Sudesh Deodat Batting Performance Put United Into Final

By Danny Singh

August 25, 2012


It was once again another superb game for the United cricket team against the Superstars. United is still undefeated with 17 wins in this season. It’s going to be a record breaking game for the United in the final when they win the 30 overs competition.


The unconquerable team United won the toss and decided to bat. Opening batsmen Sudesh Deodat and Anup Mangar had an awesome partnership of 110 with Anup Mangar 31 and Sudesh Deodat scoring a powerful 73. Following these two classy batsmen was R. Rai who made 27.


The team together made 220 for 6 in their 30 over innings. Anup Mangar and B. Persaud were the main wicket takers for the United team both acquiring 3 wickets each.


The Superstar Team scored a total of 162 which was not enough for them to win the match. There was no lucky shining star this time for the Superstars.

Anup Mangar score 105 for United versus Ozone XI

Anup Mangar Massive Score of 105 for United versus Ozone XI

By Danny Singh

August 2, 2012


Anup Mangar along with his team mates accomplished an unforgettable win against the Ozone XI team. United had an awesome win on Sunday July 29, 2012. It been the 5th win for the second round of the 30 overs competition. The players are very focused and determined to be on top of the competition.


They reassured every one that their team is undefeatable. Captain A. Gopaul and Vice Captain R. Deodat have emphasized to all his teammates that discipline and determination is the key to success. The team won the toss and decided to bat first. Once again they have put up an indomitable score of 268 runs for 9 wickets.


Furthermore, there was one player of the team who has demonstrated himself to be focus, discipline, and determined. The results of these qualities are amazingly remarkable. Anup Mangar made a solid score of 105 runs which includes 8 sixes and 7 fours. Anup Mangar not only proven himself to be fundamental for the batting side of his team but he was also one of the main wicket taker for United. He acquired 5 wickets easily. These achievements combined made the day for the United team.

United Crucify GT Punisher

By Danny Singh

July 26, 2012


It was another fantastic day for the United cricket team since they have proven to be unconquerable against GT Punisher. United won the toss and decided to bat. The team made a phenomenal score of 229 all out.


In addition, unfortunately the United team had a big struggle when opening batsman Danny Singh and third order batsman A. Ali went down regretfully at a sore of 8 runs for 2 wickets. It began to look like United was being incarcerated by the GT Punisher. However, United made a huge combat with their two distinguished, all-rounder batsman. Both players Anoop Mangar and F. Khan made an impressive partnership of 115 runs. This partnership puts United back on track.


Furthermore, four brilliant batsmen were recognized for their outstanding performance for the match. These Players were A. Mangar with 58 runs, F. Khan with 51 runs, D. Persaud with 46 runs, and S. Deodat with 27 runs. The main bowler for GT Punisher Darren who took 3 wickets for 29 runs, G. Narine and V. Persaud took two wickets each.


GT Punisher accumulated a poor score of 63 runs all out. It appears that the GT Punisher was getting a taste of they own punishing medicine. Their main scorers were Ravin with 20 runs and Daren with 18 runs. Y. Maystry was the key bowler for United who acquire 3 wickets for 8 runs while A. Ali and F. Khan took two each.

United Crushed Invaders

By Danny Singh

July 20, 2012


United grabbed their third win in the fourth round of the NYSCL 30 Over Cup competitions against Invaders and still playing undefeated from the beginning of the 2012 season. United won the toss and decided to bat. United accumulated a comfortable score of 239 runs but looses 6 wickets in their 30 over inning.


Furthermore, building the momentum for the United team were top scorers Captain A. Gopaul who acquired a sold 62 runs which includes seven (6) and one (4).Vice Captain R. Deodat gained 53 not out which include four (6) and four (4). In addition opening batsman Danny Singh patiently obtained 43 runs, while R. Rai who batted third gained an easy 43 runs. Six bowlers in Invader team grabbed one wicket each.


Hence, Invaders was bowled out for 105 runs in 27 overs. The main scorers R. Boodram attained a stubborn 24 not out. Tin Tin and Vijay both acquired 14 runs each. United main bowler S. Mohabir capture 2 wickets for 14 runs and the rest of the bowlers shared one wicket each.

