Ryan Lowtan strikes another boundary in his knock of 71 not out

Ryan Lowtan Bat To The End To Secure Triumph Second Win

By James Persaud

April 19, 2017


The young Ryan Lowtan bat to the end for an unbeaten 71 to keep Triumph undefeated and gave Sunrise their first loss of the season. In the first week, Lowtan showed great fortitude in scoring 21 runs against Ranchers. In the second week batting at number three, he defied the Sunrise bowlers and stayed at the crease for 19 overs and an unbeaten 71 runs. As if this was the game of the youths, Alix Husain another youngster batting for Sunrise at number two almost undone the effort of Lowtan.  


In the first game Triumph bat, first and scored over two hundred runs, hoping for the same result with great spring weather condition on Easter Sunday for cricket and batting. Ricardo Lumelino and Vishnu Ramnauth took the crease, Lumelino looked very uncomfortable against Krishna Kemraj. The fourth ball of the innings Kemraj beat a very defensive Lumelino and he was gone without scoring. Ryan Lowtan joins Ramnauth and together they both batted well, Ramnauth showed aggression while Lowtan was more prepared and looked for the loose balls.


After a bowling change was made with Harold Deokinanan, his fourth delivery had Ramnauth driving too early and was caught for 24. The first game hero Mahendra Seeram coming at number four was hoping for a repeat, this was not to happen. Stanley Lloyd first ball beat a big swing from Seeram and he loses his stump in the process for 3 runs. Dave Jagnarine was next man in and after facing three balls from Lloyd he stroked one four, before losing his stumps.


Triumph was not well placed and needed the run rate higher and someone to play a huge inning. Well, they not only got one batsman but two in Lowtan and Nevil Jagnarine. Nevil Jagnarine the Triumph captain started well in the first game and gave up his wicket cheaply, but this time he took the challenge to the bowlers and the score raced to 100 in twelve overs. Nevil Jagnarine stroked both Kemraj and Lloyd for towering boundaries in reaching a valuable score of 32 before he was caught of Alix Hussain.


Alix Husain also bowled Boodram Deopaul for 5, the hard-hitting Frank Paul was next and made no mistake against Alix Husain hitting three consecutive boundaries. In the next over Paul, challenged Robindra Singh and he was bowled for 13. While wickets kept falling Lowtan watched from the other end if he had any chance of a century, he needed the strike but this was not to happen. Harold Deokinanan in his last over beats and bowled the big swinging Balram Singh for 7.


Triumph reached 198 after 19 overs and their camp was calling for 200. With one over remaining Mahabeer Parsam hit the first ball he faced to the midwicket boundary. Pasram scored 6 and Ryan Lowtan 71 (7x4) both unbeaten. Harold Deokinanan, Stanley Lloyd, and Alix Husain all claimed two wickets each, Krishna Kemraj and Robindra Singh pick up one apiece.


Alix Husain opened the Sunrise innings with his father Wahab Husain, and when the score was on eleven Wahab was run out for 3 runs. Alix continued to bat very aggressively and showed very good batting skills, he was caught by the wicketkeeper Vishnu Ramnauth of Dave Jagnarine for a well-played 67 including (5x4) and (3x6). Earlier in the innings, Sunrise gave Triumph some scare, Sunrise reached 91 in ten overs and still needing 112 runs in the last 10 overs. With Robindra Singh and Alix running well between the wickets and finding the boundaries quite often Triumph needed to get wickets. But after Robindra Singh was run out for 13, Antonio Dallai Sunrise captain came in and played very defensive and could not keep up the run rate and was soon out caught of Ricardo Lumelino for 2.


The dangerous Harold Deokinanan together with Alix would add a quick 33 runs partnership. After Harold was bowled by Mahendra Seeram for 13 with two boundaries. Wickets kept falling around Alix, Alix continued to bat aggressive but it was clear that the run rate was getting too high as the overs kept slipping away. Alix was out in the 16th over and the remaining batsman did not offer any real resistance to the bowlers. Alix bat well, he tried to single-handed carry Sunrise to victory.


Thomas Persaud was bowled by Dave Jagnarine without scoring, Boodram Deopaul picked up two quick wickets, Stanley Lloyd was caught for 8 and Krishna Kemraj was bowled for 1. With the fall of Alix wicket Sunrise still needed 60 runs from 4 overs. Selwyn Cheong stayed with Prataab Seecharan but both batsmen were unable to put the bowlers away. Ricardo Lumelino returns and beat Cheong with pace and he was out for 1, the last pair of Prataab Seecharan and Khemraj Somaru had a plan to just occupy the crease and bat the allotted overs.  Seecharan and Khemraj Somaru both ends with 1 not out and Sunrise end the game losing by 30 runs. Boodram Deopaul, Dave Jagnarine, and Ricardo Lumelino took two wickets each and Mahendra Seeram claimed one.

