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Ritesh Bridgelall

Ritesh Bridgelall heroics beat Canje and Seal Team march into Semi-Finals

By Baker Jack

August 12, 2018


Playing in 98 degrees isn't always fun but when you love the game, it's more than fun to just play. Seal Team playing Canje for the first time in the quarterfinals of the Lionel Bedessee Memorial 25 overs competition at 150 Rockaway was the place to be. Seal Team skipper Ritesh Bridgelall, for the 6th consecutive time, won the toss elected to field first, Canje who was packed with some experience players was the favorite.

Canje got off to a flyer in their first half of 13 overs scoring 89 runs for just 1 wicket which Ramesh Persaud accounted for. Canje T. Senanan who made 66 was the aggressor hurting seal team bowlers. He was eventually bowled by N. Ramtahal and Seal Team started to put the brakes on. The experience Randolph Baker and Troy Kippins tried to take the score as close to 200 as possible but failed as Seal Team bowlers mainly R. Bridgelall, N. Ramtahal, E. Sookhoo, R. Persaud and R. Gopaul bowled miserly to restrict Canje to 176, a score which many thoughts were too much for the inexperienced Seal Team.

Seal team had to score at just over a run a ball was given a solid start by the inform Ernesto Sookhoo and A. Gopaul. They battled with determination and grit by rotating the strike regularly which eventually get to the Canje fielders as they had no answer for the swift running and precision of which the seal team openers find the gaps. A. Gopaul was eventually run out for a brilliant 35 when he was trying to turn a single into a double. This brings Seal Ream skipper to the crease in the 11th over with the score on 71-1.

He blasted the first ball over midwicket for 4 with his trademark slog sweep and kept rotating the strike with Ernesto Sookhoo until the 13 overs were bowled leaving the score at 86 for 1. After the 13 overs break, Canje bowlers started to bowl smart, the wicket had already started to crumble and scoring vividly became harder to come. The pressure gets to Ernesto as he skied a catch to long on and hold out for a brilliant 56 leaving the remaining target 59 from 36 balls. R. Gopaul joins his skipper but could only last 3 balls before he was bowled for 0, S. Singh was the next as he also perishes for 0 lasting 4 balls which brings Imran Wahab to the crease.

Bridgelall who was trying his everything at the other end including reverse sweep, conventional sweep, slog sweep but could only tool the scoring down to 35 off 18 balls as Imran Wahab was run out for 1 leaving his skipper in a deeper hole Ritesh didn’t lose focus however as M. Sugrim join him in the middle as Ritesh kept milking the 2s to keep the strike and picking up the odd boundary  as M. Sugrim was run out trying to keep his skipper on strike for 0 to take the deficit to 15 off one over. Troy Kippins then took the last over to bowl with Ritesh on strike, the Canje team had numerous supporters who all were chanting its game over for seal team as Troy Kippins was an experience campaigner bowling with a huge boundary at 150 Rockaway.

First ball bowl was a dot ball as Ritesh instinctively went for the slog sweep and missed, 15 off 5. The next ball, Ritesh walk down the wicket and Troy bowled it wide 14 off 5 

The next ball Troy tried to consolidate and bowled it straight which went crashing into the boundary from another slog sweep 10 off 4 and Troy deliver a dot ball 10 off 3 as Ritesh walks down the track and hits it over long on for 6 (six). Now with 4 runs off 2 balls, Ritesh guided one pass the keeper and ran 3 plus another 1 from overthrow.


Seal Team members ran into the field as they had just witnessed one of the best games they could have asked for. Ritesh eventually left on an unbeaten half-century and he took his team to Semi-Finals against Williamsburg next Sunday 

Seal team would like to thank their sponsors mainly Mark Chanderpaul (Go Solar NY) and Vikash (Ena's construction) for their continuous valuable contributions 

We would also like to thank the management mainly Vickey Ramsamooj for everything he's doing for seal team. Thank you, guys.

Ritesh Bridgelall and Ernesto Sookhoo brilliance tame the Bronx Lions

By Baker Jack

August 2, 2018


On a humid day, Seal team XI skipper Ritesh Bridglall once again won the toss and invited Bronx lions to bat. Seal team season bowlers R. Persaud (Vish) and E. Sookhoo open the bowling and straight away get the breakthrough with R. Persaud getting a wicket the first over and another in his second with Ernesto Sookhoo getting 2 wickets in his first leaving the Lions reeling at 4 for 3 off 3 overs.


