The NYSCL Youths at training camp 2011
Shane Singh (left) 15 not out and Tamesh Singh 22 not out bat Schenectady to win 2013 Champions Cup

Schenectady Youth Academy Takes Champions Cup For The Second Time

By James Persaud

August 12, 2013


After ten weeks of training, looking at the team on paper everything looked pristine and in place, batting and bowling. But the game is played on the field, and with a team of players all sixteen year old and younger, their adrenaline was running on full throttle. Not to take away any credit from the home team, they surely out played their opponents, by making far less mistakes.


The NYSCL Youths arrived in Schenectady about an hour early and was ready for the mid-day start, the game started on time as schedule. Schenectady Youth Academy won the toss and field first, the NYSCL Youths were excited because this is what they wanted. In a ball field where everything was in place, the grass nicely trimmed and an ideal condition for cricket.


NYSCL Youths Captain Alix Husain send Shane and Nicholas to start their innings and Steven took the ball for Schenectady, Steven bowled a good first over only allowing two singles. Shane showed aggression and made some big heaves only to fan air. The other opening bowler was Vyas and in the fifth over NYSCL loss their first wicket, that of Shane caught for 9 and the total on 17. Joel was next in and he scored a quick 11 before losing his stump to Randy. Next was the NYSCL Captain Alix and he struck the first six of the game before he was caught for 7 of Tamesh.


Nicholas was batting very well and rotates the strike as he piled on the singles, after thirteen overs the score was on 64 for 4, at this point the game was well balance and no team taking any advantage. But this changed after the water break and the bowlers just send the batting side reeling, as wickets fell regularly. Naresh was out caught for 4, and Ryan and Kalvin went via the same route for 10 and 8.


The Schenectady youths continue to field well and took almost all the catches that came their way, nine batsmen was out caught. This was a twenty five overs game and the boundaries looked small and the batsmen took their chances but unable to clear the ropes and the fielders would always look to be in the right spot. The NYSCL Youths innings came to an end in the twenty third over, all out for 119. Vyas finish with 5 wickets for 24 runs and Nicholas top score for NYSCL with 28 runs.


When Schenectady took the crease, it looks as if it was fireworks day in Schenectady, the ball raced to the boundary. This brings much delight to the Schenectady youths parents and supporters as the park became engulf in loud cheers. The NYSCL Youths opening bowlers, Shane and Alix was trying too hard and made mistakes and Vyas and Manesh kept the fielders busy on the boundaries.


A bowling change was made in the third over with Joel and he removed Manesh off stump with his second delivery, the next batsman was Steven and he greeted Joel with three consecutive boundaries. Another bowling change in the fourth over with Hakeem, and he also struck with his second delivery, he had Steven caught for 16. But the damage was already done; Schenectady was cruising after four over 57 for 2.


Naresh was the next bowler and he bowled well restricting the batsmen as he grabbed two quick wickets and could have had more with better catching. It was as if Naresh feel that he had to knock the stump to get the outs, and he did just that, he bowled Vyas (21), Omesh (0) and Marvin for 11.


With Tamesh and Shane at the crease the runs kept coming easy as the two young men bat smart, defending the good ball and sending the loose ball to the ropes. Schenectady reached their target of 120 for the loss of 5 wickets in the eighteenth over, Tamesh was 22 not out and Shane on 15 not out. The Schenectady Youths innings had 15 boundaries, while the NYSCL Youths had 7. NYSCL Youths, Naresh grabbed 3 for 13 and Tamesh top score for Schenectady with 22 not out.


Immediately after an awards presentation was done, this was organized by the Schenectady Softball Cricket Association President Mr. Onkar Singh and assisted by NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier. Many people from the visiting team and the home team were asked to be presenters to the youths. Each player was given a trophy for his participation, and Nicholas Harripersaud (NYSCL) won the best batting prize, Vyas (Schenectady) won the best bowling prize and also taking home the game Most Valuable Player prize.


The game was well organized by the Schenectady Softball Cricket Association, the hospitality by the organizers and comradeship amongst the players was great. On behalf of NYSCL, a special thank you, to all the people of Schenectady and especially to Mr. Onkar Singh. Special thanks to all the parents of the NYSCL Youths who made this trip possible and especially for driving up to Schenectady to support. Now that the Champions Cup series is tie two and two, I am looking forward to the fifth year which will be a tie breaker.

