NYSCL President Eric Ferrier (from left) and sponsors Shazam Husain, Legends captain Boodram Deopaul, All Stars captain Andrew Gonsalves, Ken Miah and Mike Bansi with the Florida Cup and Masters Cup

A Night of Celebration with the Champions

By James Persaud

April 12, 2011


It was exactly  five weeks ago that the New York Softball Cricket League two teams played in the South Florida Softball Cricket Association, Florida and Masters cups tournaments. The two NYSCL teams won both competitions and it was the first time that teams representing a league have accomplished this feat.


It was a tremendous effort by both teams and it was something that deserved a party to share the glory with the sponsors, friends and family.  Last Saturday with a crowd of about 150 on hand, they took part in the sumptuous dinner and waited patiently for the players to receive their trophy from the league.


At about ten o’clock it was time to present the players with a trophy shaped like a bat with the names of all the players along with the managers engraved on it, each player and manager received a trophy. The Florida tour was made possible by three main sponsors, Ken Miah, Shazam Husain and Mike Bansi.


Mr. Ken Miah of Axis Global Logistics was called on stage by the NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier and he was asked to say a few words. Mr. Miah said that he is from England and he knows cricket and love to watch it been played. He said when he was approached and asked to do some sponsoring he was more than glad to get on board.


One of the league main sponsors who has been with NYSCL for many years Mr. Mike Bansi was next up and he said he was happy with the success of the boys who made the tour and he wish them well. And that he would always be willing to help when called upon.


Mr. Shazam Husain, who has being sponsoring one of the league main competitions for many years, said that he was happy that the teams were successful in their efforts in Florida.


Before the players receive their trophy, NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier said thank you to everyone for coming out and making this a special night for the players. He said that the players made plenty of commitments traveling to representing the league and for this he was very grateful.


He also thank all the people who made the party possible, this was done through many people who donate the food and the hall management for their support to the league.


A cricket bat was presented to Yudy Shivkumar, for been the man of the match in the finals; Tony Fernandez received a bat for his 94 runs not out in the Masters Cup finals, Pooran Beria and Cedric Beaton took a bat apiece for the tournament's most valuable player.


NYSCL have plans in place for taking part in the Guyana Softball Cricket Association, three days tournaments in Guyana on the third week of October 2011.


After the short awards presentation was over it was time for deejay Ricky, who had the dance floor busy for the rest of the night.


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