United Stars Captain Krishna Singh (left) collect the Championship trophy from NYSCL President Eric Ferrier

Dutchin Wrecked Dynasty and United Stars Win Championship

By James Persaud

August 29, 2017


After Dynasty dominates in another New York league, they join NYSCL, they waited three seasons before they reached a final. Last Sunday in the NYSCL 2017 Roy Etwaroo Memorial Cup final, Dynasty takes on United Stars. United Stars enter the game as the favorite to win. United Stars has not done as well over the years, they may be the team with the most second place finish in the Premier division. But this team is different, they went to the last final. Dynasty, on the other hand, after getting past Assassins in the semi-final their morale was high. Dynasty captain Rickey Narine and Krishna Singh of United Stars spun the toss. Narine called correct, and without hesitation, he asked Singh to take the field.


Everything was in place with the expectation for a large crowd, match umpires Vibert Massiah and Desmond Gomes took the field and ball by ball commentator Carl Bennett get the mike. Carl announced the sponsor of the competition and gave a brief summary of who Roy Etwaroo was, he thanked his family for doing this in his memory. Krishna Singh led his players onto the field and Dynasty openers Pooran Beria and Vicky Subkaran hustle to the middle. Dynasty was in a hurry, and who to blame them, they waited for a long time to get this far. Many in the crowd were surprised seeing Subkaran batting at number two.


Bhola Pahalad took the ball for United Stars and Beria faced the first ball, the next four balls were all played to deep square leg for singles and this kept Nigel Greaves busy at this position. The fifth ball was cut down to a wide third man position by Subkaran, the fielder fumbled and the batsmen cross for 3 runs. Pahalad gave up 7 runs and the crowd liked what they saw. Siddiq Kayoon gets the ball for the second over. Kayoon with good pace, was right on mark and Subkaran can only defend, the next ball Subkaran opts for the cut shot, he was beaten by pace and loses his off stump in the process.


The new batsman Kenny Balkaran came to the crease and looked to be under a lot of pressure, and he played very defensively. In Bhola next over Balkaran, was in trouble and after five dot balls he edges one to the wicketkeeper, Krishna Singh, he took the catch and Balkaran was gone without scoring. Feaiz Samad joined Beria at the crease and they had a long talk, Samad took a single off the first ball in Kayoon second over. Beria was looking very comfortable at the crease and uses his very unorthodox style to pick up singles. Kayoon strikes again with his third delivery, he had Samad playing a very careless shot and Bobby Pahalad took a simple catch. Samad was gone for one and Prasana Malipal replaces him, Malipal faced two balls and the second went to Nigel Greaves, he took the catch for the out with the score on 10 and 4 wickets down.  


The crowd was getting disenchanted, many were looking forward to a good game, it was a beautiful day for cricket and too early to go home. Kemraj Narine made his way to the middle and everyone was hoping that he can turn things around. Narine a very good wicketkeeper, batsman find himself in a position where he can save the day for his team. If the crowd was looking for a partnership, Beria and Narine had an answer and rotate the strike well for singles. Narine struck the first boundary in the game of Bhola in the seventh over.


The temperature picked up and Beria and Narine were turning the heat on United Stars, they stayed together for the next 11 overs. Krishna Singh made two bowling changes with Rohit Dutchin and Dharampaul Singh. They both bowled with good pace, but Beria and Narine were determined to put on a show. This they did, bat with class and played good cricket strokes in a fifth wicket partnership of 57 runs. This gave the crowd some assurance and a feeling that a game was on, they stayed in their seats and support both the batting and fielding teams. Together Beria and Narine stayed at the crease for 94 balls, Narine played very classy innings. He struck four boundaries in his knock of 38 off 42 balls before he was out caught by Bobbly Pahalad of the bowling of Dharampaul Singh. Singh and Bobby Pahalad continue to bowl and the batsmen played very cautiously not taking any chances.


In the nineteenth over Rohit Dutchin returns to the attack, Ravin Sukhu and Beria added a 21 runs partnership before Sukhu was bowled by Dutchin. Niko Seepersaud came to the crease and got a single before losing his middle stump to Dutchin. The game had turned in favor of the fielding team, Dutchin was sending down steam, he bowled very fast. Rohit Dutchin a quiet, well built, strong young man and a very good softball cricketer. He has been playing in the New York area for the last three seasons, during this time he has made a name for himself, as a batsman, bowler, and a very good fielder.


With Dutchin firing on all cylinders, the game was slipping away from Dynasty, at least this is the way it looked from the fans perspective. With Seepersaud gone he was replaced with Ricky Narine, Narine smashed Dutchin through extra cover for a boundary before losing his stump to the same bowler. In the twenty-first over Dutchin bowled the defensive Beria. Beria inning was special, he stayed at the crease and faced 52 balls, scored 30 runs and defied the bowlers from destroying Dynasty. He turned what looked like a walkover by United Stars into a game and gave the crowd a show. They gave him a standing ovation as he leaves the field. Dutchin end the Dynasty inning when he bowled Omesh Ganesh for 5 and Asif Ali was unbeaten without scoring with a total of 110. Dutchin took 5 for 22, all bowled, Kayoon had 3 for 17, Bhola and Booby claimed 1 wicket each.