NYSCl Youths head coach Joseph Mahabir (far right) is ready for the 2013 Champions Cup challenge

NYSCL Youths Will Try To Retain Champions Trophy

By James Persaud

July 31, 2013


The New York Softball Cricket League Youths Development Program players will be traveling to Schenectady on Saturday August 10, 2013 to take on the youths from the Schenectady Cricket Academy. This will be the fourth year for this competition, and this rivalry started in the 2010 season, each year youths from the two leagues will play for the Champions Cup.


The competition is played in a round robin format whereby each team will host at least once every season. Last year in a nail biting finish, the NYSCL Youths managed to sneak past their counterpart at a packed house at Central Park Schenectady and take home the Champions Cup for the second time. After three years the youths from Schenectady Cricket Academy won the 2011 championship for the first time.


New York Softball Cricket League Youths Development Program players led by head coach Mr. Joseph Mahabir has been in training for the past ten weeks in this season. The program is for young boys between the ages of 7 and 16 years old. When the program started in 2010 with about two dozen youths and soon gain momentum and to date has grown to well over five dozen.


Speaking to Mr. Mahabir last Saturday, he said he liked what he has seen so far and he certainly feel that the youths are ready for the challenge. He feel that the team strength is their batting and bowling, but there are need for improvement in the fielding, especially in catching. He also feels that the wicket keeping has improved and along with four very fast pace bowlers, this team is capable of retaining the Champions Cup.


The NYSCL Youths Development Program is sponsored by NYSCL and is assisted by past and present cricketers who volunteer their services as coaches and program coordinators. The 2013 season coordinators are Sase Radhay and Linden Langhorne, the coaches are Joseph Mahabir, Boodram Deopaul, Kirk Williams, Sunil Panday, Ramjet Singh, Bhram Persaud, along with all the league’s committee members.


The league is seeking sponsors who would like to get on board and help to move the program forward, for more information in sponsoring call Eric Ferrier @ 917 743 8425, James @ 516 650 8037, Sase @ 718 288 9498 or Email:  and stating your interest.


The bus carrying the players will depart Sutter Ave and 150 street Baisley Park @ 7am on Saturday August 10, 2013. All parents are welcome to drive their vehicle to Schenectady and support the youths.

NYSCL Youths pose with their winners trophies. NYSCL Youths captain Alex Hussain (third from left).

NYSCL Youths Bring Home The 2012 Champions Cup

By James Persaud

August 14, 2012


A charter bus filled with young cricketers and coaches along with many cars and vans filled with parents and supporters departed Baisley Park in Queens and headed to Schenectady, New York.


It was the annual trip to Schenectady to play the finals of the Champions Cup. The Champions Cup competition started three years ago and is played between the NYSCL Youths Development Program team and the Schenectady Cricket Academy.


The touring party arrived in Schenectady at about midday and much to their disappointment of seeing rain. Since it was raining, lunch was taken early and the players hang around after hoping to play some cricket. By an hour later it looked very promising for cricket, but the pitch was too saturated and the local organizers along with the touring party decided to play on a grass strip parallel to the pitch.


By 2pm the two teams were in their uniforms, NYSCL Youths in their red and white and Schenectady in white and green. The President of Schenectady Softball Cricket Mr. Onkar Singh and NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier gathered their players for the opening ceremony.


The local Councilwoman from the town of Schenectady Ms. Marion Porterfield was present .The SSCA President began by saying how happy he was to be hosting the visiting team. The NYSCL President Mr. Ferrier spoke after and reminded everyone about when it all started three years ago and of the progress that both leagues were able to make in such a short time.


Councilwoman Ms. Porterfield was introduced by Mr. Onkar Singh, much to the pleasure of the large crowd who braced the weather to come and support. Ms. Porterfield said that she is an American by birth and knew very little about cricket. But over the years her district has made big changes as new people from different background moved into the area. She is very happy to see they brought their culture and hobby with them. She said in a short time cricket has become very popular in the district and she applauded both leagues for their efforts in preparing the youths for the further.