United Triumphant over Falcons for Division IIB Championship

By Sham Mohabir

June 13, 2012


It was finals “Sunday” at Rockaway and 150 Street as the NYSCL brings to an end the 2012 25 Over competition. United vying for the first championship of the year and playing in NYSCL for the first time in their 12 years existence were anxiously awaiting the undefeated Falcons. It was two undefeated teams going head to head for this championship so it was expected to be a closely contested game.


United won the toss and invited Falcons to bat and they responded with their opening pair of C. Bachu and A. Khan and United let loose with their ace, Asif Ali who was ferocious more than ever. United players were phenomenal in ever department, their 6 bowlers were attacking and devastating giving Falcons batsmen no room to even breathe, they were left guessing and fishing all through their short inning.


At the 13th over break they were 45 for 5, this would have prompted a serious discussion in Falcon’s camp, not that it made any difference because they were bowled out in 19.4 overs for 66 runs. D. Sanichar was their only defiant batsman and the only one to reach double figure with 16 runs.


United had an all-round bowling performance but was magnificently led by Asif Ali with 4 wickets for 4 runs from 5 overs, and wonderfully supported by A. Mangar with 3.4-8-2, A. Gopaul with 2-6-2 and V. Singh with 5-14-1.


After the half time break United took the crease with their opening pair in the Deodat’s brothers, R. Deodat and S. Deodat and together they look to build a solid partnership since there was no pressure and with a minimal required run rate, they were able remained calm. This pair looks set to bring the game home for United without losing any wicket but S. Chedilall interrupted that plan when he dismissed R. Deodat, caught for 12 runs and the score on 19.


In the next over C. Bisson removed S. Deodat, caught for 4 with the score remaining on 19. This was the only shimmer of hope for Falcons throughout the entire game. A. Mangar and D. Singh then came together and batted very patiently to ensure a win and the championship for united. They put on the 49 runs partnership needed to win the game in 18.2 overs, with A. Mangar not out on 27 and D. Singh not on 15, what a dynamic win guys.


The bowling for Falcons was led by S. Chedilall with 5- 18-1, and nicely supported by C. Bisson with 4-17-2. Well done guys, and congratulation to ever member of United Cricket Club and also our supporters, you helped to win this championship too. Guys best of luck in the next competition, we are hungry for the next one as well.


I want to thank all the members of United Cricket Club for all the support and team work; it is truly a wonderful environment to be in. I also would like to thank our supporters, who make special efforts to come out each week; your support was truly inspiring and appreciated. Hope to see everyone for the next competition. Finally, we would like to say thank you to our sponsor once more, Village Hut located at 221-19 Jamaica Ave, Queens Village.      

United Blazed Into Finals Undefeated

By Sham Mohabir

June 7, 2012


 Last Sunday United took on Renegade in the semi final of the NYSCL 2012 25 Over competition, looking to propelled them into the final. It seemed both teams were evenly matched up or so did Renegade thought. Renegade won the toss and decided to take first crack at the batting since they relied on their batting as their fire power. United have a very strong bowling unit so they saw it as a privilege to be asked to bowl first and they delivered with the ball.

Renegade took the crease and quickly felt the pressure from the accurate bowling, hence the shortage of runs, at the 13 over break they were reeling on 65 for 6. This was a very positive period for United and the very position they anticipated being in. Things didn’t get better for Renegade once the break ended as the pressure of the bowling circumvent the scoring of runs.

Renegade took 21 overs to get the first 100 runs and losing 8 wickets in the process, however, they had a minute window of opportunity to score runs when United bowlers’ began to get sloppy, thereby allowing Renegades to score 35 runs from 3 overs for the last two wickets. They were finally bowled out for 135 runs in 24 overs, leaving D. Persaud to continue on a hat trick run with his 1st deliver in the final next week.

Skipper R. Gopaul led the bowling for United with 2 for 12 from 5 overs; he was wonderfully supported by A. Mangar with 2 for 13 from 5 overs, Asif Ali with 2 for 15 from 5 overs, D. Persaud with 2 for 23 from 3 overs and R. Deodat with 1 for 29 from 5 overs.