Bronx Lions skipper Bryan Singh tries and consolidate but kept losing partners at the other end taking the score to 96 of 13. Seal team skipper Ritesh Bridgelall then took the ball and rip through the Bronx Lions remaining batsmen ending with figure 4 for 14 off 4 over. Bronx Lions was eventually bundled out 126 Ernesto Sookhoo took 2 for 33, R. Ramtahal 3 for 24 And R. Persaud 2 for 34.


Bronx Lions had the perfect start when they took the field taking a wicket off the first ball to remove the technically correct Steve Sookhoo. Seal team skipper once again enters the crease with his team in early trouble and began his work along with the inform Ernesto Sookhoo.


The two would rotate the strike regularly and pick up the odd boundary, Sookhoo who pick the gaps with surgical precision batted around his skipper who regularly dismantles the bowlers. Ritesh having score lots of runs against Bronx lions in previous games was the wicket to get and they did just that when he holds out to cover on 26 when he drives one in the air.


Ernesto Sookhoo was joined by the classy Imran Wahab who looked solid with a blister cover drive off the second ball he faces that scorch the boundary but was eventually caught off a stunner from the Bronx Lions skipper. This brings one of the best all-rounders around in present to the crease in Ravin Gopaul who would join Ernesto and knock out the remaining runs in no time. Ernesto Sookhoo who is in some serious form with both bat and ball remained on an unbeaten half-century 50 not out and Gopaul on 12 not out.


Seal Team XI would like to thank their manager Vicky Ramsamooj and Joe Chanderpaul for a well organize competition so far and to their sponsors, Mark Chanderpaul Go Solar Green NY and Sunil (Dickman) Ena’s Constructions. 

Seal Team Captain Ritesh bridgelall pose after a good day performance

Ritesh Bridgelall demolished One Love bowlers with a century then took 4 for 11

By Baker Jack

July 24, 2018

It was a cloudy day at Flushing Park last Sunday when Seal Team XI captain Ritesh Bridgelall won the toss and choose to bat first against One Love in the NYSCL 2018 25 Over Lionel Bedessee Memorial Cup preliminary rounds match.

Seal team pugnacious left-handers Dejoe Ramsamooj and inform Ernesto Sookhoo took to the crease and give Seal Team a cautious start with Dejoe being caught for 4 in the fifth over leaving the score on 11 for 1.

Seal Team skipper Ritesh Bridgelall came to the crease and immediately going about his innings in his usual way with some blistering cover drives and his trademark slog sweeps. Ernesto who made 2 consecutive half centuries prior to this game was caught for 5 leaving the score at 30-2 as the classy Yassin Rahim joins Ritesh in the crease. The 2 would take the score to 60 for 3 in 10 overs before Yassin was bowled by Rakesh Ramroop for 25.

Bridgelall was joined by the experience Imran Wahab who compliment Bridgelall destructiveness with finesse by keep rotating the strike to half time leaving the score at 97-3 in 13 overs. After halftime, Bridgelall continues his assault, giving no bowlers a break by hitting 14 maximums and 8 boundaries to bring up a magnificent 100.

He was eventually bowled in the 20th over for 133 off 42 balls leaving the score at 188 for 4 with 5 overs to go. The evergreen Steve Sookhoo joins Wahab and the 2 quickly took the score to 200 before Wahab was brilliantly caught for 26 and Steve Sookhoo was bowled for 25. In the final over, Rakesh Ramroop took a hattrick to take his tally to 5 for 23 off 5 overs. Seal Team made 234 for 8 in their allotted 25 overs.

When One Love took the crease, they were given a good start by the top 4 batsmen leaving them at 122 for 3 in 12 overs (halftime). Bridgelall realizes the good start and brought himself on and right away got the breakthrough. One love was eventually bowled out for 183 in 23 overs with the pick of the bowlers being Ritesh Bridgelall who bags 4 for 11 off 5 overs, Shyam Singh 2 for 60 off 5, Ernesto Sookhoo 2 for 30 off 4, Narendra Ramtahal 1 for 20 off 5 and Imran Wahab 1 for 14 off 1.



Ritesh Bridgelall after another good day at the crease

Ritesh Bridgelall having MVP 2017 Season

By Gurcharran Basso

June 22, 2017 


Ritesh Bridgelall is an extremely modest humble, subtle and sublime individual but a very good softball cricketer, filled with a lot of courage, patience, talent, and exuberance and is loved by all.  Ritesh Bridgelall is a young free-spirited man of immense cricket ability. He is a good all- rounder he can bat, bowl, keep wicket and a very good captain.