After the break between innings, the game resumed with Vicky Sugrim and Navin Singh opening the innings for United Stars, and Vicky Subkaran gets the ball to start the bowling. Sugrim did not last long, he faced two balls and the second by taken by the wicketkeeper Kemraj Narine of an outside edge. Sugrim did not score and he was replaced with Jumadeen Ayube after one over the score was 2 for the loss of one wicket. Navin Singh took 5 dot balls from Asif Ali before losing his middle stump without scoring. The fall of the second wicket and only two over gone, this brings life to the crowd, as past and present players reminisce of their playing time and sip on a cold beverage. 


The United Stars captain Krishna Singh made his way to the middle, Singh found himself in a difficult position, he stayed with Jumadeen and added 20 runs before falling victim to Asif Ali, bowled for his second wicket. The new batsman all-rounder Seewchand Budhu joined Jumadeen in the middle and they had a talk. The team’s supporters were all standing, too tense to sit, some form the black and gold camp was even helping to set the field. While United Stars camp yells to the batsman to stay away from the big shot and settle for the singles and doubles. This sounds like a plan since the required run rate was just about four and a half runs per over.


Vicky and Asif were bowling well and their skipper kept them on for the next 8 overs, Jumadeen was very watchful and at one point he took 15 consecutive dot balls. Vicky Subkaran took his second wicket, he had Jumadeen driving outside the off stumps and Kemraj Narine took a superb catch. Nigel Greaves partner with Budhu, while Budhu did most of the scoring, Greaves played more defensive. Budhu struck his first boundary and the first of the innings in the 8 over bowled by Asif Ali. A double bowling change was made with Omesh Ganesh and Ravin Sukhu. Budhu and Greaves would stay together to the mid innings break and the score was 57 for 4. The game was well placed in a balance with no team taking an advantage. Between the innings, the deejay entertains the crowd with sweet reggae music and some in the crowd can be seen getting their groove on.


When play resumed, it did not take long for Dynasty supporters to have something to cheer about. Asif Ali had Greaves flicking one to Feaiz Samad, Samad took the catch and only 4 balls bowled in the fourteenth over. Dharampaul Singh replaced Greaves and Niko Seepersaud was given the ball. Seepersaud bowled very quick but was guilty of bowling too wide, this was causing a problem for the captain. But Seepersaud got the valuable wicket of Budhu, Budhu pushing forward and was beaten by pace and loses his stump. Budhu bat well he scored 26 runs off 38 balls including one four and he also hit the only maximum of the innings.


With Budhu gone in the seventeenth over and the score on 69 for 6, Dynasty had taken some advantage and was looking to close the game out. But Dharampaul Singh and Bobby Pahalad bat well rotating the strike, taking some quick singles. Singh was more aggressive and he struck Feaiz Samad for a four, and this brings more noise from the United Stars tent. Pahalad and Singh looked set to bringing their team to victory. Then Singh pushed one to Samad at cover point and called for a run. Samad with a direct throw to the wicketkeeper end found Pahalad well short of his crease. Pahalad was gone run out for 7, this brings the power hitting Rohit Dutchin to the crease. The crowd was looking for fireworks from Ducthin bat, but this not happen, the bowlers were able to keep him in defensive mode.


Dynasty captain Ricky Narine had his fielders focused on the game, he removed Seepersaud from the bowling, his line and length were bad, too wide. Ravin Sukhu and Feaiz Samad was given the ball and they did exactly what their captain wanted. Samad next over gave up 2 runs and four dot balls, Sukhu send down 5 dot balls and 1 run in his next over. Everyone in the crowd was on their feet again, some asked would this be another nail biter given up by United Stars. But United Stars had the advantage, they had 3 wickets in hand. Dutchin ties the score with a single off the last ball of the twenty-fourth over. United Stars needed just one run to win, and Ravin Sukhu gets the ball for the over. Dutchin pushed the first ball over the fielder at short mid-off for a single and the victory, Dutchin with 11 and Singh 19 was unbeaten.


United Stars won with three wickets and five balls to spare. Asif Ali took 3 for 17,  Vicky Subkaran 2 for 12 and Niko Seepersaud grabbed 1 for 23. Wide was a huge factor in the score, 19 wides were given up by Dynasty bowlers. Rohit Dutchin won the man of the match prize for his 5 for 22 and 11 runs. In his acceptance speech, he thanked his teammates and the league for the opportunity to represent them.  United Stars captain Krishna Singh received the winning trophy from NYSCL President Eric Ferrier. Singh said that he knew United Stars did not win the championship for a while, and he is happy to be a part of the team when they broke the losing cycle. He also thanked his players for their support and promised that they will do this more often. He reminds the crowd to look for United Stars in the next Twenty20. It was a very good game, both teams played like champions, but in the end, only one could be the winner.


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