After the half time break United took the crease with a new opening pair in the Deodat’s brothers, R. Deodat and S. Deodat and together they forged a solid start for United with R. Deodat being the aggressor, he made 17 quick runs as this pair compiled a 35 runs opening partnership. Again this was the positive start they were looking for in the batting department as well, which is what they got. A. Mangar joined S. Deodat who was playing the anchor inning United wanted him to play which allowed A. Mangar to be explosive.

They took United to the 13 overs break with the score on 93 for 1. This was definitely a superb position to be in at this stage of the game, compounded by a modest target, you couldn’t ask for a better performance. The pair of A. Mangar and S. Deodat took the score to 110 before A. Mangar was caught for an explosive 28 runs. D. Singh joined S. Deodat and they took the score to 123 runs before D. Singh was caught for 5.

This was where things got interesting and nail biting. United lost 3 wickets in 3 overs as R. Gopaul, A. Ali, and S. Deodat fell without the score moving from 123 runs. S. Deodat made a stubborn 38 runs, at this point Renegade were pumped up for a win and United camp was quiet but D. Persaud and R. Rai brought the game home scoring all 13 runs required in the 23rd over, relieving United camp’s anxiety.

Well done guys, only one game more to the championship so the best of luck next Sunday. I want to thank all the members of United Cricket Club for all the support and team work; it is truly a wonderful environment to be in. I also would like to thank our supporters, who make special efforts to come out each week, hope to see everyone at the big game on Sunday. Finally, we would like to say thank you to our sponsor once more, Village Hut located at 221-19 Jamaica Ave, Queens Village.        

United Remain Undefeated For Semi Finals

By Sham Mohabir

May 25, 2012


United took on Jaguars in the quarterfinal at Whitestone Park last Sunday in what had promised to be an exhilarating match. United facing Jaguars for the second straight game in as many weeks were looking to continue their dominating role in division II B.

United won the toss and took first strike against Jaguars. S. Deodat and D. Singh opened the batting once more, they gave somewhat of a positive start but S. Deodat was caught attempting to be aggressive, he made 10 runs.

A. Mangar and D. Singh tried to be defensive and at the same time kept a healthy run rate. This pair was doing well until D. Singh was given out caught for 14 runs with a delivery that was over neck height and should have been called a “no ball” but the square leg umpire failed to adjudge it correctly. A. Mangar and F. Khan was at the crease when Jaguar introduced A. Dhampaul into the bowling attack, he quickly had A. Mangar caught for a blazing knock of 15 runs.

The next over A. Dhampaul bowled he dismissed F. Khan by removing his stumps for 3 runs and R. Motilall caught for 11 runs from the 3 deliveries he faced. United was in a bad position at 68 for 5 in 12 overs. This brought the skipper R. Gopaul and, Asif Ali to the crease and together they saw United safely to half time with the score on 77 for 5.

After the break R. Gopaul and Asif Ali exploded and together sixes and fours begun to rain. They took 28 runs from one of M. Smith over as they both raced to their half century, thereby putting on 121 runs partnership. A. Gopaul was bowled by M. Smith for an exciting 57 runs.

In the final over Asif Ali was run out for a dazzling 67 runs, R. Deodat was run out for 3 runs and Sha Mohabir was run out on the last ball of the inning. I guess all these guys were trying to heave the ball out of the ground in the final over but instead lost their wicket, nonetheless, United reached a formidable 210 for 9 in 25 overs.

The bowling for Jaguars was led by A. Dhampaul with 4 overs, 30 runs and 3 wickets. H. Anthony, V. Bisram and M.Smith picked up 1 wicket apiece for 27, 18, and 34 runs respectively.

Jaguars took the crease in the second half of the game and decided to sent in their opening pair of L. Basdeo and A. Dhampaul so United resorted to their ace in Asif Ali and he was on target as usually as the 1st over yielded only 2 runs in byes. D. Persaud was United second bowler, he is usually a very precise bowler, however, he was not so precise on this day and the Jaguars took full advantage of this so United quickly responded with a bowling changed.