Mahendra Seeram (left) and Dave Jagnarine leave the field after an unbeaten 147 runs partnership

Seeram hot bat and Jagnarine accurate pace shut down Ranchers

By James Persaud

April 10, 2017


Yesterday just as Sergio Garcia was putting to win his first golf Masters. Triumph was trying very hard to take Ranchers last wicket for victory. Last season Ranchers played in a lower division and made the playoffs two times. This gave them some confidence and this season they feel that it was time to move to a higher division, while Triumph made some changes to their roster.


The Triumph skipper called the toss correct and asked Ranchers to field first. In the first five overs, Ranchers bowlers did very well on a dry flat surface. Ricardo Lumelino was bowled by Sammy for 8 and Nevil Jagnarine who looked in fine form, after scoring a quick 19 was bowled by Somar. The score then was 32 for 2, Triumph new member Mahendra Seeram (Murph) who was playing in a lower division asked the skipper if he could move up the order. He was granted his wish, Seeram drove the first ball he faced to the cover boundary. The batsman at the other end was Ryan Loutan, and together with Seeram, they added a 25 runs partnership. Triumph loss their third wicket in the eight over, Loutan was bowled by Mark Kippin for a well-played 21 including 3 boundaries.


With Triumph skipper, not secure with the total in the book he asked Dave Jagnarine to join Seeram. By this time Seeram was batting well, he was not afraid to improvise with his choice of shots. He played the reserved sweep a few times, and his teammates went wild when he sweeps Rakesh Ramroop over the cover point boundary for 6. Jagnarine a very good striker of the ball and run well between the wickets, continue to rotate the strike with Seeram. This kept the runs flowing at a much faster rate and Triumph reached 100 in the eleventh over.


Triumph knew they had a very good opportunity to get well over two hundred, with both batsmen at the crease striking the ball well, Ranchers fielders were getting a little slack on the field. Ranchers bowlers bowled without further success and Seeram and Jagnarine batted to the end of the allotted overs and an unbeaten fourth wicket partnership of 147 runs. Seeram scored 79 with 9 fours and one 6, Jagnarine had 47 with 7 fours and one 6. Triumph finish with 206 for 3, Sammy, Kippin, and Somar each took a wicket for Ranchers.


Ranchers reply with Tony Ramphal and Seedat Pharsi, Triumph counterattack with Mahabeer Pasram and Seudat Bindnarine. Both batsmen looked very cautious at the crease, while their plan was to be aggressive. But they were never able to execute their plan, both bowlers started well, Bindnarine struck first in his first over and the fourth delivery, he bowled Pharsi for 2. Somar was next and after scoring 3 runs he took a chance against Seeram arm, and with a direct-hit at the bowler's end, he was run out.


After losing two quick wickets, Ranchers batsmen went into a much slower mode. Triumph skipper made a double bowling change with Dave Jagnarine and Ricardo Lumelino. Jagnarine started his spell with good pace and line, while Lumelino bowled too wide of the off stump. Jagnarine strikes in his first over, he beat Sham Sharma with pace and he was gone without scoring. Jagnarinne strikes three times in his next over, Rakesh Ramroop went for 1, Hansraj without scoring, both bowled and Tony Ramphal was caught for 13. While Mark Kippin was caught of Lumelino for 2. Ramphal batted well and played very cautious but he was unable to find the gaps or the boundary. Sammy also batted well for Ranchers, he stayed at the crease for a long period and was unbeaten on 19.


Pasram bowled his last over and beat the defense of Thakur who loses his wicket for 7. Seeram was brought into the attack and together with Lumelino, they both struggled to end the Ranchers innings. The batsmen were not getting runs, they just occupy the crease. Lumelino was guilty of bowling too wide of the off stumps, while Seeram strayed down the leg stumps. At one point of the game, it looked as if Ranchers would not past a score of 50 or bat 12 overs. But with some poor bowling, line, and length they were able to bat well into the nineteenth over before they were all out for 72 runs. Dave Jagnarine had a very good game and added 4 wickets for 11 to his knock of 47 runs. Pasram, Bindnarine, Lumelino and Seeram each took a wicket.


After the game, I reached up Seeram (Murph) and asked him about his knock of 79 not out. He was ecstatic, he said he believed this was his first innings of passing a score of 50. He continues and said that he was feeling very comfortable at the crease and he knew that it would not be long before he gets a score of triple figure. I asked him about his reserved sweep, and he smiled and said the ball was coming on and he knew once he made contact he will get runs. He ended and said it was time for him to get on social media.