Soon after the toss was spun and the Schenectady Youths captain called correct and took the field first, the game was reduced to a Twenty20. NYSCL Youths captain Alex Hussain send Adesh Warrington and Shane Lall to open the batting. Schenectady captain gave the ball to Sarwan who bowled a very good first over in a somewhat slippery condition.


The game started in a very slow mood as both batsmen tried desperately to get runs; Lall was dropped in the third over bowled by Marvin when the score was on 11. The first and second boundaries of the game came in the fifth over when Warrington straight drive Ramesh back over the bowler for two consecutive sixes, much to the cheers of the large crowd.


The score reached 50 in the ninth over and one run later Warrington was bowled by Andy for 34. Navendra Boodhoo joined Lall who was batting very slow building an innings filled with 18 singles. Boodhoo looked very aggressive, he was called onto keep the score board moving as the over reached the half way mark.


The break was taken with 59 runs in the book and only one wicket gone, based on the past NYSCL Youths knew that they have to get close to 150 runs to give Schenectady Youths a good run. During the break the coaches was very busy in both team’s camp.


One hour into the game and the weather man was on the youths’ side, the dark clouds were pushed to the side and bright sunshine lit up the spirit and tempo of the entire beautiful Central Park of Schenectady as the deejay kept the twirl and tingle in the supporters’ feet.


When play resumed both batsmen looked set to bring some excitement to the game, with one run added Lall was run out, this bring Alex Hussain to the crease. Hussain and Boodhoo brought some much needed excitement to the game with their running between the wickets. The pair added 18 runs before Hussain (15) was bowled by Mahesh (Chanderpaul). Ryan coming at number five connected for two towering six, before Boodhoo (21) was run out, next up was Sanjay Panday who opened his account with a boundary.


Panday and Ryan added 18 runs as the crowd kept on calling for more fire as the overs was coming to an end. The Schenectady youths fielding were very good in the first half, especially the wicketkeeper Mahesh. But as the batsmen put pressure on them in the second half they made many mistakes resulting in easy runs. Panday (16) was run out and one run later Stephen Girdhari went by the same route without scoring.


The Schenectady youths had pulled back the game in their favor and put the free flow of runs in check. Julino Valladares was bowled by Mark without scoring; Justin Deopaul scored three runs before losing his stump to Mark. Sudesh Boodram (0) was bowled by Marvin and Alvin was left not out on 2 in a total of 143 after their allotted 20 overs. Marvin picked up 2 for 17, Mark had 2 for 14, Andy, Mahesh and Randy took 1 wicket each.


Mahesh (Chanderpaul) and Tamesh came to the crease in reply to their target of 144, Alex Hussain took the new ball. The first over cost 2 runs, Shane Lall bowled a first ball full toss and the ball was struck by Tamesh into the bushes. In the same over Lall struck twice, his third delivery had Tamesh popping up and was out caught; Shawn came to the crease and was brilliantly run out by the fielder at fine leg. Two balls later Stephen skied a full toss to the wicketkeeper and the score was 11 for 3.


Mahesh (Chanderpaul) a young man who got his nickname from the West Indies batsman, has real talent, he bats left and played some very good cricket strokes. He played some superb cover drives and played the ball off his pads well; he played his strokes with plenty of wrist. His wicket keeping was also very good and with a large crowd on hand he put on a good show with his knock of 31 runs and was the seventh man out in his team innings.


In last year finals NYSCL Youths batted first and did not put enough runs on the board, and then when they took the field there fielding was very poor. This time around they looked very poised and focus, their fielding was super good and the bowlers used the conditions well bowling good line and length and on the stumps.


Shane Lall took 5 for 24 and Navendra Boodhoo grabbed 4 for 6 to send a shock wave through the Schenectady Youths batting line up. It was a very good day of cricket for the NYSCL Youths as they shutout their opponents for a mere score of 90 all out in seventeen overs.