R. Deodat took over from D. Persaud which led to the demise of A. Dhampaul, caught for 2 runs and L. Basdeo bowled for 3 runs. Sha Mohabir was given the ball next but he was very expensive with extras which prompted United to make another bowling change. The wicket taking A. Mangar was introduced to the bowling. At this point K. Ramnauth and S. Singh were doing a marvelous job for Jaguars after the two early wickets as they built a very nice partnership of 52 runs. United then asked F. Khan to take the ball and he instantly broke the partnership by bowling S. Singh for a patient knock of 19 runs. Jaguars went to the 13 over break with the score on 74 for 3, a much decent position than United

Soon after the break, Asif Ali, bowling his second spell got rid of K. Ramnauth caught behind for a terrific knock of 32 runs. K. Ramnauth was their most aggressive and safest batsman and when he fell so were the Jaguars’ dream of a championship. A Mangar then quickly removed M. Sumrah and H. Anthony for 3 runs and a duck respectively. F. Khan continued the pressure and bowled the skipper, R. Lallbehari for 5 runs, at this stage Jaguars’ hopes had ended as the score said it all at 7 for 94 in the 20th over. A. Mangar in his final over of his spell bowled V. Bisram without scoring. A. Ali bowled M. Shivpaul for 2 runs.

It was all over when, and I must highlight this, R. Motilall had A. Etwaroo caught for 2 runs with his 1st delivery of his only over. His bowling figure read one ball, one wicket, no runs, and Jaguars were bowled out for 132 in the 24th over. Congratulation United, on to the semi-final.

The bowling for United was spearheaded by A. Mangar with 5 overs, 1 maiden, 10 runs, 3 wickets: F. Khan with 5 overs, 1 maiden, 12 runs, 2 wickets: A. Ali with 5 overs, 15 runs, 2 wickets: R. Deodat with 5 overs, 19 runs, 2 wickets: and of course R. Motilall with 1 ball, 1 wicket and no runs,

Congratulations United, we are just two games from the championship. Many thanks to our supporters (wives, and children), thank you for letting us do what we love. Special thanks to our sponsor, Village Hut of 221-19 Jamaica Ave Queens Village.

United Tamed Jaguars In The Bronx

By Sham Mohabir

May 18, 2012      


United Cricket Club on Sunday took on the undefeated Jaguars in the final regular season game of the 2012 25 Over competition. The sun was shining brightly in Whitestone Park with lots of BBQ grills going and lots of families having a fun filled days in observance of Mother’s Day. With both teams playing undefeated they were looking to gain the upper hand by remaining undefeated going into the playoffs so winning the toss was crucial. United was very relieved to have won the toss once more and without hesitation decided to take first strike.

United decided on a new opening pair so they returned their veteran open batsman Sudesh Deodat and their regular D. Singh, together they managed to navigate the new ball very well scoring at a decent run rate of about 6 runs an over. This was a positive start for united but the partnership was broken in the 5th over when D. Singh was bowled by S. Singh with the score on 22.

Feroz Khan came in at number three and kept pace with the run rate and together with S. Deodat kept the pressure on the bowlers. S. Deodat was batting positively, staring down a majestic inning, timing the ball perfectly and finding the boundary regularly until he was surprisingly run out at the non-striker’s end when Khan played the ball directly back to the bowler who broke the stumps and S. Deodat was caught with his bat in the air and out of his crease. United were 60 for 2 when the skipper, R. Gopaul walked in and this was when the firework begun.

He saw F. Khan looking set and with a positive start, the skipper was feeling confident, giving him the latitude to unleashed his assault but F. Khan wouldn’t let the skipper out done him so he begun an assault of his own. At the half time United were 93 for 2.

United camp was very impressed with this result so there was not too much discussion except to remind them not to get carried away. F. Khan and R. Gopaul returned to the crease and continued their assault. R. Gopaul made a brisk 57 which contain 5 sixes and 5 fours before he was caught with the score on 180 for 3. This was indeed a marvelous 120 runs partnership for United. R. Rai joined F. Khan to continue the assault since he is known for his destructive batting and he did not disappoint.

F. Khan was vying for his first century but got distracted and was caught for an exciting knock of 73 runs with 6 sixes and 7 fours, not before seeing United over the 200 runs mark, wonderful inning my friend. R. Deodat was next to bat with 2.3 over’s remaining so he tried to built on the grand total but only managed 9 runs before he was run out trying to steal the 2nd runs with one ball remaining R. Rai took strike for the final ball and dispatched it for six runs to take United to 227 for 5 in 25 overs.

