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Bhola Pahalad (left) and Avinash Sukah (center) is greeted by Mafia wicketkeeper Vishal Singh

Bhola and Sukah Denied Mafia a Final

By James Persaud

October 21, 2015


Bhola Pahalad defended his wicket for almost two overs and sent Mafia to their third consecutive defeat in the semifinals round. This had to be one of and the only times Bhola played a straight bat and did not make a big swipe for a whole over. Mafia did not play bad cricket, it was a low scoring game that switched many times in either team’s favor.


It just looked as if Mafia picked to make all their mistakes at the wrong time, when the game was on the line. The young Martin Dutchin who is always very reliable in the field, made some huge fielding errors. It looked as if he was trying too hard and made mistakes, but I believe that this is the first time Dutchin is playing cricket in this type of weather. The cold weather could have a great impact on your physical body.


Mafia took the crease first and was only able to reach a total of 118 for 9 after their allotted overs. Only two batsmen reached double figures, Raja Parsaram 23, and Randy with 10, along with 31 extras. Avinash Sukha, Nigel Greaves and Sadiq Kayoon took two wickets apiece.


When United Stars took the crease they had to face Martin Dutchin and Dharampaul Singh, two very quick bowlers. While Singh bowled very economical and only gave up 15 runs in his four overs, it was Dutchin who wrecked the top order, claiming three wickets. Dutchin had T. Beria 8, Kenny 2, and Ravi Latchman 10, he finished with match figures of 3 for 19 runs in his four overs. Extras were playing a big part in the innings, and by the time Bobby Pahalad got to the crease it was already a close game.


Bobby tried very hard to play himself in and keep the score board moving, but this did not last long. Bobby was bowled by Dane Glasgow for 3 and United Stars still needed 35 runs. Sadiq Kayoon who is known for playing as a bowler and always likes to play the ball on his leg side. Kayoon defended against a very good bowling attack, he stroked Glasgow for two towering six over the trees at the midwicket boundary.


In the next over by Anil Beharry, Kayoon hit another six and after this his teammates was calling for him to play straight. But Kayoon continued to play his favorite shot pulling everything to his leg side and in the process lost his stump to Glasgow for a well-played top score of 21 runs. Bhola stepped to the middle to join Sukah with 7 runs needed and last pair at the crease. Bhola had coaching to defend his stump and give Sukha the strike.


Glasgow to Bhola, and Bhola pushed forward and stopped the ball. Glasgow sent one down the leg side, which beat the batsman, wicketkeeper and Dutchin at deep fine leg and went into the boundary. In the next over a single was taken and Bhola took the strike. Bhola pushed outside the off stump and the ball took a thick outside edge and soared to cover point, and what looked like a sure single. Dharampaul Singh missed field the ball and the batsmen cross for a double.


The scores was tied and plenty of overs remaining, the talk around the park, was will this end in a tie and a one over super over game have to play? Bhola stopped the next two balls before taking a single of the third to give United Stars the victory in the seventeenth over. United Stars reaching a final for the first time this season, will now matchup against Assassins this Sunday in a NYSCL 2015 season finale


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