He has been blessed and has been embellished with feats of courage, lots of cricket talent, quickness in the outfield and be very amiable, cohesive and totally cooperative to all those who surround him. He endeavors to adhere always to the rules and principles set out to him. He is a truly class act and a good role model.

In the sports of cricket, Ritesh Bridgelall knows more theoretically than the practical aspect of this beautiful game called cricket. But through his love and dedication and the great encouragement from Seal Team management and cricket staff who always bestow and encourage him to get involved in as many practice matches and warm-up cricket games which they always encourage to help players develop their respective cricket skills. Because of the encouragement by the Seal XI cricket team to him, he has developed tremendously and had a stupendous domestic practice season prior to the current softball competition

He put in a ballistic batting performance during the 20/20 softball competition. In just six matches he scored 310 runs at an average of 62 runs per innings. He also tools 6 outs and took 6 wickets. So far in this competition, he has scored the most runs and has the highest score of 128 not out. His six innings read as follows 12,26,128 not out, 57,52 and 34 totals of 310 runs.

With all the facts and statistics about Ritesh Bridgelall is a touted to the number one candidate for the MVP awards. With a few years of experience strategic acuity and a super cool disposition make him an invaluable asset to the newly formed Seal Team XI cricket team. Fast emerging as a highly reliable allrounder in the limited overs format has shown the heart and gumption to finish matches with the bat. Now that he has been rewarded for his spectacular performance, it is incumbent upon him to replicate his form in the all upcoming competition and future games.

He is a key component in the Seal Team XI cricket team. Ritesh Bridgelall has a big responsibility on his shoulders. Effective with both bat and ball his all-round performance is crucial for his team chances in the future. Management, staff senior players like Ramesh (Famo) Ramsamooj, Steve and Romel Sookhoo, Joe, Sham, the manager of the Seal Team cricket team Seeram (Vickey) Ramsamooj would like to thank Ritesh Bridgelall for being a member of this team and wish him all the best for the future competitions. To achieve so much in such a brief time is a quite amazing and totally astonishing and this argues well for him and his team in the immediate future. All the best to Ritesh Bridgelall.

SEAL TEAM XI Demoralized the Strong Buccaneers Team

By: Gurcharran Basso

April 12, 2017


On a beautiful day at the 150 and Rockaway Park cricket ground commenced the first cricket match in the NYSCL tournament of 2017. It was played between the newly formed SEAL TEAM XI and the Buccaneers cricket club. The toss was won by Buccaneers and they elected to field first. SEAL TEAM XI got off to a blistering start with opening batsman R. Gopaul and Steve Sookhoo. The score was 35 before Steve Sookhoo was caught for a well-played 19.

Next batsman in was R. Bridgelall along with R. Gopaul batted aggressively. Buccaneers then got the wicket of R. Gopaul for 25 that included 1 six and 2 fours. In comes Ernesto Sookhoo (Romel) at number 4 who displayed a classic cricket clinic as he plundered and destroyed all the bowlers from the strong Buccaneers team as he blasted a hurricane 95 punctuated with 5 massive sizes and 5 elegant fours.

What an innings to be hold. This was an inning consisting of an array of breathtaking cover drives piercing the smallest of gaps with authoritative and surgical precision. Other good batting contributions came from some of the young guns R. Bridgelall 13, M. Sugrim 14 and Safraz 24 not out. SEAL TEAM XI made 206 for 7 in their allotted 20 overs.

Buccaneers were bundled out for 110. SEAL TEAM XI bowled and field brilliantly throughout the match. R. Bridgelall executed two magnificent runouts. The pick of the bowlers was S. Mustafa, Andy Naraine, and R. Gopaul. Before the game commences the manager of SEAL TEAM XI Mr. Vicky Ramsamooj explained the game plan which of course at the conclusion was 100 percent executed with total precision by captain Andrew and members of the team. SEAL TEAM XI won by a big margin.

We would like to thank the senior players for their creative innovation and formation of the SEAL TEAM XI. Mr. Vicky Ramsamooj, Ramesh Ramsamooj, Sham Singh, Dr. Jack and Joe Chanderpaul. The members of the SEAL TEAM XI would like to pay our obedience and salutation to our sponsor Mr. Mark of GO SOLAR GREEN NY.


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