It was unlucky for A. Ali since he did not get to face a delivery and being the star batsman for United last week when he made 42 valuable runs. R. Rai was not out with a blazing 25 runs which included 3 sixes and a four. This was a very impressive total for United, one they were very pleased with. The bowling for Jaguars was led by M. Sumrah with 5 overs, 18 runs, 2 wickets; S. Singh with 5 overs, 20 runs, 1 wicket, and H. Anthony with 5 overs, 27 runs, 1 wicket

It was time for United to performed with the ball and after a lengthy discussion on defending a huge total and not to under estimate any team and their batting capabilities, they begun very diligently defending with Asif Ali at the helm of the bowling attack. Jaguars opened their inning with M. Sumrah and L. Basdeo. Asif delivered a staggering first over which yielded only one runs. D. Persaud bowled the second over and even tough 13 runs came off, he managed to pick up 2 wickets and Jaguars were sinking fast. There was no room for recover with Asif bowling fast, flat and on the stumps, runs were on a drought but the same could not be said for the other bowlers.

K. Ramnauth, who came in at number 5 and was the thorn for the other bowlers as he readily, dispatched them to the boundary. He was the beacon of hope for Jaguars, he made a valiant effort, however, he succumbed to the pressure and hold out to F. Khan for a fighting 37 runs. Jaguar’s skipper L. Lallbehari came to the crease and begun a slow recovery, batting very defensively dealing mostly in singles. This enables Jaguars to reach 73 for 4 at the end of their first 13 overs.

After the break Lallbehari continued batting defensively picking up the odd boundaries, but Jaguars kept losing wickets. It was not until M. Smith that he found an able partner and together they took the score to 123 for 7 before Smith was out for 9 runs. P. Tweay was next in the batting line up, he stuck around for awhile taking the score to130 for 7 before he retired hurt in 20th overs. Lallbehari and M. Shivpaul who made 9 runs stood their grounds and consolidated and carried their bats, especially Lallbehari who made a last minute burst and begun dispatching the ball for fours and sixes, this however came a little too late as the overs ran out on him with the score on 170 for 8 at the end of their allotted 25 overs.

He also made a fighting 52 runs which included 3 sixes and 3 fours; extra was the 2nd top score with 38 runs. I must say that this was a valiant effort and much respect goes out to Jaguars also I must say that these guys were real sportsmen, thank you guys.

The bowling for United was lead by A. Ali with 5 overs, 1 maiden, 16, 1 wicket; F. Khan with 5 overs, 14 runs, 2 wicket; R. Deodat with 5 overs, 45 runs, no wicket; R. Gopaul with 4 overs, 22 runs, 2 wicket; D. Persaud with 5 overs, 42 runs, 2 wickets and Sha Mohabir with 1 over, 19 runs and 1 wicket. Congratulation guys on a job well done and also for being undefeated in this competition so far. It is a representation of your hard work and perseverance. Good luck in the playoff, only three wins more to the championship. Finally we would like to thank all our supporters, our wives and children who let us do what we love, thank you, also we want to thank our sponsor; The Village Hut located at 221-13 Jamaica Ave Queens Village NY. Thanks to all the members of United Cricket Club for their hard work and dedication and also their sportsmanship. Thank you and once more good luck.    

United Defies Unpredictable To Remain Undefeated

By Sham Mohabir

May 10, 2012


United Cricket Club is a new edition to NYSCL this season and has proved to be a force to reckon with. United Cricket Club has established themselves for the past 12 years under some esteem and dynamic players such as a stalwart in Sudesh Deodat, a diehard member for 12 years. He has been the glue that held United Cricket Club together for all these years.

I surely don’t want to forget senior members such as D. Persaud, A. Mangar, R. Deodat and Munni. Munni has been a champion for this cricket club from since the inception and we want him to know that all his hard work is appreciated. We also want to say to A. Mangar, thank you for your many contributions. There are also few others members, past and present, you know who you are. Together you guys have made valiant efforts to ensure the longevity of this club, one that would be passed on to the next generation.