The main sponsors for the NYSCL Youths tour was Mike Bansi and Boodram Deopaul, soon after the game end many players was rewarded for their performances. Most Runs: Adesh Warrington, Most Wickets: Shane Lall, Man of the Match: Navendra Boodhoo, Most Outstanding Fielding: Praveen Persaud, Special Award: Kalvin Persaud and Navendra Boodhoo were presented with a bat for his outstanding batting by Onkar Singh. Each player participating in the game received a medal.


It was another very exciting and rewarding tour organized by the NYSCL, special thanks to the NYSCL Youths Development Program coordinators, Boodram Deopaul and Sase Radhay. Very special thanks to all the coaches, Joseph Mohabir, Kirk Williams, Bhram Persaud, and all the other people who have helped to make this program a success.


On behalf of the league special thanks go out to the two sponsors Mr. Mike Bansi and Mr. Boodram Deopaul. Thanks to all the parents, well wishers and supporters who made the trip to Schenectady, thanks to the two umpires who volunteered their services for the game.

Schenectady Youths winners of the 2011 Champions Cup pose with their trophies after the game.

Schenectady Youths Takes 2011 Champions Cup

By James Persaud

August 22, 2011


It was exactly one year ago when the youths in the bright red shirts celebrated in all glory after winning the Champions Cup in its inaugural year.


And for the second year finals the youths in the white shirts traveling from Schenectady was enjoying an even bigger victory, after destroying the Queens Youths in the finals in front of a large crowd at Baisley Park on Saturday afternoon.


The NYSCL, organizers of the Champions Cup had everything in place for a final. The tents, food, beverages, ball by ball announcers and the television crew from ITV were on hand.  As the announcer called out the names of players in the game, it was nice to see young cricketers, the future of our game, acknowledged by cheers from the crowd.


The youths were ready and they were shining as bright as the trophies, they would be receiving later.  The Queens Youths were in red shirts and white pants and the Schenectady Youths were in white tops and blue pants. The two teams were introduced to each other and as the young men shook hands, one could see the comradeship in their faces as they built for a new epoch.


The Queens Youths captain Steven Girdhari won the toss and immediately decided to take the crease first in a 20 over game. Shane Lall and Anil Singh took the crease to face Steven Mangal, Mangal was on target bowling good line and length and the batsmen took three singles of the first over. It was then Andy Nanlall, a well built all rounder who bowled quite fast and swung the ball exceptionally well, and was almost unplayable. He took the wicket of Anil Singh (1) with his third delivery and only 7 runs on the board.


The new batsman was Steven Girdhari who joined with his Vice Captain Shane Lall to repair the damage, the bowling was on top both Mangal and Nanlall was well supported by the fielders on a very fast outfield. The score board was moving very slow, only advancing by singles, after four over a double bowling change was made with Dassram Raghunandan and Randy Punwasi.


Punwasi a very good bowler who gets plenty of spin, immediately silenced the Queens crowd, his first delivery had Girdhari (1) caught at mid wicket and the new batsman Ajay Vincent received a first ball duck. Sanjay Panday came to the crease and gave the crowd something to roar about; he struck the first boundary of the game. Raghunandan was bowling well without any luck, while Punwasi was enjoying his first tour, he struck twice again in his second over. He had Lall (5) caught at mid on and Ian Persaud was bowled for one.


Panday stayed around for a while, he was not scoring but at least he was getting the bat on the ball, his patience wore thin and he moved down the track made a big heave and loss his stump in the process. With two new batsmen at the crease Ryan Strikisson and Ryan Takechand, this pair stayed together for the next five overs and brought some life to the Queens innings.


The two Ryan boys added a very valuable 24 run partnership, and the large crowd on hand enjoyed every bit of the action. Just when the crowd was getting comfortable Raghunandan struck, he had Strikisson (16) caught by the wicketkeeper. The new batsman was Justin Deopaul and Raghunandan struck again with his last ball of the over, Takechand was gone for 11.


Amit Garbarran join Deopaul (3) was bowled by Mangal, Rakesh Budram came to the crease and he received the biggest ovation from the crowd. Rakesh Budram was the youngest kid on the Queens team; he is only ten years old. Rakesh comes to the coaching sessions every week and he is always willing to get involved in any aspect of the game, he is not afraid of getting his cloths  dirty.


