease was Tyrone Singh and together with Haniff, they knew that Phantom was ahead in the run rate and they settle for the singles and doubles in making sure that Phantom reached their target. With four runs still needed Haniff was caught of Giddings for 12, Vasquez came to the crease and the crowd roars as they were expecting fireworks.  But Vasquez swung a few times and missed and it was soon over with four singles and three overs to spare. Gidding finish with 2 for 39, Chan, Chance and Moore took one wicket each.

Phantom, Avie Persaud left (20 n/o) and Leonard Vasquez (26 n/o) in big win over Country Boys

Ryan and Avie 72 runs partnership Down Country Boys

By James Persaud

August 4, 2010

It was a game that could decide the final standing in the division for the playoffs in the 2010 NYSCL 30 over Cup competition sponsored by H & N Insurance Agency Inc. Both teams were playing undefeated coming into the fifth round of the qualifying rounds of the competition.

Country Boys playing at home may have felt that they had an edge, but this was not the case when the final result was in last Sunday afternoon.

Country Boys won the toss of the coin and took the batting crease first, their  openers did not have any chance to settle as Dave Singh and Stanley Lloyd was right on target from the get go. The first batsman to go was Tony Fernandez who was bowled by Singh for 7, in the next over Lloyd remove Scipio stump for 7.

Singh continues to dominate by removing Dowd and Aubrey Towler both without scoring and after the sixth over a bowling change was made with Leonard Vasquez and Ryan Ramjas.

The Country Boys skipper Andrew Jerrick who was batting well, along with Leacock tries to pull their innings together. Jerrick was finding the gaps and was able to score singles and double, a few fielding changes had to be made and Vasquez was sent to the deep square leg.

With a strong throwing arm Vasquez was able to find Jerrick well short of his crease and he was run out for a top score of 26. Javid Salim was called into action and was not finding his line and length and bowled to short, he was replaced by Amit Doma who bowled without any luck.

 Ramjas bowled Leacock for a fighting 16 and the teams break for water with the score on 61 for 6.

When play resume Giddings and Seymore continues to bat stubbornly, especially Seymore who played some very good defensive stroke. Giddings was bowled by Ramjas for 4 and Ivor Chan join Seymore and the two change strategy by trying to speed up the running between the wickets and it work for a while before Seymore played a very loose shot and he was caught of Vasquez for 13.

Green came to the crease to join Chan and they were able to bat to the end of the thirty over for a score of 122 for 8, Chan was on 19 and Green on 1 both not out. Dave Singh bowled his spell for 3 wickets for 16 runs, Ryan Ramjas took 2 for 24, Lloyd and Vasquez each took 1 wicket.

When Phantom took the crease they found the going very difficult and loss 3 quick wickets, that of Terry Sital and Andrew Haniff without scoring. Two overs later Gerald Lloyd was caught of Giddings for 1, at this point Phantom was in a lot of trouble.

Avie Persaud joins Ryan Ramjas at the crease and the two began to repair the damage. Ramjas was batting solid and took no chance as he settle for the singles, his partner Avie followed his style and by the water break Phantom still needing another 55 runs without any further damage.

In the last quarter when Country Boys took the field they changed their plans and their bowlers bowled just short of a length as if to get the batsman to take his chance and gave a catch. This did not work as both batsman stuck to their approach knowing that they had plenty of overs to get the require runs.

Ramjas reached his half century and in the next over he tries to reserve sweep Chance and gave a simple catch to Seymore at cover point. Leonard Vasquez came to the crease knowing if anyone can clear the huge boundary it is he who can and he went about his business with that approach.

He struck the ball with power and as the ball raced to the boundary he got plenty of support from his teammates and all the other supporters. It was a typical Vasquez innings, playing every ball by its merit and putting away the bad ball.

Avie was the quite one as he played one innings that was laced with fine stroke and some very defensive plays whereby making sure that Phantom get the job done and keeping their undefeated record in place.  Vasquez was left not out on 26 and Avie on 20 not out as Phantom reach their target with 8 overs to spare. Giddings picked up 2 for 10, Chan 1 for 24 and Chance 1 for 4.

Phantom Keep Winning Streak Alive

By James Persaud

July 22, 2010

Phantom won their first two games of the 30 Over Cup competitions in quite comfortable style. The phantom bowling and fielding was superb in the first two games, Phantom batsman was putting up score of one hundred and fifty or sixty’s and the bowling was able to defend this score.

Taking on Ranchers in the third game was not as easy, as if the Phantom team has become too over confident there were too many mistakes made especially in the fielding and catching departments. There were too many mistakes made and Ranchers build up a score of 145 all out batting first.

Paul Pharise scored 32 and S. Singh top score with 33, L. Pharise 12 and S. Shreekisen 10 were the main scores and responsible for the Ranchers total.

Dave Singh and Stanley Lloyd were superb with the ball but got no support from the fielders and the same could be said for the other bowlers especially Ryan Ramjas who bowled a nice spell of spin bowling and took 1 for 24 in six overs. Dave Singh grabbed 2 for 18, Stanley Lloyd 1 for 28, Javid Salem 1 for 19 and Sasnarine 1 for 5 in 2 overs.

When Phantom took the crease they immediately find themselves in trouble losing 3 quick wickets, Ramjas without scoring, Andrew Haniff for 2 and Terry Sital for 12. The Phantom Skipper Sasenarine took the responsibility upon himself and batted very carefully taking no chance or making any mistakes.

He got some help from Sunil Singh who, came to the crease and made some big swings with the bat, he was able to connect a few times and the ball raced to the boundary at least 2 times.

Just when he looked set for a big score he went to retrieve his hat which fell of his head while  running a double, the wicketkeeper took the bails off and appeal and the umpire raised his hand signaling that he was out, run out. Gerald Lloyd was caught by the wicketkeeper for 8 and Dave Singh was bowled by Mohabir for 11.

Javid Salem came to the crease to join his skipper and played one of his more responsible innings as he bat every ball by its merit, the skipper kept a close watch on him making sure that he did not take any careless chance. The pair was able to steer the Phantom innings to a more steady position after 15 overs.

M. Singh, S. Shreekisen and D. Mohabir the top 3 bowlers for Ranchers was doing a fine job for their team restricting the batsman. When play resume after the water break M. Singh continues to bowl his last 3 overs for 8 runs, while S. Shreekisen find himself in some trouble from the batsman.

After Salem 12  was run out, Leonard Vasquez 5 not out along with Sasenarine 64 not out  make sure that Phantom reach their total with 7 wickets down and 3 overs to spare. D. Mohabir was the most successful bowler with 3 for 16.


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