It has been a commitment of every senior member to pass that legacy on to their children. This club has been and always would be about family, fun and togetherness for the pure love of the game of cricket. I guess that word “United” could not be more self-explanatory. These guys define the meaning of the word “United”. Well!, enough of the history lesson, I definitely would like to get to last Sunday game between United Cricket Club and Unpredictable, played under brilliant sunshine at Kissena Park. I must say it was definitely a hard fought victory for United.

United was filled with anticipation and were exuberated with confidence. The many family members of mostly wives and children of the players provided a little extra hype for the players’ morale. United won the toss and they elected to bat first, a chance they were waiting for since the beginning of the competition, however, at the start of their inning it seems more like a nightmare than a dream.

The opening pair of D. Singh and D. Persaud, together for the first time in the competition, quickly found themselves navigating rough waters as the bowling pair of K. Kemraj and Raymond provided a hostile batting period and with the ball not coming unto the bat, runs were dryer than the Sahara desert.

This led to D. Singh to succumb to the pressure in the 3rd over and as such was the first to go, caught off the bowling of K. Kemraj for 7 runs with the score on 12. A. Mangar, a dynamic batsman in his own right, was asked to step up the batting order to add some fire-power, so he stepped to the crease. He himself was found in the peril of the opening duo as runs were dried as a martini for him as well.

D. Persaud was not fairing any better either and was also caught for 1 run off the bowling of Raymond with the score on 2 for 16 in 3.3 overs. S. Deodat introduced himself to the line-up to restore some respectability to the scoreboard. He is a very prolific batsman when he gets going. A. Mangar and S. Deodat probably spoke about rebuilding United inning but Raymond had other plans and it included picking up wickets.

He followed through by removing A. Mangar in the same over caught for a distasteful 1 run with the score at 3 for 18 in 4 overs. R. Motilall, one of the many young arsenal United have on display, was asked to show-case his young talent, however, he found this task more daunting than climbing the newly built one world trade center which has just became the tallest skyscraper in NYC. R. Motilall could only mitigate two deliveries from A. Bharrat and was comprehensively bowled for 2 runs, driving United deeper into unfamiliar territory with the score on 4 for 20 runs.

The Charismatic Asif Ali stepped up to the crease with much pressure on his shoulder but he was poised, composed and diligent in his endeavor. This pair of A. Ali and S. Deodat look set to consolidate United inning’ and like I said before, S. Deodat has been a very accomplished batsman overs the years but unfortunately it was not his day to display his proficiency so he suffer the same fate as the other 4 batsmen proceeding him as he mustered just 1 run. He was harshly run out and this turned out to be a tremendous blow for United as the scoreboard read a disappointing 5 for 25.

This was certainly not the position United cricket club fathom and quite honestly it was a bit embarrassing. The skipper A. Gopaul decided to interject and halt this madness. He got off to a good start but couldn’t sustain himself so he held out to the man on the long on boundary for 8 runs. At United half time the score was at a stagnant 55 for 6. It led to United camp to have a serious discussion about stability. A. Ali and R. Rai took to the crease after their half time and together they begun a remarkable rebuilding process with some efficient, decisive but yet sensible shots to up-lift United spirits’ and scoreboard.

We saw R. Rai catapult his score with 3 massive sixes in consecutive deliveries to accelerate the scoreboard. R. Rai had a Chris Gayle moment which was obviously short lived, nonetheless, he mustered a blistering 29 runs which contained 4 sixes and a four. The score was beginning to resemble somewhat of a respectable 7 for 94. R. Deodat joined the anchor Asif Ali, he is the self professed, “the nagger”. It seems as if on this day the anchor on the majestic titanic didn’t have anything on him.

The pair of Asif and R. Deodat got United pass what seems to be a 100 runs that was forever in the makings. I must say that Asif was the epidemy of cool and calmness under intense pressure. He displayed self control mixed with excitement. He manages some big shots as well with 3 fours and a baby six in his combative 43 runs inning. R. Deodat lends a very supportive role to the partnership.

Asif was undone attempting another baby six as he was caught at the long on boundary in the 23rd over with the score on 110 for 8. Sha Mohabir came to the crease, he is known more as an aggressive batsman where he could be out in the next ball or have it sailing over the tops. He did not disappoint attempting to hit it out of the park but manage to find the same long on boundary fielder and was caught without scoring. V. Singh was the last man in for United but unfortunately he did not get to face a ball. R Deodat score 9 more runs in 1.2 overs to take the score to 118 before he was caught off the last ball of the 24th over.