The Queens innings came to an end with five balls to spare and a score of only 76 runs, Dassram Raghunandan finish with 4 wickets for 15 runs.


The Queens youths knew that they did not put enough runs on the board and for them to stay in the game they would have to get wickets early. It was a subpar performance by the batsmen; this team is capable of scoring more runs. It was evident that they lacked patience, after playing good cricket stroke and unable to get runs they would then goes for big swings and lose their wicket.


Maybe it was the pressure of playing in front of a large crowd, trying to make adjustments and in the end making mistakes. Not to take anything away from the Schenectady Youths, they played a good game, good bowling and supported by very great fielding and catching.


Schenectady began their reply with Vyas Prasad and Shane Singh; Amit Garbarran took the ball for Queens. Garbarran bowled a very good first over only given up one run. Sanjay Panday bowling the second over was getting plenty of spin and beat the batsman a few times and only gave up one run.


Garbarran in his second over removed Shane Singh off stump and he was on his way for a duck, the new batsman was Steve Mangal, Mangal played the ball to extra cover point and Prasad charged down the track, with both batsmen at the batting crease. Juliano field the ball and return it to the keeper, the wicketkeeper with his gloves on was unable to get it in time to the bowler end for the run out.


Prasad survived, he was on three runs, he made no other mistake and put on a super batting display staying at the crease for the next ten over and seeing his team to victory. The Queens skipper used seven bowlers in an effort to stop Schenectady, but in the end it didn’t work as the runs was too small to defend.


Steve Mangal batted very smart and was very supportive of his skipper, knowing that his skipper could score a half century. He gave him as much strike as possible and at times not running his own run. When Prasad was on 48, he wanted to reach 50 in fine style and heave one to the deep mid wicket region.


The fielder miss judging the catch ran in and the ball dropped behind him, the batsmen cross for two and Prasad got his fifty not out, Mangal 13 not out and the game was over. Amit Garbarran took the only wicket for Queens, one for 8.

The Schenectady Youths took home the Champions trophy along with all the other individual awards, batting, bowling and man of the match trophies. Every player on both team’s Youth Program received a metal for their participation.


The organizers (NYSCL) would like to thank all the volunteers, coaches, umpires Gillian Gomes and Sahadeo and all the other people who have helped to make this event a success. Thanks to the NYSCL support group Boodram Deopaul, Sase Radhay, Joseph Mahabir, Kirk Williams, Ramjeet Singh, Sunil Panday, Bram Persaud and Surein Sawh.


NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier in his closing remarks thanked the President of Schenectady Softball Cricket Mr. Onkar Singh for his league support and said that he was looking forward to working together in developing the game of softball cricket.


Special thanks to the wonderful ladies Mala Valladares, Sena Girdhari, Joyce Panday and Debe Boodram for preparing the food, thanks to Rudy of United Tent and Party services for his support.

NYSCL Youths winners of the Champions Cup, defeating Schenectady Youths

Thriller In Schenectady

By James Persaud

September 29, 2010


It started about fourteen weeks ago when I sat in a meeting with the NYSCL President Mr. Eric Ferrier; the meeting was about starting the youth cricket development program. I had my doubts, not that I didn’t want to go with the program-I just was not sure what support we would receive. The President insisted that we give it a try and after a few days I decided that it was time to get the ball rolling.


Last Sunday after ten weeks of training, the NYSCL Youth Development took on their counter part from Schenectady in their fist inter league (under 15) game. The NYSCL youths departs Queens Sunday morning in a convoy of about eighteen vehicles taking along twenty youth players, moms, fathers and many well wishers.


We arrived in Schenectady at the beautiful Central Park and were welcome by the President of SSBCA Mr. Onkar Singh. Mr. Singh had everything in place as planned for staging of this game; there was a little technical hitch which causes a delay for about an hour.


The youths took in some practice and soon it was game time, Schenectady youths skipper Chris Roopnarine won the toss and asked NYSCL youths skipper Steven Girdhari to occupy the crease first. The NYSCL Youths began their innings with Justin Deopaul and Praveen Persaud, Justin on drive the first ball of the game from Randy to square leg for a boundary.


