Eon Ellis and his wife collect his Division One Season MVP prize

Karimulla, Ellis, and Dutchin take top Honors at NYSCL 2019 Awards presentation

By James Persaud

December 24, 2019


After playing twenty-eight weeks of cricket, completing three competitions along with the fifteenth annual international softball tournament. It was time to reward the players for their efforts in the individual prizes in all the competitions.


With a good size crowd on hand, the awards presentation got underway about a half-hour behind schedule. Mr. Neil Collins welcome everyone and emphasize how important it was to have the sponsors present. Most of the sponsors, along with special invites and umpires were on hand as the night program began.


It was a night filled with anticipation like most of the years in the past, members wanting and eager to know who will get the Cricketer of the Year prize. The night proceeding started with the President Cup competition sponsored by Johnny’s Restaurant and Bar, followed by the Lionel Bedessee Memorial Cup and this was sponsored by Bedessee Imports & Sporting Goods. It concluded with the Twenty20 sponsored by Mike Bansi.


After one and a half competition was completed the league President Mr. Eric Ferrier gave his remarks and gave an overview of the 2019 season. He talked about the success of the league in completing its agenda in 2019. He also acknowledged the sponsors and the business community for their continued support. He also thanked the league’s umpires for doing a very good job and keeping the discipline during the season.


Like most years the league always rewards at least two umpires with plaques for their support and service. This year three umpires were rewarded, Mr. Sharma, Mr. Bissessar and Mr. Dennis Morgan. The sponsors in attendance were also presented with a plaque. Then it was the time for the 2019 President award, this is an award the league gives out to someone who has done exceedingly well over the years.


This year the President award was awarded to Mr. Sahadeo Persaud. Mr. Ferrier spoke about knowing Mr. Persaud in Guyana from West Coast Demerara. Mr. Persaud was a schoolteacher and represented West Demerara in his cricket playing days. He also would volunteer his service to teach underprivileged children. When he moved to New York he would always follow the game and is someone you can always count on in giving advice or help in any capacity. He later took up umpiring, first in hard-ball then later softball cricket. He did not umpire in the 2019 season due to illness.


Mr. Sahadeo Persaud came to the presentation accompanied by his wife and two of his sons and their spouses. Mr. Persaud in receiving his plaque thanked Mr. Ferrier and the league for recognizing his work, he said he received many accolades over the years. But this one is special, and he promised that he will get well and be at the parks soon again.


The night program continued and soon after, at about half an hour before midnight it was time for the divisions season MVP and the 2019 Cricketer of the Year awards. The Master Ceremony for the evening Mr. James Persaud outline the process the league uses to determine these awards.


After all the calculations were done based on the stats, the Division two Season Most Valuable Player award went to Zara Lions captain and all-rounder Mr. Feroze Karimulla. He scored a total of 497 runs with his highest score of 78 and at an average of 85.50 and took a total of 27 wickets at an average of 9.40.


Then it was time for the Division one Season Most Valuable Player, and this went to Assassins hard-hitting batsman and captain of the NYSCL All-Stars team Mr. Eon Ellis. Ellis scored a total of 619 runs and his highest score of 80. He scored the most runs by any Premier division player in the season. At an average of 121.90 and took a total of 11 wickets at an average of 20.50.


As the deejay play champion, champion by Darren Bravo and the stats for the cricketer of the year was read out the crowd stayed quiet for the next two minutes. He scored a total of 547 runs, the third-most runs in the Premier division. At an average of 75.53 and a strike rate of 355.32, he took a season-high of 36 wickets at an average of 10.50 and an economy rate of 11.73.


The winner of the NYSCL 2019 Cricketer of the Year is Dynasty all-rounder Mr. Rohit Dutchin. Mr. Dutchin was not present since he is traveling to play in the Florida league. His winning prize sponsored by Cricket Zone and Trophy World was received by Mr. Andre Arjun on his behalf.


It was about fifteen minutes before midnight and the awards presentation had ended and it was time for the party. Soon after the raffle was drawn, and the party continued.


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