Triumph Captain Shan Gobin collect the man of the match prize from the sponsor

Triumph end Golden Stars Championship Bid in an Apocalypse

By James Persaud

September 1, 2016


Golden Stars were very confident coming into the finals, and they had many reasons to be. They won both of their earlier playoff games in a very commanding manner. In the semifinal, they destroyed a division favorite to win, New York All-Stars. While Triumph entered the final with a winning streak of eight games, Triumph got past Cobra in the semi-final by a default. Triumph played a very good all-round game to bring home the championship, with their bowlers getting the job done and their Captain Shan Gobin playing one of his finest innings.


Golden Stars won the toss and asked Triumph to field, Golden Stars with a very strong pace bowling lineup, must have felt that this would be their best chance to defend a set score. This worked in Triumph’s favor, since Golden Stars opening pair batted as if they were trucked in the traffic on the Belt Parkway. Their approach was almost silent to Triumph’s bowlers, while Mahaber Parsram and Seudat Bindnarine bowled quite well, there were many chances for runs that just went by. In the first seven overs the run rate was a mere 4 runs, and the Triumph Captain decided to let the batsmen occupy the crease for as many overs as possible.


After the first wicket fell with the score on 45 and almost the halfway point of the innings, the attacking Rivindra Parsaram came to the crease. Parsaram a very good striker of the ball, showed some aggression, he was dropped by Ricardo, a one handed and a very difficult catch on the deep backward square-leg boundary. In the next over Parsaram played a very elegant cover drive that raced to the boundary, the next ball be went for the pull shot and this time Ricardo was a little squarer and took the catch calmly. 


Glendon Fraser who opened the inning with Neil Collins was still at the crease and he was joined by Daniel Peters. Fraser tried to be a little more aggressive, while Peters continue on the slow path and most time looked as if he was just trying to stop the ball and scamper for a single. After Fraser was out caught of Ricardo for 25, Damian Edwards and Peters took the game into a slow mode. Both batsmen batted with ease and settled for singles and the far between double.


The Triumph Captain bowled Parsaram for his five overs straight, Bindnarine had Edwards bowled for 11 and in the next over Dave Jagnarine sent Roger Matter back to the pavilion without scoring. The new batsman Quincy Benjamin tried to pick up the run rate and he stroked two boundaries in his total of 22 before he was run out. Linden Holder stayed to the end of the allotted overs and a total score of 137 for 7. With this total the Golden Stars players were still confident that they can defend, while the Triumph camp knew that they will only need to score at almost ball a run. Bowling for Triumph, Bindnarine had 3 for 24, Dave Jagnarine claimed 2 for 22 and Ricardo took 2 for 31.


Triumph made a change with their batting line-up, Ryan Lowtan was moved into the middle and the more attacking Dave Jagnarine partner with Vishnu Ramnauth to begin the reply. Golden Stars knew they would need early wickets, and pacer Raul Britton was given the ball. Roger Matter was the next bowler and he did exactly what his skipper wanted, he had Jagnarine caught for 1 run. Shan Gobin a very discipline batsman, who plays strokes all around the wicket made his way to the middle.

Vishnu Ramnauth was looking well and already had a boundary to his name, he had a long talk with the skipper in the middle. They had a plan and it worked, Golden Stars had to make changes, a double bowling change with Rivindra Parsaram and Daniel Peters was brought into the attack. Parsaram very quick and Gobin uses his feet and drives through extra cover twice for boundaries. This brought loud cheers to the crowd from both team’s camps, this was very good cricket filled with good cricket strokes.


Ramnauth was not to be outdone by his skipper, he joined in on the run spree and sent Parsaram twice over the boundary for maximum. Another bowling change with Dwayne Nedd and he struck with his fourth delivery, he had Ramnauth caught for 33. The new batsman was Nevil Jagnarine, and he never looked too comfortable against the pace, but he stayed with Gobin and added another 24 runs partnership.


Linden Holder was the sixth bowler used by Golden Stars, Gobin stroked his first delivery to the boundary and he strikes back immediately when the next ball Gobin was caught for 38. Boodram Deopaul came to the crease and lifted the next two deliveries to the boundary, Boodram looked confident and this bring loud cheers from the Triumph camp. After Nevil was caught of Holder for 17, Seudat Bindnarine was next and Holder send him back without scoring.


Triumph lost three quick wickets and this brought some encouragements to the Golden Stars fielders, while Triumph knew that there was no need to panic. Triumph sent hard hitting Ricardo Lumelino to the crease, but Ricardo only faced one ball and took a single. He watched as Boodram stroked another two boundaries to end the game in the twentieth over.


Shan Gobin has played some very valuable innings for his team throughout the competition, he had some good score but is never able to continue for triple figures. On this day he played one off his finest innings, it was as if he saved his best for last. Vishnu Ramnauth also batted well and it was a total team effort as Triumph took the championship. Gobin was named man of the match for his top score of 38 runs. Linden Holder took 3 wickets for 15 runs and Roger Mattar took 1 for 23 in a losing effort for Golden Stars. It was a very good game, keenly contested by both teams.


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