This brings a loud supporting chant from the NYSCL supporters and a new beginning for the game of softball cricket. After the opening pair had put on 16 runs, Justin was run out for 7. This brought Rajesh to the crease; this kid is a well structured player who hit the ball with power. Rajesh and Praveen took the attack to the bowlers and the score raced to 61 in 6 overs, but both Praveen (17) out caught and Rajesh (16) was bowled in the same over by Chris.


The next 4 overs the Schenectady youths were able to contain the batsman and after 10 overs the score was 84. The NYSCL skipper Steven made a quick 11 runs including 2 boundaries before losing his stump to Jonathan, Sanjay Panday (1) was bowled by Chris. Shane Singh got the wickets of Scott for (12) and Kumar Bissassar (5).


The Schenectady youths fielding was outstanding and especially their wicketkeeper Vaiy Persaud, this youth Vaiy is an excellent player and should he keep up his love for the game-he will be an outstanding player in his adult days. The Schenectady Captain Chris a tall lanky and soft spoken young man is a good leader; he showed a good knowledge of the game while keeping his players in control.


In the last five overs the Youths from Queens (as they were called) scored 44 runs bringing their total to 128 for 9 in their allotted overs. This score was spearheaded by some good timely hitting in the late order by Keshan Bissassar who top score with 23 not out, including 1x6 and 4x4. The last wicket partnership between Keshan and Steve added 26 valuable runs. Juliano Valladares score 1; Steve 7 and Randy 3. Shane Singh took 3 for 37, Chris 2 for 9 and Devanand 2 for 19.


The Schenectady Youths send Andy and Mark to do face the attack of Steven and Sanjay, Steven an all rounder who depend on his speed while Sanjay a leg break bowler who gets a lot of turn and could be damaging once his line is correct. The Youths from Queens was having some trouble with their wicket keeping since the regular keeper didn’t make the trip Praveen was doing the keeping and didn’t fair too well.


The Queens supporters was getting a little on the edge as they made it clear that they wanted a new wicketkeeper. Andy a good size youth score 7 runs of the first over from Steven, in the second over of the innings from Sanjay, he found the leg stump of Mark (3) and he was bowled behind his back. NYSCL Youth Captain Steven believed that he would be of more help to his team behind the stump and he took the gloves. The new batsman Kenneth faces the new bowler Rajesh who took a hard return catch with his first ball and Kenneth was gone without scoring.


Sanjay next over cost 11 runs and he was replaced by Praveen who took the wicket of Shane (3) with his fourth ball. After 4 overs the score was 27 for 3, in the fifth over Rajesh first ball removed Andy off stump and the Queens kids looked as if they were having an easy day. But this was not to be as the skipper Chris Roopnarine and Vaiy Persaud began to play themselves in and the score board began to move in a positive direction.


The NYSCL Captain who showed excellent leadership and was always keeps his players involved by calling them to the middle many times and having a team discussion. The fielding of the Queens kids was getting a little loose while Chris and Vaiy were batting very smart and piles on the runs.


Vaiy a very fidgety batsman who plays very good cricket strokes while his skipper Chris just hold his end of the partnership and the two added 40 runs.


Randy was brought into the attack and he started out very bad bowling 4 wides in the over, he found the middle stump of Chris with the last ball of the over. Another a new bowler came into the attack, Scott and Vaiy scored a double and a six then he hit one straight to the safe hands of Rajesh and he was gone for a well played innings of 32 runs. The fall of this wicket bring the two hard hitting Devanand and Randy together and the buzz around the park that this was the pair to bring the game home.


Sanjay was brought back into the attack; Devanand struck him for a six, dot ball, four, four, dot ball and the last ball removed his leg stump. Juliano came on the attack and he bowled a few wide before he removes the middle stump of Nicholas. Steven had no fear in using his players and he brought Justin into the attack and he had Randy caught for 7 runs.


While all this actions was taking place on the field there were too many actions, words of support, blowing of bull horn and waving of the Guyana flag by both teams’ supporters. The game came down to the last over, 6 runs needed and 2 wickets standing. Steven called his players together and had a long discussion and then gave the ball to Praveen who had 1 over remaining.