I wanted to highlight the long on boundary fielder but I don’t know his name, he took 6 amazing catches in that position, I think that is a record. This was not by far a credible total but it was not an easy target either. It never daunted on the minds of United players that Unpredictable wasn’t capable of reaching that total but it was also firmly instilled in their minds that Unpredictable was looking at a mountain. They know not to underestimate any team or total.

It was Unpredictable turn at the crease to face the heat. Asif Ali made it his duty to predict victory. He wanted to repeat his last performance with the ball from the week before when he dismantle the stumps of five batsmen from PM All-Stars. He knew to attain victory he has to reproduce another result like the last time. United was also looking at their champion bowler, A. Mangar to deliver. D. Persaud and R. Deodat along with Sha Mohabir and V. Singh were also looking to bag some wickets.

Asif was call upon once more to open the bowling. Unpredictable open pair of M. Dookie and A. Chaitram took the center of the pitch with M. Dookie taking first strike from Asif and from ball one he made his intention clear with a ferocious first ball as M. Dookie stared in amazement. He didn’t get the opportunity to settle because Asif uprooted his stumps with the 3rd delivery and United camp came alive. They were wailing for a repeat performance from Asif and it was game on.

Unpredictable were one down with no score. S. Dookie replaced his brother and he did well to see off Asif first over. V. Singh bowled the second over and the batting pair was in defensive mode. Asif and V. Singh were ferocious in their first 3 overs spell which yields 1 wicket. V. Singh was economical with 3 overs for 7 runs and did not yield any wicket. Asif bowled 3 overs, 1 maiden, 2 runs and 1 wicket. D. Persaud and R. Deodat were the 2nd changed bowlers with A. Chaitram and S.Dookie at the crease. D. Persaud bowled the 7th over and took over from where Asif left off, he bowled S. Dookie in his first over for 7 runs and the score was 2 for 18. D. Jadbir came in and was bowled with the next ball from D. Persaud setting him off on a hat trick hunt. A. Bharrat joined A. Chaitram in the center to ward off any hat trick, he defended well to deny D. Persaud his hat trick, at the end of the 7th over Unpredictable was 3 for 18. A. Bharrat and A. Chaitram batted patiently for almost 4 overs then in the 11th over R. Deodat had A. Bharrat caught at long point by S. Deodat who took a splendid one handed catch. This sends Unpredictable in a tail spin at 4 for 31. P. Morrison met A. Chaitram in the center and together they took Unpredictable to the 13th over half time with the score on 40 for 4. United was happy with this performance and talked about doing better in the final 12 overs of the match. After Unpredictable half time A. Chaitram and P. Morrison continued to bat defensively so as   not to lose any more wicket but they were accelerating the required run rate.

In the 16th over Morrison decided to break lose only to find his stumps scattered by R. Deodat, he made a patient 6 runs. Unpredictable was spiraling down the wrong road very quickly at 5 for 50 in the 16th over. R. Bacchus was the next batsman to be dismissed, superbly run out by R. Rai with a direct hit but not before he and Caitram added 21 runs to take the score to 71 for 6 in the 20th over.

Asif was brought back into the attack and quickly removed A. Chaitram, brilliantly bowled for a splendid knock of 22 runs. He was unpredictable best shot at winning. They were now reeling on 80 for 8 in the 23rd over. The 23rd over yield 3 wickets with R. Bacchus also gone run out for 1 and C. Sookram run out with another direct hit by V. Singh with the score on 81 for 9. D. Persaud was left with the task of wrapping the game, he did so by dislodging the stumps of A. Dookie and giving United their 4th consecutive win by bowling out Unpredictable for 83 runs in the 24th over.

This was indeed a competitive match and both United and Unpredictable gave amazing performances. I want to commend both teams for a show of great sportsmanship. We want to commend the umpires on a wonderful job. Finally we would also like to thank our many supporters, all the wives, girlfriends and children for their support and well wishes. We want to thank our sponsor, Village Hut from 219 street and Jamaica Ave. We really appreciate your sponsorship.


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