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June 25, 2013

Re: United protest versus United Stars


On Thursday July 25, 2013, NYSCL Protest/Disciplinary Committee met and heard a protest by United Cricket Club against United Stars Cricket Club on the league's scheduled game played on Sunday July 21, 2013.


United Cricket Club is protesting that United Stars played two unregistered players on the above date. The latter won the game.


The NYSCL Protest/Disciplinary Committee deliberated and checked the two named unregistered players and verified that indeed the two questioned players were unregistered.



The NYSCL Protest/Disciplinary Committee awarded the game to United Cricket Club.


 J.P. Singh

Recording Secretary NYSCL Protest/Disciplinary Committee

New York Softball Cricket League

May 17th, 2013

 To: Eric Ferrier - President NYSCL

      James Persaud - Secretary NYSCL

         The Protest/ Disciplinary Committee of NYSCL met and reviewed a protest by Flasherz Cricket Club on a league's current Twenty Five (25) Overs Competition played on Sunday May 12th, 2013 against New York All Stars Cricket Club at Bay Park.

         Flasherz Cricket Club is disputing the ending of the above cricket match. NY All Stars batted first and scored 191 Runs of which Flasherz Cricket Club replied with 189 Runs for 9 at the end of the twenty-fifth over, the disputed over. The captain and manager of Flasherz C.C. claimed the umpire called over with only five deliveries bowled and only 2 runs to win. The standing umpire stated that he called over as he checked his deliveries, but the square leg umpire indicated that only five deliveries were bowled.

        The NYSCL Protest/ Disciplinary Committee deliberated, interviewed both umpires and checked both teams scoring books. Mr. David Seon, the standing umpire, who called over, also indicated in person that he may be wrong calling over when one delivery was left to be bowled. Mr. Bissoon, the square leg umpire was adamant, testifying by phone that only five deliveries were bowled. Both umpires tried to continue the game by bowling the last ball after consultation but NY All Stars players had already left the playing area claiming that the standing umpire had called over and awarded the game to NY All Stars.



1.       The NYSCL Committee after reviewing both scoring books heard testimonies from both umpires and from both teams, found that the last over of the above cricket match was not clearly scored by both teams. Both differed by the number of balls bowled and runs scored.

2.     Both teams were awarded 4 1/2 points each.

         Thank You,

             J.P. Singh

             Recording Secretary

             NYSCL Protest/ Disciplinary Committee


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