Everyone in the stands was standing as Praveen makes his strides to bowl; the first ball was touch for a single, the fielders was moved and placed like a circle around the batsman, a next single, Joshua is bowled, wide, single, wide, looking into the stand from the field the crowd on the left side was getting very displaced and on the edge. With 1 ball remaining and still 2 runs needed, the batsman made a huge swing and the ball hit his feet and they try to run, Rajesh field the ball and ran straight to the stump and removed the bails making sure he got there for the run out and NYSCL Youths won the game.


At the awards ceremony after the game both league President Mr. Ferrier and Mr. Singh spoke about the momentous of this game and what it will hold for the future of softball cricket. They both thank everyone for coming out and for all the support, all the goodies and drinks they supply for the day.


Every player on the traveling and home team was presented with a trophy, NYSCL Youth Keshan Bissassar received a trophy for his batting and Praveen Persaud took one home for his bowling. On the Schenectady team Vaiy Persaud took the batting award and Shane Singh took the bowling award.


The NYSCL Youths Captain Steven Girdhari was asked to say a few words about the game, he began by saying that he was very please with all the support he received from his players and he thanked both leagues for making the game possible. He was asked about the last over and he said even though he had over to bowl, he felt he is of more value to the team as the wicketkeeper at that point of the game and he didn’t feel that he had the nerve to bowl that last over. He continues by saying that he has played many cricket games with Praveen and that he trusts him to get the job done and he glad that he did.


On behalf of the NYSCL I would like to thank all the people who have help making this possible, all the guys who came out on Sunday mornings to help with the coaching and Sase Raday for managing the youth team. Thanks to the supplier of the trophies Ravi of Cricket Zone and Trophy World. A special thanks to the SSBCA organization all the moms and pops and well wishers who made the trip to Schenectady last Sunday. Thanks to the NYSCL executives, committees members and the scorers for their input in making this possible. I am glad to be part of this and all along I knew there is a reason why I love this game.

A NYSCL Youth takes a swing at the crease

A Big Start for the Youths

By James Persaud

July 29, 2010

The New York Softball Cricket League, Youths Development Program got off to a solid start two Sundays ago at Rockaway Park. It was a hot and humid Sunday morning at 9:30am as the parents along with their youth cricketer made their way to the park in preparation for the first day of the program.


The league’s President Mr. Eric Ferrier welcome everyone who was present and he spoke briefly about what is expected and of the plans that are in place for the future of the youth program. Most of the parents that was present and who spoke felt this was a positive move by the league and they themselves are willing to help in whatever way is needed.


The first 45 minutes was used mostly for speaking to the youths about the game and sharing some basic rules. Then every child was given a chance to show his bowling skill, the youths were all mostly anxious to get to the batting session.

NYSCL Youth Training Program

By James Persaud

July 12, 2010


Our league NYSCL will be starting a youth cricket development program for boys between the age of 9 and 15 years old beginning from this Sunday. The training sessions will start Sunday morning from 10am and last between two and half to three hours each Sunday.


I am asking all our members who with little son or know of any little boy who would be interested in taking part in these training sessions to please make contact with Eric @ 917 743 8425 or James @ 516 650 8037 or email your guy info to All the training sessions will take place at 150 Rockaway Park; also we are looking for volunteers to assist these youths.


Please call the above numbers if you're interested in assisting in training the youths the game of cricket. We need you to call so that we can work out a schedule for your assistance; we would not like to have too many volunteers on one day and non on another day. All parents' are welcome to come to the park with their youth and may offer to help. These sessions are scheduled to last for 10 weekends and if the weather is good it may be extend.


We would need at least four helpers at each session. You would be helping the youths in batting, bowling and fielding and all the other basics in playing cricket. Guy this is a good opportunity to share your skill and knowledge with the youths. If you feel your youth will need a snack or sandwich, please pack something for him to bring to the ground. The league will be supplying the drinks (water, soda or juice) during these sessions.


Starting this Sunday show up with your youth to Rockaway Park at 10am and all the other instructions will be given to you at this time. Have your youth dress in a sweat or cricket pants and any white top, bring a bat or any other equipment he feel he may need. The balls and wickets will be provided by the league.


Sports unite, create friendship

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